Take Control – Start Your Own Repair Store After Asurion Shutdowns

by Asad Ahmed
Pos software for repair store can help you grow your business

Word on the internet is that Asurion, a leading provider of cell phones and electronics repair and support services, has been shutting down stores across the country without any prior notice. Sadly, this has left repair store owners high and dry, frustrated and worried about their future. 

Asurion is primarily an insurance company that started opening repair stores of its own through a franchisee model in order to boost its device insurance sales. The idea didn’t quite work, so now they are scaling back their operations and cutting their losses. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of repair stores associated with Asurion across the US will be left in a difficult position.

It’s Time to Move On!

What’s done is done!

If you’ve been blindsided by Asurion, here’s what you can do.

As hard as it may sound, the best way to avoid a situation like this again is to become your own boss. Yes, you heard that right – stick it to the man by becoming the man! According to a survey, 29% people want to become their own boss- the question is, are you one of them? It sounds difficult at first, but if you look at it honestly, you already have most of the resources and tools required. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How to Become your own Boss!

So, what resources do you need to open a store of your own?

1. Technicians

In order to run a repair store, one thing you can’t do without is technicians. A technician runs diagnosis, repairs, and fixes mobile devices and electronics, along with providing detailed guidance and support to customers on their device maintenance. Considering the fact that you have already been doing business for Asurion, it’s safe to assume you yourself are fully equipped and also have a team of technicians on board. Even if you do not have a team anymore, all that experience of running a high-end repair store means that building a team is not a problem for you anymore.

2. Inventory

Asurion claims to procure Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and provide them to its franchisees, so, obviously, while working with Asurion, they handled this department. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it without them. There are plenty of parts and accessories suppliers who can help you procure and manage inventory in a timely manner.

Want to know about best suppliers of parts in the USA? Take a look at our compiled list of best suppliers.

Similarly, if you would like to know more about accessories suppliers, read our top accessories suppliers in the US blog.

3. Point of Sale Software

Now that we have sorted the technicians and inventory part, the next step is to bring these all together. As a repair store owner, you need to be able to create repair work orders, associate spare parts to repair jobs, assign repairs to different technicians, and then track the repair progress along with keeping your customer notified and updated at all times.

Managing inventory is another major aspect that cell phone repair store owners need to look at. You don’t want to go cash-strapped by investing excessively in stock, nor do you want to go short on stock by not keeping time. Similarly, you also don’t want to employ more people than required, as this would also increase business costs.

So, what’s the solution? It’s doing what every repair store owner needs to do in the modern age – invest in a robust and powerful POS repair shop software that takes care of everything. 

Advantages of POS repair shop software

Repair shop software helps you bring all your business activities together and enables you to manage them via software. Your daily tasks, such as assigning jobs to technicians, creating repair tickets, managing inventory, and managing employees, can all be done through the software. This, as a result, brings efficiency into your business as the software takes care of repetitive tasks. 

Inventory management is another key advantage of using POS repair shop software for your business. The software enables you to set a minimum number for inventory, so when your stock falls to that number, you are automatically notified to reorder stock, helping you to avoid a situation where you go stock less.

Similarly, you also get access to vital data such as sales patterns, what customers are purchasing the most etc. This helps you to make informed business decisions & helps in forecasting the future. 

Now that we have determined some of the advantages of using POS software and why you need it, let’s take a look at some good POS software providers out there.

POS Software options

1. Lightspeed POS

If you are looking for generic POS software, LightSpeed is a good start. It has a good, straightforward interface that’s easy to understand & use. Lightspeed is an all-inclusive point-of-sale (POS system that provides a host of potent features to improve business operations. It can be used by businesses in various industries, including retail, hospitality, & eCommerce.

One of the strengths of Lightspeed POS is its inventory management capabilities. Its provides a seamless experience for customers & allows businesses to manage inventory, sales, & customer data across different platforms. Also Lightspeed POS integrates with a wide range of third-party applications & services, such eCommerce platforms, & payment gateways. This allows businesses to streamline their operations by connecting different systems & automating tasks.

