Monthly Update Notes – August 2022

by Leenah Nasir

August updates at RepairDesk revolved around user experience improvement. There are a number of enhancements we’ve added to the RepairDesk Classic (1.0) and RepairDesk 2.0 platforms.

In addition to making a delightfully happening exhibit at the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo, here’s what we did during August:

Updates Across RepairDesk 1.0 and 2.0

Setting up inventory: Search/Scan Single or Bulk Items

Scan items from your favorite suppliers in a jiffy, without the hassle to add them manually. 

Users can now search SKU or scan the barcode of Injured Gadgets and MobileSentrix items to populate, add to their inventory or update the stock levels.
1: If you want to bulk import the items from IG or MS or update the stock level, you can use the bulk scan/search feature to populate the items directly with real-time cost. You can add items to your inventory or update the stock levels.
2: If you are on POS and you don’t have MS/IG item in your inventory, you can quickly search the SKU or scan the barcode to add it to the inventory and sell it. 


For RepairDesk 1.0: link.

For RepairDesk 2.0: link.

New Device Vendor at Marketplace

Buy devices from a trusted RepairDesk Vendor: 2ndLIfePhones Integration

Updates: RepairDesk Classic (1.0)

Exchange Trade-In Items with New Devices/Product

After the trade-in purchase, users can now exchange the device/item with new ones and collect the remaining balance.

Move Trade-In Items to Serialized Items

Now users can move any trade-in item to the serialized inventory to align specific devices in one place.

IMEI Validation

In case of an incorrect IMEI entry, you get an alert notification from the system. However, you can still create a repair ticket.

Part Details & Descriptions on Thermal Receipts

When enabled, this trigger now allows the user to print any Part details and description attached to the Ticket, on the thermal receipt.

Employee Filter Under Sales Reports

A new criteria is added to the Search filter under item-wise sales report to help you find each employee’s contribution

Updates: RepairDesk 2.0

Email & Notifications

A new range of default email and SMS templates has been added to the system to make customer communication easy for RepairDesk users.

Custom Referral Sources

Earlier users were not able to update or add referral sources for the incoming customers. This kept them from finding out the source of their customers’ footfall, so they couldn’t figure out the right marketing channels to spend on. Now they can add custom referral sources that can be modified (edited/deleted) in the Customer Management Settings. 

New Integration Updates

1. WooCommerce Integration

A 2-way sync enables users to set, from within RepairDesk, specific online prices against an item and choose what items they want to offer on their WooCommerce website. Details.

2. Shopify Integration

Shopify users can now handle their processes from within RepairDesk: No more manual entry of items on their Shopify store. Details.

3. QuickBooks Integration

This enables users to handle their accounting processes within RepairDesk, using QuickBooks. Details.

4. Xero Integration

This enables users to handle their accounting processes within RepairDesk, using Xero. Details.

That’s it from our side!

Try out these new updates and let us know what you think works, and what doesn’t.

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See you around!

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