The Best Software And Tools For Computer Repair

by Amara Zulfiqar

If you’re in the computer repair market, you’re definitely familiar with the daily grind. The task of dealing with a large number of daily tickets on Windows reinstalls, data recovery, water spills, cracked screens, failing batteries and other repairs can be pretty consuming. It is no secret that good tools bring greater precision and efficiency when repairing computers. So, whether it is a simple clean up or a change of computer parts, having the right tools at your disposal will make your tasks quick, convenient, and effective.

If you’re caught in the same loop, here are the best PC repair tools and software to assist you in boosting your computer repairs and quickly checking off tickets.


What Tools Do You Need To Repair A Computer?

Some of the basic tools you need to repair a computer include screwdrivers, tweezers, multi-testers, power supply testers, and POST cards. Another important component would be some tool trays to keep them organized. 

Factors Affecting Your Toolkit Choice

There are 2 primary factors that will affect your toolkit choice. Firstly, your budget determines the kind of toolkit you can invest in. Then, your requirements affect the kind of toolkit you need to buy. For instance, as a professional, you will not only need a more advanced and sturdy kit but also one that offers a complete variety of tools so you don’t end up buying missing tools later on. 

Best Tools for PC Repairs

Here are the top tools that we recommend for all computer repair shops to have:

Wiha Screwdriver Set

If there is one screwdriver set that warrants the use of the term ‘precision,’ it is the Wiha Screwdriver Set. Made with tool alloy, all screwdrivers are insulated. There is a wide range of screwdriver types and sizes that will suffice for any computer repair job.

Tweezers are excellent


iFixit Pro-Tech Toolkit

Ideal for both Windows and Apple computers, the iFixit pro toolkit is a comprehensive set that includes everything necessary to repair a computer. The tools are of high quality and you should expect them to last you a long time.

Excellent customer support
Sturdy tools

Batteries not include

Rosewill 146-piece Service Toolkit

The Rosewill 146-piece Toolkit is specially designed for professionals. There is definitely a tool in this kit that will help you fix the simplest to the most complicated repairs.

Very sturdy case
Good value for money

Exterior latches unsnap easily
IC removal kit could be replaced with more useful tools


What To Look For In Computer Repair Software

With PC repair software, there are only two aspects to look out for. One, it should be able to clean the PC, and two, it should be able to tune the PC. While cleaning is self-explanatory, tune-up utilities include a wide array of features including management, maintenance, optimization, configuration, and troubleshooting of a PC.

Another software type that may be relevant in some cases is data recovery software.

Top Software for PC Repair

Here are our top software picks for data recovery:

Best Data Recovery Tools


Recuva is a low price, data recovery tool. It is ideal if you are starting out without a lot of investment capital to use. It has an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it comes with the disk image mapping feature which is used to recover files. Perhaps, its only drawback is that it doesn’t recover as many files as a more expensive tool would. However, at the price of $59.95/year, it can’t get better than this.

Excellent value for money
User-friendly interface

Doesn’t have an iOS version
Doesn’t recover as many files as the higher priced options

Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack EasyRecovery is one of the best data recovery tools on the market. It has a free and 2 paid versions at $149/yr and $499/yr. The paid versions offer technically-advanced features. It has the ability to extract the largest amount of data possible. You can scan a disk with three different distinctions: physical, partition and drive letter. Overall, it is a worth-it investment in your computer repair business.

Very powerful and thorough app
Short data recovery time

Only the Enterprise version supports RAID systems
Confusing interface

Best Cleaning & Tune-Up Tools

Here are our top picks for speedy PC repair:

Iolo System Mechanic

Touted as one of the best tuneup utilities for PC, Iolo System Mechanic is an excellent troubleshooting and cleaning software. With unlimited licenses, it can be used on multiple computers to fix them without having to buy a new key each time. Moreover, it frees up the required space by deleting junk and defragmenting the hard drive. With a subscription of $69.95/yr, it is a one-for-all solution. It detects malware, improves the system’s performance, and backs up registries where required.

Unlimited licenses
Improves computer performance considerably
Includes privacy features

NetBooster feature is not very effective

AVG tuneup

AVG tuneup premium is another highly recommended computer repair software. It has a $39.99/yr subscription. For $79.99/yr, AVG tuneup opens more apps that include AVG antivirus for Mac and Android. This software clears your internet browser and hard drive efficiently. It also has a software uninstaller that uninstalls unnecessary and suspicious programs.


Deep cleans the computer
Exceptionally good driver-update software

Performance enhancement not as much as other similar software

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