How to Setup an Automated Mail-in Repair Workflow for Your Repair Business

by Asad Ahmed

In today’s world, many repair businesses rely on mail-in repair jobs. This allows customers to send in their devices for repair from anywhere, without having to physically visit the store. 

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store, a multi-store business, a franchise, or a repair depot, mail-in repair enables you to go beyond traditional retail repairs and helps you serve your customers better. 

Automated mail-in workflow can benefit cellphone repair and computer repair stores, power tools and home appliances repair businesses, leather bags, sunglasses, and even mail-in shoe repair stores. Future-proof your business by providing remote services anytime, anywhere.

Imagine breaking the barrier of being only able to serve people of a certain radius! With mail-in repair, you get to attract customers from different cities, states, and even countries! Get more job requests and increase sales.

However, managing a mail-in repair workflow can be complex and time-consuming without the right tools. If you’re already running a mail-in repair business but not using any supporting software then you must be familiar with the nightmare of repetitive manual tasks, paper-based repair request forms, and outdated Excel sheets.

That’s where RepairDesk comes in. With its mail-in repair management software, RepairDesk simplifies setting up and managing a mail-in repair workflow for your repair business.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up a mail-in repair workflow using RepairDesk:

Step 1:  Request a Demo

The first step is to request a demo for RepairDesk. This can be done by visiting the RepairDesk website and clicking on the “Free Trial” button. Once you’ve signed up, a product specialist will reach out to you and take down your unique workflow and business requirements. A customized demo will be set up using the RepairDesk Mail-in repair system.

Step 2: Sign up for RepairDesk and set up your Store

Once you sign-up for RepairDesk, an onboarding specialist will help you set up your store. This involves entering basic information such as your store name, address, and contact details. 

Step 3: Enable Mail-in Repair Suite

After setting up your store, RepairDesk will configure your mail-in repair settings. The complete mail-in repair system can be streamlined and activated in under an hour. Let’s dive deep into how you can eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce manual entry mistakes. Build your own workflow and standardize the data capture process to track triage, services, returns, parts, and labor consumed all in one place.

This will enable a seamless end-to-end repair workflow using RepairDesk’s custom features designed to handle mail-in repair orders. 

Step 4: Create RepairDesk Forms to Collect Mail-in Repair Job Requests

Using Repairdesk POS software, you can create a customizable work order form to collect all the necessary data from the customer including details about their device and the repairs required. You can use the form to include fields such as device type, issue description, and customer contact information and allow them to upload attachments including device pictures and warranty cards.

This form can be customized to match your website brand theme and can be easily embedded into your company’s website, so when a customer visits your website to place their mail-in repair request, the form is readily available for them to fill out and submit easily. This saves time and makes things really simple and straightforward for the customers. RepairDesk Forms links can also be shared via email. 

Step 5: Receive and Process Mail-in Repair Requests through Customized Workflow

Once a customer successfully submits a repair request through RepairDesk Forms, an automated email is generated and sent to the Admin and to the customer. These requests will appear in the “Tickets” section of your RepairDesk dashboard. You can then assign the ticket to a technician. 

Once the device is received, the technician will triage and fill in the condition checklist, print asset labels,  and diagnose the issue. You’ll then need to send a quote to the customer which can be done through RepairDesk’s built-in quote management system. The customer can then approve the quote and thus begin the repair process.

Step 6: Repair the Device and Send Status Updates to Customers

After the customer has approved the quote, you can begin repairing the device. RepairDesk Inventory management system can help you find the right spare parts for the job in seconds. If you don’t have the parts, you can order them from RepairDesk preferred vendors and avail exclusive offers. As the repair progresses you can update the ticket status in RepairDesk and notify the customer once the repair is complete using Email and SMS notification module.

The customer can also track the status of their repair directly from your website using a very cool Repair Tracker Widget. By entering the ticket ID & Last Name they can see in real-time what progress has been made on the repair request.

Step 7: Receive Payment Online using preferred Payment Gateways

RepairDesk POS can be used to generate invoices that you can share with the customers. Customers can view open invoices and make secure online payments. To get better processing rates on your transactions, another convenient payment option is RepairDesk Payments.

Repair Depots and B2B customers can also make payments using B2B Repair Portal. Besides making online payments, they can use the portal to create tickets and view communication logs.

Step 8: Ship the Device back to the Customer

Once the repair is complete, you can ship the device back to the customer using RepairDesk integration with ShipStation.  It is the fastest, most secure and affordable way to send and receive customer devices while tracking every update from within the software. 

Automatically send ticket details to ShipStation, print shipping labels, choose a shipping method and carrier of your choice, and add a markup to cover handling fees or any shipping fluctuations. Update the ticket status in RepairDesk once the device has been shipped.
With RepairDesk’s mail-in repair management software, setting up and managing a mail-in repair workflow for your repair business has never been easier. From configuring your mail-in repair settings to receiving and processing mail-in repair requests, RepairDesk streamlines every aspect of the mail-in repair process.

So why wait? Sign up for RepairDesk today and start managing your mail-in repair workflow like a pro!

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