RepairDesk Introduces Mail-in Repair Workflow Management System

by Ammad Mubashir
RepairDesk Introduces Mail-in Repair Workflow Management System

The world’s best retail POS system for repair shops is back with yet another feature added to its arsenal. RepairDesk is now offering a complete, end-to-end workflow management suite for mail-in repair depots. Packed with new and improved features like automated repair request processing and ticket management, the software promises to rid repair depots of Excel sheets and manual tasks.

As the post-Covid era has seen global businesses shifting to hybrid work and remote services, mail-in repair centers are getting busier. With a system that automates manual tasks such as ticket management & status updates, the new mail-in workflow management system is set to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

As customers opt for the convenient method of sending their devices via mail, mail-in repair depots using RepairDesk’s workflow management system will get to customize and digitize their manual systems. They can send quotes, create tickets, assign technicians to specific repairs, upload attachments, set pre & post-repair condition checklists, update repair statuses, and communicate with customers throughout the process. 

An Innovative and Futuristic Approach

Broadening the scope of the most successful POS software for the repair industry, RepairDesk has made new strides in order to address the needs of mail-in repair depots.

The CEO and Founder of RepairDesk, Usman Butt says:

“At RepairDesk, we strive to take your repair business to the next level with functionalities that automate repetitive tasks and provide you with the opportunity to innovate. Since mail-in repair is one of the major avenues for success in the repair industry, we have further optimized our workflow management software to handle larger volumes of repairs.

Packed with all the right integrations, our mail-in workflow management software gets your business ready for the future.”

A Look at the New Features and Integrations

One of the latest advancements in RepairDesk’s workflow management system comes in the form of their ShipStation integration, which allows mail-in repair depots to send and receive devices in the fastest, most secure way possible.

Since the idea behind RepairDesk has always been to organize and ease repair shop operations, the ShipStation integration also simplifies the device shipping process. Both parties, the customer and the mail-in repair business using RepairDesk’s workflow management system, will be able to track shipping and get updates within the software. 

Thanks to ShipStation, any mail-in repair depot can pinpoint the devices being shipped and manage orders conveniently. 

RepairDesk has a lot more on offer in terms of features following its reinvention in the past year. The company recently introduced features that provide merchants with the best solutions for their day-to-day tasks. To begin with, they introduced an inventory mapping feature to help merchants avoid duplicate entries while importing inventory items. 

Moreover, the all-in-one repair shop management software allows customers to check the repair status of their devices through an innovative Repair Tracker Widget. 

All of this falls in line with RepairDesk’s vision of enabling repair businesses to grow and automate many of their processes. The company looks to improve on its feature set and introduce more throughout the year.

As far as existing features and functionalities are concerned, RepairDesk has a plethora of them in its current state. One thing that’s for sure is that your mail-in repair operations are now in good hands.

About RepairDesk 

RepairDesk is a repair shop management software that specializes in dealing with cellphone and electronic repairs. The company has been operating in the repair industry since 2014 and has made a name for itself with its cloud-based repair shop software. 

Featuring modern conveniences such as automated ticket management, invoicing, inventory management, integrated parts ordering, a dedicated payment system & much more, RepairDesk has quickly risen to become one of the industry’s standout platforms for business owners of any size. 

In its continuing efforts to revamp the RepairDesk POS software and align it with modern technologies, the team has created a dynamic and user-friendly interface. Their easy-to-use software and quality customer support team ensure that you’re able to manage your repair business without any hassle. 

RepairDesk is available worldwide and works everyday with thousands of businesses in North America, Europe, the Middle East & Australia. 

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