Why is it a good idea to use RepairDesk Payments at your business?

by Haseeb Asim
RepairDesk Payments

The efficient running of a repair store is any business owner’s requirement. To ensure this, you’ll have to take on many operational hurdles head on! Selecting a payment method that suits your business style and caters a majority chunk of your clients, is actually a challenge. You’ll find several off-the-shelf payment modules that you can integrate with your point of sales system.

Getting the right payment system will do wonders for your repair shop. You’d probably be asking ‘How so’? Well, let’s walk through the process for better understanding.

So, Card or Cash?

Whenever you take on a repair job, via a walk-in customer or any other means, taking payments is pretty important. This is the fuel that runs your store.

If you’re in the repair business for at least a year, you’ll have already witnessed several types of customers. There are some who’d pay in cash, upfront. Others will swipe their credit cards.

Some will seek partial payments. With the payback for the remaining amount in installments. All is possible using your computer repair shop software.

Cash is something you can handle, easily. But what about credit cards?

Initially, you’d have a wired or a wireless terminal to grab the clientele comfortable with plastic money.

Now the next issue that arises is making sure that your customers are physically present at your store at the time of billing.

Next, Wired or Wireless Terminal?

You can go about this in two ways:

1. Go wireless & enable contactless payments

2. Or, wait for your customer to come by your shop to pick/drop their device and then complete your payment process.

Going with a wireless credit card terminal is a very good option. The sooner you switch to this, the more chances you get to retain clients, and get additional ones too.

The functioning of a wireless credit card terminal includes the use of WiFi and/or Bluetooth technology.

This allows you more reach for your customers and eases their payments process.

As a repair store owner, you can provide endless facilitations to your customers and grow your revenues using our Professional Repair Shop Software.

If you’re thinking that going for a wired credit card terminal is a safe option for your business, you’re not thinking straight!

As time goes on, you’ll start missing out on several revenue generating opportunities just because you took a decision without keeping growth in mind.

Another reason for this is because using a wired credit card terminal, your mobility gets restricted. You don’t get to enable digital payments and waste valuable time.

All these can eventually result in the loss of potential clientele! 

Why Use RepairDesk Payments?

Now that we’ve highlighted some major payment hurdles you’d face when running a repair store, enter RepairDesk Payments — the solution everyone wants!

The difference between RD Payments and other payment terminals is basically plain and simple. You will not find any hidden charges, unlike other off-the-shelf terminals. 

Another issue you will not face with RD payments is that you don’t need multiple software-backed devices at your checkout counter.

Meaning, you and your employees won’t have to waste time figuring out which device is suitable to take your customer’s payment.

The thing is that having an all-in-one payment terminal will save you clients as well as keep you updated on your repair store’s financial transactions. Basically, your cash registers can be easily monitored and maintained.

Plus, it reduces the thieving urge of any of your employees. For instance, this is a common practice in the repair industry, that employees will say that they’ll charge some portion of the bill via credit card, the rest via cash payment.

The scam here is that the entire bill gets charged to your credit card, while the cash you end up paying goes directly into that person’s pocket.

This will leave your customers to believe that your repair store is a rip-off and any sort of bad publicity in this regard can lead to loss of customers and reputation.

Benefits of RepairDesk Payments

After deeply understanding these pain points following in-depth interviews of repair industry experts, we have developed the perfect solution that’ll rid you of any payment processing problems. 

This integrated payment system streamlines your repair store’s operations, enhances the security protocols and ensures payment transparency for all stakeholders.

In essence, the RD Payments integration can take your customer’s experience to the next level.

Moreover, the payments processed through this system are automatically logged using encrypted processing, leaving very little chances of theft or stolen identity.

You can also check out RepairDesk & Square Terminal Integration in this regard.

Apart from these major benefits, here are some other advantages of using RepairDesk Payments: 

Hassle-free Setup: RD Payments are easy to integrate as it is our own POS System. You don’t have to install any other device. Just get up and complete your payments using this integration and save yourself from any hassle.

Save Time: RD Payments are so easy to use that you don’t need to train yourself or your employees for that matter. Setting it up takes less than 3 minutes! Plus, once complete, you can start receiving payments without any other configuration.

Lastly, RD payments also offer limitless integrations so you don’t feel yourself without a way out. 

In short, if you are a repair store owner, integrate your store with RepairDesk Payments and enjoy unparalleled services and convenience. 

Additionally, you can also allow your customers to book an appointment through your store’s website. The integration also supports partial payments, recurring payments and split payments to let your customers pay whenever and however they are comfortable with.


Imagine your repair shop has an outlook of a modernized repair center, but one that offers cash payment as the only payment option. Your customers will not be happy about this. The concept of plastic money has existed for a very long time now, and repair stores need to have digitized payment methods at their store to completely entice multiple customer bases. Help your repair business grow using Growth Marketing Tools, and witness the combination make you a lot of money!

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