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How many customers do you cater to in one day? 5? 10? There may often be times when the customer changes his/her mind when purchasing products or giving in products for repair. You may want to change the price of a product/service, but previously if you were catering to them from the iPad POS Register, you would have to go back to square one and begin the checkout process all over again.

The key to success is offering a smooth checkout process and especially if you are letting your customer check themselves out. Industry research suggests that the typical shopping cart abandonment rate is between 60 and 80 percent, and if your customer has to keep going back to square one whenever they make a mistake, there is a high chance they will just give up.

However, our new Edit Cart in the iPad POS Register has made your life a whole lot easier.

With this new functionality, you can now avoid these problems:

  • Customer frustration with a very long checkout process
  • Making errors on customers tickets and/or carts
  • Wasted time in beginning the checkout process all over again

The World’s 1st iPad POS Register with the Edit Cart functionality allows you to effortlessly make changes in your repair/shopping cart. Here is everything that you can do.

  • Add, edit or delete any item from the cart
  • Change the price of items added to cart
  • Alter discounts and taxes on items
  • Change the number of items in hand

To learn more about Edit Cart, read HERE.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t fret if you have, because now you can simply correct them within a few seconds. To use our Edit Cart feature, download our app here:

If you do not use RepairDesk yet,

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