Appointments Pro – Facilitating Your Customers Like Never Before

by Ammad Mubashir
Appointments Pro - Facilitating Customer Inquiries Like Never Before

If you’re a repair shop owner, you know the struggle of scheduling appointments and sending accurate repair quotes to customers. You often miss opportunities to engage a customer because you can’t provide a quote or simply aren’t able to keep up. This is largely due to the absence of a unified platform for addressing customer inquiries and scheduling appointments.

Conversely, having an embedded instant quote widget in your repair shop system gives you more opportunities to engage customers and schedule appointments. 

And that’s exactly what this post is all about. Read on to find out how RepairDesk streamlines the repair journey for both the repair shop and its customers with its Appointments Pro widget.

Why Your Repair Shop Needs an Appointment Scheduling Widget 

Missed Business Opportunities

Like any other service-based business, your cell phone repair shop needs to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. Multiple customers often call your repair shop at the same time requesting a repair quote or to book an appointment. Since you need to get the device details, each call takes quite a lot of time. 

This process is even more difficult for small business owners handling the repairs and customer inquiries on their own. As a result, you miss the opportunities to generate that extra revenue and end up getting very few repair orders. 

Customer Inconvenience

That’s not all, your customers also face challenges in getting estimates for their devices. They may find it difficult to get connected due to shift timings, and may not even be able to get the accurate quote over the phone. With such a frustrating process of getting the correct estimate, most customers do not proceed to schedule an appointment with your repair shop. Instead of investing your time in searching for tools, you should try out our 5 customer service hacks for your cell phone repair business.

As a merchant, you should not have to be an expert in software solutions and go through a painstaking setup to be able to address customer inquiries. Similarly, your customers should not find it difficult to get a quote. Appointments Pro lets your customers select their device category, model, and repairs from the customer-facing display.

Then they can automatically get a repair quote based on the criteria you have defined.

Appointment Scheduling Errors

The growth of your business depends on your customers. So you should maximize your capabilities of addressing customer inquiries. For this, you need to prioritize time management and organization of tasks. 

Most repair businesses spend restless hours being busy but ignore the one factor that leads to success – customer satisfaction. When you manage appointments manually, you might end up with an even more hectic schedule. But with an appointment scheduling app by your side, you can take advantage of every business hour.

How Repair Shop Owners Benefit from Appointments Pro

Put simply, what you need is a solution that seamlessly integrates with your POS system and simplifies the user experience for your customers. Unlike your current manual approach, 

Set Parameters for Repair Quotes

RepairDesk Appointments Pro lets you control the parameters for your repair quotes automatically. This way, you can offer transparent and competitive pricing for each of your repair services. 

Customize the App to Suit Your Needs

Not only that, but you can also customize the appearance and actions of the quote widget according to your brand style. This ensures a consistent look and feel throughout the customer journey.

Get Notified about Scheduled Appointments

The widget helps you manage your service schedule efficiently by sending you notifications and details of appointments scheduled by the customers. You can even view and manage upcoming appointments through the application to organize the workflow.

Leverage Data and Analytics for Informed Decision-making

With the help of real-time data and analytics from the Appointments Pro widget, you can improve service quality and optimize your online presence. Examples of data from the widget include the number of quotes generated and the number of customers converted through the scheduled appointments.

Paying Attention to the Details

After serving repair shops all over the world for almost a decade, we at RepairDesk understand the importance of small details in enhancing customer experience. Like every other new feature, Appointments Pro has been developed while keeping in mind the unique needs of your repair business. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can do with the widget.

Display Quote Prices to Customers

By default, the Appointments Pro widget hides the prices of repair quotes, but you can enable them from within the app if you want. You can also pre-set the app according to your preferences and business model. So, the app can either display or hide the prices every time a customer requests a quote.

Get Multi-store Access

With Appointments Pro, you get multi-store access so that your customers can select the nearest store from a list before scheduling their appointments. This exciting feature for repair businesses with multiple franchises enables seamless appointment management across different locations. As a result, both your business and your customers can benefit from the added convenience.

Import Data from RepairDesk POS

If you’re already using RepairDesk POS, there’s more good news. You can seamlessly synch all your data from your POS, such as device categories, brands, models, and repairs to Appointments Pro. If you’re not using RepairDesk, you still have the option to create categories and set up models manually.

Provide Instant Quotes to Customers

Appointments Pro allows you to configure templates and prices for each device and repair. You can send instant repair quotes to customers via email or SMS based on the device, model, and repair category they select within the Appointments Pro widget.

Final Words

To sum up, while various appointment scheduling apps are available for businesses, Appointments Pro is designed by RepairDesk to suit the specific needs of cell phone repair businesses. You can provide accurate repair quotes instantly from within the widget. With Appointments Pro, you can attract more customers, schedule more appointments, and generate more revenue.

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