RepairDesk v Orderry: The better POS solution for your repair business!

by Asad Ahmed

Let’s cut to the chase – you’re a cell phone repair store owner who wants their business to flourish. You already know all the benefits of using a POS software and probably even use one. Things look great – you’re expanding!

Now you’re facing a different challenge. Software limitations start to affect your daily business, and you start to evaluate if you’ve invested in the right POS.

Choosing the right POS cloud-based software for your cell phone repair store is critical. Choosing the right one for the stage of your business is even more important. And since there are so many worthy competitors, with so many differentiating points, it becomes important to dig deep and evaluate carefully.

Today’s face-off is with Orderry.

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Let’s go over the benefits of ReapirDesk and Orderry POS and see which POS performs better in each area.

Better at User-friendliness

The last thing you need in cell phone repair software is for it to be too complex to use for you and your growing team. Imagine a long queue of customers at your store, but the complicated process of invoice generation is holding up the line from moving. Bummer, right? Or what if a customer inquires about an urgent iPhone screen replacement and you can’t commit to it because you don’t know where to check the inventory for it. And now you just awkwardly see them walk out the door. This is why an easy-to-use, simple user interface is important.

So which one of the two cloud-based software provides easy and simple navigation? Honestly, both Orderry and RepairDesk are fairly easy to use. Both have a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use interface.

However, a little edge that RepairDesk has over Orderry is that the workflow is customized for the cell phone repair industry. Due to this, you would find easy access to common day-to-day activities at a glance and also things you need to access quickly. The same cannot be said about Orderry which is a generic POS and is not intuitively built for cellphone repair stores that have repair, retail, buyback, warranty, refurbishment, and other services.

Tailor-made for My Business

As a repair business owner, you know your work best. A POS solution should be flexible and powerful enough for your unique workflow for mail-in job orders, walk-in customers or remote servicing. RepairDesk allows you to customize fields and run things your way.

A recent example of this is the RepairDesk Mail-In repair suite where you can custom build service order forms. You know best what information you need from the customer, so you get to decide that. You can also design single and multiple workflows, enable various integrations, use different payment processors and much more. Similarly, the cloud functionality and its tablet based version helps remote servicing easy manageable.

With Orderry, though, since it’s targeted towards general retail, such features are hard to find, enabling RepairDesk to take the lead here.

Has the Integrations I Need

A business has many functions to run. In order to operate efficiently, your business needs can utilize the services of specialized softwares that can make business ecommewrce, accounting, payments, shipping, marketing and communication so much easier. A powerful POS system has integration options from many leading software providers that can help streamline your business operations further.

While Orderry provides some integrations with other businesses, it still has much to catch compared to RepairDesk. From bookkeeping software like QuickBooks to marketing and email popular software Mailchimp to much more, RepairDesk ensures it provides ample integrations for you to do your business with ease.

To sum it up, Orderry is a good software and can handle tasks more related to retail etc. but if you want an industry-specific software that provides you high value against your money and is fully packed with features, and the option to be customizable, then RepairDesk should be your first choice.

So, if you are an Orderry customer who’s looking to switch to RepairDesk, let’s find out what can be migrated.

Migration made easy peasy lemon squeezy

Customer Data

The core of any business is its data. Building a database and obtaining vital customer data takes years of effort. This data can be used to identify customer trends and be vital in making informed decisions. This is why when migrating to RepairDesk, we have ensured you are able to transfer data effortlessly, such as customer names, email contacts, phone numbers, etc.

Inventory record

Your inventory log determines the number of parts you have in stock, which is why it’s important for you to be having it when migrating. The inventory record helps with future stock planning and helps you budget and forecast.

Once you decide to migrate, the process is simple. Our team of onboarding and training specialists provides complete training on how to use the software. Besides that there is an extensive repository of written and video knowledge base that you can access from anytime and anywhere.

Still need help? Reach out to out 24/6 available customer support on Live chat, WhatsApp and email.

A POS Software Solution I want

When choosing a cloud-based POS solution for your cell phone repair store, both RepairDesk, and Orderry have their strengths.

In terms of user-friendliness, both platforms offer simple and straightforward interfaces. RepairDesk has an edge with its industry-specific design, providing quick access to common repair activities. Orderry, on the other hand, caters more towards general retail. 

When it comes to customization, RepairDesk allows you to tailor the software to your needs, such as its customizable Mail-In repair feature. Orderry, however, tends to have fewer specialized features in this regard. Regarding integrations, RepairDesk offers a wide range of options, including QuickBooks and Mailchimp, while Orderry also provides some integrations but may have fewer choices.

If you’re considering migrating from Orderry to RepairDesk, the process is hassle-free with data transfer and comprehensive training support. In summary, both RepairDesk and Orderry have their advantages. RepairDesk excels in industry-specific features and customization, while Orderry may be more suitable for general retail. Consider your specific business needs when choosing the right software for your cell phone repair store.

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