RepairDesk and Square Terminal Integration 🚀

by Leenah Nasir
RepairDesk integrates with Square Terminal

As Q3 of 2022 takes off, we can safely confirm that 2022 has been a dynamic year at RepairDesk.

With the new Square Terminal integration now available at RepairDesk, we’re thrilled to ensure that our repair business community succeeds on its own terms!

The reason we’re particularly excited about this is that Square has launched a special offer for the RepairDesk community:

If you’re not already signed up at RepairDesk, you can change that now!

What can the Square Terminal integration do for RepairDesk users?

Let’s set the ball rolling.

No matter what part of the world you’re living in; and whether you are using RepairDesk Classic (1.0), or 2.0; this integration works for you like a charm.

Now you neither have to jump hoops managing separate devices to handle different types of cards and payment methods, nor you have to keep switching content from one screen to another. The RepairDesk-Square Terminal integration manages it all for you alright. You just tap, or dip or swipe. The rest of it is all taken care of!

Here are some of the ways in which it serves your repair business, and contributes to your efficiency:

  • Time is money, and you get to save it!

Gone are the days when you’d be juggling between two POS systems, hopping from one to another trying desperately to find a workaround for duplicate entries, all the while your customer waited impatiently to get done with this ordeal.

What happens now is that you get to have a single source of truth. All your transactions get sorted within RepairDesk, without any app switch, or duplicated entries, or annoyed waiting customers. 95% of transactions made with Square terminal are done in less than 1.6 seconds!

Oh, and RepairDesk will also let you know whether a transaction is accepted or declined.

  • You get to offer multiple payment options to your customers

Simplify your payments, making it easy for your customer to get through.

How do you do that? 

Accept anything from magstripe, chip cards, to NFC payments with Square Terminal. Your customers can now tap, swipe or dip their card — any card — to pay for the services you provide. 

And it’s not just that. You can now connect wirelessly and accept chip cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay as well. As far as payments go, this is as wholesome as it gets! Right?

  • You get to have your payments, swift and smooth

RepairDesk and Square offer completely risk-free payment solution with no lock-in contracts, set-up charges, breaking, cancellation or other hidden fees. In addition, when you process your customer’s payment using Square you usually get deposits the next business day. Not only is your repair business cash flow smoother than ever with all the real-time updates, it’s also quicker. No more anxious tappings of the screen!

All it takes for your moolah to reach your kitty is a day. 

  • Sleek and easy

The fully integrated Square Terminal for RepairDesk POS Register has built-in EMV and PCI compliance. What does this mean for your repair business?

This means that you’re spared any and all headaches that come with setting up new payment methods and ensuring the compliance protocols. RepairDesk and Square work hand in hand to ensure that your payment operations are flexible and convenient for everyone involved, (all the while you look like a pro, and on top of your game!)

Also, with RepairDesk and Square integrated payments, transaction data is automatically pushed to the card terminal, reducing the need for any manual entry.

A win for one, a win for all!

  • Top data security and compliance

With top quality end-to-end encryption, our Square integration ensures that the RepairDesk community and their customers are in safe hands. Square is ISO 27001 certified and promises that unencrypted payment data never touches your device or application.

How to start accepting Square payments in RepairDesk?

Working together with our friends at Square, our team has put together a comprehensive help guide for the RepairDesk community to make this integration a smooth sailing experience for you! 

If you’re using RepairDesk Classic (1.0), here is how you set up your Square integration.

Sign up for a fully powered 14-day free trial, and see the magic unfold for you!

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