Top 7 Cell Phone Repair Parts Suppliers in the United States in 2023

by Asad Ahmed

Have you found the best cell phone repair part suppliers in US? If not, read on then!

Everyone wants a new and shiny cell phone. But the ongoing global economic situation has taken many flagship cell phones out of an average users’ buying power. 

A flagship cell phone costs around $1000. Buying this is going to burn a hole in anyone’s wallet. But, getting its older version and having it repaired will still be cheaper than a new one.

As per reports, there exists a total of 5.44 billion unique cell phone users in the world today. 

If your math is correct, you can easily figure out the potential benefit of starting a cell phone repair shop and sourcing the best cell phone repair parts suppliers to fill your inventory.

The idea of buying a used phone, instead of a new one, resonates with many users all over the world. The used cell phone market in the US is huge and rapidly growing. Capitalizing on this is exactly where you get profitable. 

Your cell phone repair shop will need these crucial spare parts to get repairs done. You’ll never have to face a situation when you’d have to turn back a customer because of a lack of supplies. 

There are several repair parts vendors available that you can check to increase your portfolio of repair services.

Your repair ticket management software will let you know if any part is missing for a repair.

So without further ado, following are the top 7 cell phone repair parts suppliers of the US in 2023:


Mobilesentrix is one of the largest mobile phone parts vendors in the country. Primarily, they sell new and used cell phones. But the best part is that they do it at amazing prices! All you have to do is go to their website and check through their large variety of cell phones and repair parts.

Interestingly, they also offer lifetime warranty on a multitude of their products. This way, customers can rest assured that in case anything they buy turns out to be faulty, replacement is not an issue. However, the availability of these items is something you should know beforehand. 

MobileSentrix’s main supply market spreads across North America. They are well-known for their dedicated and responsive customer service. Moreover, they can be relied upon to deliver your order, wherever and whenever. It is a pretty reliable company in this regard.

Additionally, the company aims to facilitate its customers to the maximum. Due to which, they offer several methods to ship your order to the designated place. Do check them out for any cell phone repair parts that you may need.

Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is the country’s most trusted supplier of cell phone spare parts. The reason for it is because they source directly from the manufacturers. This means that they’ll either have what you’re looking for or they’re the best source to get them for you.

The company runs a pretty tight inspection process before shipping out any of its products into the market. This way, the company can ensure that their customers get the best quality cell phone repair part which also falls under the industry-affordable price bracket. 

So it’s a win-win situation for you and Injured Gadgets. Make sure to have them integrated with your cell phone repair shop software for easy orders.

However it is pertinent to mention here that they mainly operate in Atlanta and Georgia when it comes to dealing in cell phone repair parts. But having said that, you can still source repair parts from them. For bulk orders, their order delivery is available throughout the country. 

Phone LCD Parts

Phone LCD Parts is an exceptional company in that they provide a great option for cell phone repair shops when sourcing spare parts. Their products include all sorts of cell phone parts.

These high-quality products contain repair parts for both popular models and rare smartphones. Their main products are LCDs and complimentary parts. Apart from these, Phone LCD Parts also have multiple other products in their catalog. These include cell phone cases, charging cables, bluetooth speakers, Mics and chargers.

Moreover you can also find several tools and kits required to repair cell phones. You can get plenty of help with your repairs, do check them out.

Putting a cherry on top, the company further reveals on its website that all its screens and LCDs are thoroughly tested to ensure you get the best working parts you require. Additionally, they have also set up quality assurance throughout their supply chain to facilitate their customers.

For instance, if you order parts from the company and receive them as faulty, you can opt for easy refunds as well.


Mengtor has established itself as a serious company in the repair industry. The company has provided its services to the repair industry for over a decade now. Interestingly, Mengtor is home to the largest cell phone repair parts collection in the entire US market. 

You can visit their catalog, also available on their website, which has a wide range of repair articles that you’d be needing to successfully complete your repair orders. Additionally, the company also offers easy payment solutions, and there are several options you can opt from.

Apart from cell phone repair parts, the company also offers spare parts for gaming consoles and tablets. This brings additional footfall to them and diversifies the value they add to the repair industry. 

Furthermore, Mengtor also provides a check warranty spanning 180 days on all their repair parts. You can also take advantage of their free shipping on orders over $400.

Get yourself POS software to take full advantage of inventory management.

Mobile Defenders

As the name suggests, Mobile Defenders are your main defense against failing repair parts. For those people who’re looking to get a reliable parts vendor, these are the guys! 

The company operates on the notion that consistency goes hand-in-hand with quality. Meaning, to get yourself the best cell phone repair parts from the industry, Mobile Defenders is the answer.

In addition, the company sources repair parts directly from genuine OEMs, while some are sourced from wholesalers and supply companies.

Wholesale Gadget Parts

Wholesale Gadget Parts specializes in selling replacement parts and accessories for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The company offers a wide range of products, including screens, batteries, cables, and other components for popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, and LG. In addition, they provide repair tools and equipment for individuals or businesses looking to fix their own devices.

Wholesale Gadget Parts primarily serves as a wholesale supplier to repair shops, technicians, and businesses operating in the electronics repair industry. Along with this, they also cater to retail customers who require replacement parts or accessories for their personal devices.


Parts4Cells specializes in the sale of replacement parts and accessories for smartphones and other electronic devices. The company offers a range of products, including screens, batteries, chargers, cables, and other components for popular brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG.

The company primarily serves as a retail supplier to individual customers who require replacement parts or accessories for their personal devices. Additionally, they provide wholesale pricing options for bulk purchases by businesses or repair shops.

Parts4Cells also offers repair services for smartphones and tablets, including screen replacement and battery replacement. For customers who are unable to visit their physical location in Chicago, Illinois, they provide a mail-in repair service.

Overall, Parts4Cells specializes in retailing replacement parts and accessories for electronic devices, along with providing repair services for smartphones and tablets.

In conclusion, the vendors mentioned above are reliable and have been serving thousands of customers, by providing repair services. So if you plan on buying spare parts, accessories, or second-hand phones and not brand-new ones, you can check them out.

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