Monthly Update Notes – June 2022

by Leenah Nasir

We’ve considered that while our product teams are busy at the wheel, we could keep our readers more involved and better informed with the progress through a monthly, Update Notes post.

So today we’re out with the post documenting the updates we introduced at RepairDesk Classic (earlier known as RepairDesk 1.0) in June 2022.

  • RepairDesk 1.0 is now RepairDesk Classic.
  • Hassle-free gratuity refund:
    • Refund of gratuity is now possible with RepairDesk Payments. It all takes place within your Payment History tab.
  • Automatic status change of open repair tickets:
    • There is an automated status change of any open repair ticket to “customer reply” whenever you receive a mail/SMS from the customer regarding that ticket.

Meanwhile, if you’re not already a part of RepairDesk User Group at Facebook, you must change that! 
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