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by Nosherwan Khan
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Managing your repair shop is not a simple task. There are so many things to look out for, and making sure everything runs in order can be a draining experience. The best way to overcome this problem is by having standard operating procedures (SOPs) at your workplace, which help keep things running smoothly and simplify everything.

For those that want to introduce SOPs to their business so they can have greater peace of mind, RepairDesk arranged a webinar with Benjamin Rossow of ProFixerr. The webinar titled “Systems & SOPs: How to Transform Your Business to Work Without You” was aimed at educating our core audience – repair industry professionals – on how they can revolutionize their business for the better by having SOPs in place.

Ben was joined by Usman Butt of RepairDesk and the discussion went over some key points on implementing SOPs in one’s repair business. Major points of interest were methods to identify and create SOPs, how to build a framework for creating your own procedures, the importance of communication, and a list of action items that can help anyone start their journey.

Ben’s expertise on the matter proved very valuable, as he had implemented these practices in his own business and changed it to be a lot more manageable and organized. Where once he was a disgruntled, burnt-out, overworked and underpaid repair shop owner, now he has more time on his hands to expand his business, connect with new people, and keep himself more satisfied, all while his business continues to run optimally.

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Where Can I Find It?

If you’d like to connect with Ben or any of our other team members more on the webinar and its contents, you can use the link here to start a conversation.

The secrets to this dramatic change are now available on our YouTube channel, where we have uploaded the webinar in full. Check it out below.

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