Top 10 Cellphone Accessories Suppliers in the USA 2023

by Asad Ahmed

Stepping in 2023, there’s no doubt left that cellphones are not just a luxury commodity anymore, but a required necessity. When it comes to keeping our cellphones 24×7 with us, we all want our devices to be functional, presentable, trendy and a true reflection of our identity. Therefore we buy for our phones complimentary cellphone accessories to not only spice up an already wonderful experience with a smartphone, but also to aid in keeping our expensive possession safe and secure. Accessories like power banks, earphones, cover cases, chargers and smartwatches have become some absolute must-haves these days.

For Repair Shop owners, a customers coming to your repair shop for a repair presents a great opportunity to help the customer pick out a phone case, a set of ear pods or a portable charger. This makes your shop a one stop solution for all cellphone maintenance needs, giving you a very healthy upselling opportunity and a brand new revenue stream. It is recommended to stock up on cellphone accessories. Hence, having a reliable mobile accessories distributor is mandatory for running a successful repair business.

To help you source the best accessories from the finest suppliers, we’ve listed down the top 10 cellphone accessories suppliers in the US. Let’s get down to those:

One Source Suppliers

One Source Suppliers supplies wireless accessories to the retail market. They manufacture and distribute a full range of wireless accessories, such as chargers, screen protectors, portable power, cases, Bluetooth devices, and more. Their website suggests that they provide a “factory-direct” model, which enables them to offer competitive pricing to their partners while maintaining high-quality products. Additionally, if you require specific brand or style of accessories, they offer customised solutions and services to meet the specific needs of their customers.


Another prominent name in the list of reliable accessories provider is VoiceComm. Their extensive and outclass inventory catalog has been serving the cellphone accessories market for more than a decade. They sell customised cover cases, charging cables, Bluetooth device accessories, handsfree, holsters, batteries, MacBook accessories for top-selling brands. Moreover, they guarantee same day order shipping if you place your order before 11:30 am EST. So if you’re looking for quick accessories delivery, VoiceComm can serve your needs.

Nexus Cellular

Nexus was established with a straightforward goal – to cater to the mobile requirements of diverse partners, such as wireless carriers, warranty centers, repair centers, and retail chain stores. Over time, they have assisted numerous customers across the country in obtaining essential components, phones, accessories, tools, and valuable insights. They have earned trust of customers through expertise, proficiency, and customer support, meeting all of your mobile phone needs. Whether you seek rare components, distinctive cases, or the most recent devices- Nexus Cellular delivers it all!

Balaji Wireless

Balaji Wireless has been committed to delivering top-notch cell phone accessories by investing significant time in design, production, and testing. They provide innovative products that cater to the unique needs of every customer and protect their devices from unexpected damages. The products come in durable and attractive packaging, making them easier to sell and increasing the chances of your customers returning for future wireless accessory needs. They claim to have unbeatable prices and an exceptional customer service for warranty, return claims and shipping.

Techy Extra

Techy Extra aids small business owners in maintaining an adequate inventory of device accessories. Some services they offer include the provision of tempered glass, Bluetooth headsets, phone cases, portable chargers, cables, adapters and other similar items for your customers. Partnering with Techy Extra ensures that you can continue to stock the items that your customers love. With thousands of durable top-quality accessories in their inventory, they also provide fast shipping and a lifetime warranty. They can help your store become the primary destination for tech enthusiasts in your area.


When looking for a reliable and fashion forward accessories’ distributor in the USA, go for 2Valor (formerly MyCoolCell). They own the MYBAT brand and are of the the most renowned cellphone accessories manufacturers and distributors across the globe. Valor stocks more than 16,000 active products in their inventory and consistently adds up to 100 new products every week. Their innovative products for the newest gadgets set market trends and include hybrid phone cases, wallet phone cases, candy phone cases, Li-ion batteries, pouches, car & travel chargers, cell phone holsters, handsfree headsets, and more. They offer accessories from a variety of exclusive brands such as Urban Armor Gear, PureGear, Incipio, Skech, Ballistic, etc. and hold a strong reputation in providing excellent customer service.


Since appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, Cellhelmet has introduced a wide range of successful mobile accessory lines, fuelling a culture of growth and innovation. Cellhelmet takes pride in filling gaps in the wireless industry. As a sister company that owns and operates 18 Verizon stores in the Pittsburgh area, they stay up-to-date with the day-to-day challenges of the mobile world. By maintaining complete control over their manufacturing processes, they assert that they can provide their customers with high-quality products that are delivered promptly.

Eternity Wireless

Eternity Wireless is a wholesale cellular accessories provider serving the industry for around 20 years. They are among one of the finest suppliers for the distribution of OEMs, branded and aftermarket accessories and have become a one-stop shop resource for superior quality products. They carry a wide range of brand name products including Incipio, PureGear, UAG, TekYa, Pelican, Element, M-Edge, Skech, Blue Parrott, Jabra, Braven, Nest and many more. Their superior quality products and competitive pricing speak for their reputation in the market.

Revamp Wholesale

If you are looking for one solution for ordering accessories in bulk, go for Revamp Wholesale. With more than 16000 customers across 11 different countries in the world, they are focused on the distribution of wireless repair parts, pre-owned devices & best-class accessories. Some of their new flagship products include Simple Snap™ Screen Protectors and the Mahngo™ accessory line. They offer pocket-friendly shipping deals and stand out because of their premium tracking and shipping service that allows you to track your order as soon as you place them online through their website.

Dream Wireless

For over 15 years, Dream Wireless has persistently built a vast network of loyal wholesalers, resellers and retailers and throughout the United States. They provide the most cost-effective accessories to support the wireless industry demands and serve end users of all levels, including small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. With Dream Wireless, you can instantly access to a most comprehensive array of wireless accessory products including protective cases, cables, batteries, chargers, headphones, speakers, microphones, screen protectors, leather pouches, multi-touch pointers, universal mounts, and Bluetooth technology accessories.

That’s not all!

Now that you’ve decided to venture and grow into accessories sale and have found the best ten suppliers, its time to take the next step and think about how you can optimize tracking and management of your repair business. For one, you need a POS and CRM software that can manage repair tracking and retail. Now with the increase in inventory, you can save time if you automate your inventory management. And it would add immense value to your business if the inventory on your website could connect to your POS inventory software and you could have a single up to date inventory, with low stock reports, ability to place discounts and so much more customisable handling. Looking for something that can serve all these needs, then RepairDesk is the right choice for you! Experience the gold standard in repair shop management.

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