RepairDesk vs RepairShopr – Which POS is better for your Repair Business

by Ammad Mubashir
RepairDesk vs RepairShopr

Congratulations! Your repair business is growing. To handle business operations challenges that come from expansion, you might want to consider investing in Point of Sale software

A great POS has built-in process automation and inventory management to relieve your employees of repetitive tasks. Then there are integrations, customer support, and of course data security factors that are worth considering.

Given that there are multiple business management solutions available in the market that offer all of the above, this brings us to the point in question:

Which POS is best for your repair business?

In this article, we compare RepairDesk and RepairShopr based on every aspect relevant to the success of your repair business. 

The Better Success Driver 

In today’s day and age, nothing beats automation as the definitive technological success driver for businesses. With automated POS and inventory management software, you can get valuable insights and make better business decisions. 

Without oversight on business data that is being constantly updated in real-time, you cannot develop effective growth strategies.

Both RepairShopr and RepairDesk offer POS software that helps you keep track of repairs, profits, inventory, re-stocking, and more.

While RepairShopr serves repair businesses with a ticket management system, problems related to initial setup and unnecessary features have been identified. You can only extract maximum value when POS software cuts down your workload by a considerable margin. With software that is difficult to set up and operate, that can not be true.

Designed specifically for repair shop operations and the retail environment, RepairDesk offers a fast and convenient check-in and checkout process. Right from the first step, you can easily navigate through each step and utilize the purpose-built features to your benefit.

What gives RepairDesk the edge as the better success driver? For starters, RepairDesk’s user interface is designed to be comprehensible for any and all repair shop employees, with flexibility and customization as a plus. With its purpose built features, apps, and integrations, RepairDesk is all you need to run an efficient business.

Matchless Customer Support

You might not have considered this an important aspect, but responsive customer support provided by your technology partner could be a game changer for your business. Today’s customers begin looking for other options the moment they face a delay in getting their issues resolved.

RepairShopr offers customer support through phone and chat, but users demonstrate concerns associated with the absence of a live support representative. Compared to RepairDesk, RepairShopr also does not offer a knowledge base, email support, or help desk. 

Now that you have decided to prioritize your repair shop’s success, our customer support team is only 30 seconds away. No matter where you are, and what your inquiry is, we serve you 24/6 throughout the work week. 

You can get in touch through email, live chat, WhatsApp, or through a phone call. Not only that, RepairDesk offers both online and in-person training for repair shop owners apart from walkthrough videos.

Whether you need help with the initial setup or want to understand how to fully utilize specific features, RepairDesk customer support is at your service.


Based on customer experience, having limited payment gateway options restricts customers from availing certain services, forcing them to walk away.

One example is the lack of payroll integration in RepairShopr, which means merchants have to use a separate program for that purpose along with RepairShopr POS.

However, it’s a completely different story over at RepairDesk.

Yes, you heard it right. RepairDesk offers seamless integrations with more than 40 third-party tools that you can utilize to enhance your repair shop operations. You can sync your eCommerce store with RepairDesk’s inventory and also manage accounts and payments with Xero and Quickbooks.

Our SMS services, VOIP widgets, as well as marketing and productivity tools, allow you to extract maximum business value while you deliver exceptional services.

Your customers get a variety of payment options to choose from, meaning you will have lesser chances of order abandonment. 

What’s more? You can order spare parts for repairs through RepairDesk with multiple third-party vendor integrations. A significant reduction in ETAs means you will have happier customers. Speaking of happy customers, RepairDesk offers loyalty programs and gift cards to reward them for choosing your repair shop. 

Rating (Capterra) 
Mobile AppiPad and Android TabletNo
Customer SupportEmail Support, Knowledgebase, 24/6 Live Support, Phone, Chat, FAQsFAQ/Phone/Chat
Bill PaymentYesNo
Customer Support Response Time<30 Seconds2 days
Likelihood to Recommend87.1%78.8%
OnboardingDedicated Support SpecialistSelf onboarding
Self Check-inYesYes
Online AppointmentYesYes
Ticketing and InvoicingYesYes
Integrated PaymentYesNo
Loyalty Program & Gift cardsYesNo
Repair TrackerYesYes
Warranty ManagementYesYes
Buyback WidgetFreePaid
Mobilesentrix IntegrationYesNo
Shopify and Woocommerce IntegrationYesNo
Transfer tickets between storesYesNo
Email MarketingYesNo
Shipstation IntegrationComing soonUnavailable
Label Cloud PrintingYesNo

Easy Customization

We know all repair shop owners have unique requirements and conditions to work around. While RepairShopr offers customization, repair shop owners have claimed that modification of each module takes up a lot of their valuable time. 

The lack of a dedicated onboarding specialist means RepairShopr users have to figure out features and customizations all by themselves. While this might not be a significant problem for some, it’s still better to have customization options that all repair shop owners can get their heads around. 

RepairDesk prioritizes the operations of repair businesses to innovate and enhance the features of its POS. What you get is a highly flexible and customizable solution that actually works.

Whether it is cell phone and computer repair, or relatively newer industries like watch, jewelry, and drone repairs, RepairDesk understands what you really need. The result is a POS solution that feels like it’s tailored to your requirements, but can still be customized further. 

Based on reviews and feedback from our existing clientele, we have introduced new functionalities with each passing year to help you grow your business. 

This is why RepairDesk is the top choice for thousands of repair businesses that benefit from our unmatched customer support and integrated payments.

Ready to automate your repair business operations and scale to new verticals?

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