Release Notes (RD 2.0) – July 2022

by Haseeb Asim

RepairDesk aims to keep you updated with the best possible features to help you improve your business operations.

Our July updates revolved around troubleshooting, based on customer feedback and in-house user flow optimization. There are a number of improvements we’ve added to the RepairDesk 2.0 platform.

Following are the updates that’ll help you run your business smoothly. We strongly suggest that you check them out!

Update #1 - Marketplace Integration with MobileSentrix & Injured Gadgets

a.) Ordering from the Low Stock Report

You can now order your low stock items from your favorite vendors, directly from our marketplace.

b.) Single Scanning

Conveniently scan and sell items that do not exist in your inventory. Now, you can easily scan an item and sell it, without having to manually add it to your inventory. Plus, scan items from your vendors on the Marketplace, without manually having to add items.

b.) Bulk Scanning

Easily scan and add your existing physical inventory within the Repairdesk POS. No need to spend a lot of time setting up your existing inventory. Let scanning do it for you. Plus, you can also set up your inventory with connected vendors within a few minutes.

Update #2 - Edit Payment Method of Invoice

So, earlier on if you mistakenly used a payment method on checkout, the system would not let you edit it. Now, you can easily edit any invoice to change its payment method.

Update #3 - RD Payment - Collect Signatures

Previously, you could not collect customer signatures, while creating a repair ticket, using the RD payments terminal. Now you can collect customers’ signatures on pre-repair as well as post-repair.

Update #4 - Square Terminal Integration

a.) Connect Multiple Terminals

b.) Checkout using Square – payment process can be executed using Square

c.) Refund using Square – You can now reverse payments

d.) Email Invoice – Send a payment link via email to complete the payment process

e.) Gratuity – Easily allow for your customers to issue tips

f.) Gratuity Refund – In case a customer wanted to take back their tip, you can refund the tip

Update #5 - Organization in Customer Information

You can now add the organization details in customer profiles when you deal with B2B customers.

Coming Soon…

We’re continuously trying to improve your experience, so keep using RepairDesk to take full advantage of the following updates, features, and improvements.

Update #1 - WooCommerce Integration

Handle your business operations using e-commerce functionality that allows you to set specific online prices against any of your items. And all online items’ invoices are automatically added to RepairDesk.

For more information, read our knowledge base on WooCommerce Integration.

Update #2 - Xero Integration

Those using Xero to manage their accounts can now get their inventory and invoices synced with RepairDesk. Stay updated with your data on the go.

For more information, read our knowledge base on Xero Integration.

Update #3 - Email & SMS Templates

Now find new and improved email and SMS notification templates for you to select from.

Update #4 - Cash Register Updates

The updated cash register now allows you to reconcile it at the end of the day.

That’s it from our side.

Try out these updates and let us know what you think works, and what doesn’t.

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