Benefits of Having Cellphone Parts Provider Integrations in Your POS Software

by Talha Afzaal
Parts Provider Integration

The advantages of a Cellphone Repair POS System these days have extended beyond customer transactions and recording sales, to encompass a wide range of business reporting, accounting, and order tracking functions. But, for any retail or repair shop establishment, one of the critical components of a POS system is inventory management. Running a repair store requires a continuous process of ordering reliable repair parts & accessories. Also, it includes creating purchase orders and generating GRNs (Goods Receiving Notes). Here are some of the benefits of having reliable cell phone repair parts suppliers integrations into your POS system.

Instant Creation of Purchase Orders

Adding cellphone parts provider integrations in your system lets you coordinate all your inventory processes into one secure, centralized location. You’ll be able to take care of low-stock warnings, purchase orders, and check vendor information. And all of this can be done from your single POS terminal. Check your inventory items that have reached the re-ordering level. Add them to your purchase order, send it to the relevant supplier, and you are done!

Your integrated repair shop software can also be used across several stores with an effective distribution of control. It will allow stock levels at each store to be updated.

Real-Time Catalog Updates

An integrated POS software for repair stores makes your physical retail activity a core part of your overall stock management. It translates into a better understanding of the Cost of Goods Sold and greater control over your entire supply chain.

Manage Stock with your Phone Repair POS.

While creating a purchase order in RepairDesk, you can view real-time inventory levels & items’ costs to determine whether the products you need are in stock and within your budget. Once an order status is updated on the supplier’s website, it will also be updated on your POS account.

Easy Returns 

Having a return and warranty policy for your inventory is crucial. There can be times when the ordered repair parts are not compatible with the smartphone you are repairing. Thus, having a reliable parts supplier such as MobileSentrix is a must. You can return the repair part or product within 30 days of purchase. In addition, all of their accessories come with a lifetime warranty.

Easy return policies of trusted parts suppliers in USA.

All in all, trusted repair parts suppliers and vendors offer great peace of mind for repair shop owners like you. One would know that the accessories they are using are liable and will have a long lifespan. And if someday, a customer walks into the store complaining about the repair job, one can easily return the part for a credit based on the current selling price or the purchase price, whichever is lower, or exchange.

Effective Inventory Management 

Create orders based on the latest stock information, or using your tracked order history, and email the order to your provider. You’re free from the hassle of searching around for pieces of paper you’ve lost. You don’t have to fax and can save time on paperwork with an easy, online, and advanced system in-store.

Cell phone parts provider integration with your POS system gives you laser-precision control over your on-hand stock, so you always know what you have, and can avoid embarrassing shortages or over-ordering. Thus, you will never run out of stock and order parts on the go with RepairDesk’s vendor management integrations!

What are the best Phone Parts Suppliers In the US?

Below, we will let you know what are the best cell phone repair parts suppliers you can rely on, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Injured Gadgets

Without a doubt, Injured Gadgets is one of the best repair parts and accessories suppliers in the United States. It offers top-notch, high-quality repair parts at an affordable price, and provides extended warranties to its business partners. And being a phone repair shop, whenever you want repair items, and accessories, you can contact them, and get what you want within no time.


Their business model is simple; get your desired parts at the lowest possible rates, and if any of the parts are not working, you can easily return them. In addition, they offer fast- delivery and exceptional customer service. From mobile back covers to batteries, to LCD panels, you can find all the products by visiting their online store. And by integrating it with your cell phone repair POS system, you can benefit your business’s revenue, growth, and customer service.


They sell phone repair products, preowned, and refurbished smartphones as well. So, if you have any customers looking for an affordable Apple iPhone, as they cannot afford a new one, you can provide them with one by contacting or visiting 2ndlifephones.

Last, but not least, we have partnered with the world’s top cellphone parts suppliers to provide stores with turnkey solutions that streamline out-of-stock item purchases & automate part ordering. Also, we have mentioned So, you can spend more time creating a better customer experience and let your software improve your business decisions.

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