However, since it’s made for so many industries, the software is limited in its niche-specific customizable capacity. Sometimes it can get complex & cumbersome to set up because it has very specific hardware requirements. Lastly, Lightspeed POS can be relatively expensive compared to some other POS systems.

2. RepairQ POS

A software specifically designed for the cell phone repair industry to consider is RepairQ. A variety of elements in RepairQ’s comprehensive repair shop management system are intended to improve productivity in the repair sector. Businesses may take advantage of RepairQ’s smooth workflow management, which includes ticket creation and job tracking that ensures effective end-to-end repair handling.

The POS also offers strong customer management tools, enabling organizations to keep track of maintenance history, manage client communications, and build thorough customer profiles. Businesses can watch inventory levels, automate purchases, and get alerts when stock levels are low, thanks to RepairQ’s sophisticated inventory management features. Additionally, the software connects with well-known payment processors, enabling smooth payment processing and invoicing.

However, it is important to note that while RepairQ does provide integrations, the scope is pretty limited, so be sure to check if they provide support for an integration that’s a must for you!

3. RepairDesk’s POS Repair Shop Software

Lastly, RepairDesk is an all-in-one POS repair shop software targeted toward repair shop owners. It includes a very simple-to-use interface, a complete repair ecosystem, & a price point that’s unmatchable in the market.

Businesses rely heavily on RepairDesk’s ticket management system which comes with an appointment scheduling module, an estimates feature, a pre and post-condition checklist option, technician assignment, job tracking, and an automated notifications system. Users may use RepairDesk’s sophisticated inventory management features, including real-time tracking, automated purchasing, and customizable product classification. The POS also offers strong reporting and analytics tools, allowing firms to learn important things like consumer habits, inventory levels, and sales performance.

Businesses can smoothly sell products online, synchronize inventories, and handle orders across several channels thanks to RepairDesk’s integrated e-commerce technology using woo commerce and Shopify. Other integrations include Xero, Quickbooks, Square, PayPal and more. Using RepairDesk, using can benefit from a buy-back and trade-in module as well as a custom-designed Mail-in repair automation suite.

Additionally, RepairDesk provides customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Features including customer profiles, loyalty programs, and targeted marketing campaigns, to assist organizations in developing and maintaining customer relationships. It also enables organizations to optimize operations and deliver excellent customer experiences thanks to its user-friendly interface, cloud-based accessibility, and rich feature set.

However, what makes RepairDesk truly special is the 24/6 customer service across live chat, emails, WhatsApp, & call. Also comes in your plan is a training & onboarding package, that gives software usage training to owners & all your employees. RepairDesk is all about You!

Why the Wait?

In conclusion, the sudden shutdown of Asurion-backed repair stores has left many owners in a difficult situation. But it is not the end of the world! It also presents an opportunity to take control of your own destiny. By becoming your own boss, you can build a business that’s not reliant on the decisions of a larger company. 

To open your own store, you will need technicians who can repair & fix mobile devices. If you have previously worked with Asurion, you may already have a team of technicians or can build one again. You would also need Inventory management & there are plenty of parts and accessories suppliers available to help procure and manage inventory in a timely manner.

Investing in point of sale (POS) software is essential for managing the various aspects of a repair store. These can include assigning jobs to technicians, creating repair tickets, & managing inventory & employees. You can also can bring efficiency to the business by automating repetitive tasks & providing insights into sales patterns & customer preferences

While there are several POS software providers available, RepairDesk stands out as an all-in-one solution specifically designed for cell phone repair shops. It offers a simple-to-use interface, comprehensive training for owners and employees, and a wide range of integrations. Moreover, RepairDesk partners with top suppliers of parts and accessories, alleviating concerns about sourcing reliable suppliers.

By starting your own repair store, you can build a positive impact on the industry. With the right resources, tools, and software, you can rebuild and create a successful business in the mobile repair market.

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