RepairDesk Payments – The Best Payment Processor for Repair Shops

by Ammad Mubashir
RepairDesk Payments - the Best Payment Processor for Repair Shops

As a cell phone repair shop, you often have to deal with multiple customers at the checkout simultaneously. Here, providing an exceptional customer experience depends on two main factors:

  • The time taken to process a payment
  • The availability of the right payment methods

The processing speed comes down to the payment system you are using. While an efficient repair shop POS software allows you to quickly create tickets, the checkout process also needs to be considered. The best payment processor for your repair shop should:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Offer a convenient checkout to customers
  • Be easy to set up
  • Save you money on credit card payments
  • supports digital signature, tipping & contactless payments
  • Send invoices to customers via email

Here, we have rounded up some of the best payment gateways in the market. Read on to find out how RepairDesk Payments goes one step further to enhance customer experience.

Why Your Repair Shop Needs a Payment Processing System

A payment processor for cell phone repair shops facilitates customer transactions through different processes. Customers can either transfer the amount from their bank account to your account or pay through their card.

When a customer provides their payment information, payment gateways or physical terminals verify it and request approval from the respective bank. Apart from that, these solutions also run security checks and offer sales tracking features.

Moreover, payment processing systems designed for retail usually have a generalized checkout process. This involves swiping cards to pay, asking customers for their consent at each step, and being redirected to the website or app of the payment service provider.

So, what if you have an integrated payment processor within your RepairDesk POS? 

Let’s find out how RepairDesk Payments stands out from the competition.

RepairDesk Payments

First things first – no payment system can be easier to use than the one integrated within your POS. RepairDesk Payments is a breeze to set up and comes with a screen to display information for your customers. You can display detailed invoices, ads, products for upselling, and videos on the payment terminal screen. 

Tailored specifically for repair shops like yours, it offers a lot more than its competitor at a reasonable processing rate. You can automatically send invoices to customers via email for online payments. At no point does the system ask you to enter the amount of an invoice manually, which means the risk of double-entry errors is eliminated.

Simplified Payment Processing

The integration allows your cell phone repair shop to accept all types of cards at the same rate. Moreover, you get next-day settlements without any lock-in contracts or hidden fees. For this reason, RepairDesk Payments makes life easier for small businesses. 

Unlike other payment terminals that simply display “approved” once a customer enters their PIN, RepairDesk’s payment terminal also displays a detailed invoice through a bigger screen.
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Digital Signatures

Moving on, here’s another cool feature. RepairDesk Payments allows you to accept digital signatures on your repair store’s terms and conditions. You can show line items directly through the terminal. 

From the same place, customers can also add tips for your technicians. This means your salesman does not have to ask for a tip and turn over the POS screen toward the customer. In contrast, Square’s tipping feature doesn’t get the job done. Without a screen, the payment terminal has to manually ask for a tip which hinders the customer experience.  

End-To-End Encryption and Security Compliance

After years of providing services to repair shops around the world, we know how important it is to keep your payments secure. While other service providers leave it to you to ensure compliance with PCI requirements, RepairDesk has got you covered. 

We handle both the cost and the time required to make our payment solution PCI-compliant. This means you can take payments without worrying about security.

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Automated Emails and SMS Notifications

A great customer experience depends on more than just repairing your customer’s device and completing the order. It goes beyond that. You need to follow up for feedback and to keep your existing customers hooked for the future. Unless you do so, chances are that the customer will probably end up in a different repair shop next time.

With RepairDesk Payments, you can send automated text messages and emails to customers and offer new services as well as special discounts.

Unlike other payment processors, this integrated system provides you the advantage of a built-in customer management system. With RepairDesk, you can maximize your revenue by automating your marketing capabilities.


Square is a name that resonates with the payments industry. It’s a great payment processor for established retail brands and those looking to launch their website. When it comes to accepting or processing payments, Square makes it a breeze. All you need to do is set up your account and invest in a virtual terminal.

Whether you want to accept payments online or in-store, Square provides a convenient platform. It processes payments through Chip and PIN cards and credit cards, and also accepts contactless payments. Transaction fees depend on the payment type, ranging from 1.75% to 2.9% per transaction.

However, in the cell phone repair shop use case, Square does not become a part of your POS, so you will still be redirected to an external platform. Plus, there is the hassle of re-entering your invoice information which often leads to errors.


Another leading payment solutions provider, PayFacto is known for providing expertise, agility, and quality. With its efficient and affordable solution, it enables small businesses around the world to meet their operational requirements.

You get full control over your electronic transactions and the solution also provides you with valuable insights. It also offers extra features like splitting and labeling bills.

Although PayFacto offers flexible service options and granular pricing, it doesn’t allow bulk editing, and making a specific change in the system involves refreshing all registers.


If you’re more on the customization side, Stripe is a great payment service provider. It is an all-in-one solution that offers various APIs to enable you to customize your checkout for an enhanced customer experience. 

With this kind of customization potential, you can easily scale your checkout process as your cell phone repair business grows.

Square offers an integrated service for basic access to its payment solution. You can process more than 135 currencies and multiple payment types, with fees ranging from 1.4% to 2.9% per transaction, plus a 20p surcharge.

That being said, like other service providers, Square also has a few downsides. These include its inconvenient access to sales summaries, which are important for a cell phone repair shop. Then, there is the chunky hardware design that often leads to a negative user experience.


Zettle is a payment processor owned by none other than PayPal. It is considered one of the top online payment processors for small businesses. Zettle offers a comprehensive e-commerce platform with exciting features like full payment processing, real-time sales analytics, and an integrated checkout page.

It offers an inventory management feature that allows you to track abandoned shopping carts. But this feature is more useful in the retail sector. Apart from credit card processing, Zettle can process invoice payments such as embedded payment links and QR codes.

Process Payments Easily and Quickly with RepairDesk

The end goal of any repair shop’s payment system is to ensure a seamless checkout process. With that in mind, RepairDesk’s payment processor offers much more than its competitors. Repair shop owners have experienced a significant increase in upsells thanks to the customer-facing display that runs their ads. 

If you are a RepairDesk user, there is no better way to enhance your customer experience than leveraging our secure, fast, and easy payment processor.

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