How a 5-Star Customer Support Unlocks Repair Business Growth

by Ammad Mubashir
How a 5-Star Customer Support can Unlock Repair Business Growth

As a repair and retail business professional you understand how critical excellent customer support is. ​​Customer service bridges the communication gap between a repair business and its customers and it can build or break your brand.

Now imagine, you subscribed for POS software but are unsure of how it can work best for your business. The new label printer you bought did not sync with your cloud-based ticketing solution. 

Months later, on an unlucky Monday, your POS hung up just when you were going to make a $1000 sale. Even worse, you refreshed your browser and your inventory vanished. What would you do?

You’d immediately call for help!

Now, what if that helps was hours, days, or weeks away! Such horror!

You invested in an excellent POS, but after all, it is technology. Anything unforeseen can happen. Therefore, when choosing POS software, choose the customer service that comes with it.

Here’s what makes RepairDesk Customer Service the ultimate thing you need to support your repair business’ accelerated growth in 2023.

Personalized Onboarding Process

The RepairDesk team helps you set up and get started.

Repiardesk empowers its clients to easily transition from archaic paper-based and excel sheet-based processes. It can help you easily switch from RepairShopr, RepairQ, Lightspeed, and many other POS systems.  

In 2022 alone, RepairDesk’s customer support and success empowered clients to establish more than 1000 repair shops, 400 of which came from existing merchants expanding their business.

While providing support for setting up and onboarding at new locations, a dedicated employee training and onboarding specialist from RepairDesk is assigned to your repair shop. Not only that, but you also get a customized onboarding plan as per your requirements, which is then executed by our team.

Here is how our training and onboarding process works:

  • An initial discovery call from our CSS team: gathers your requirements for the new repair shop setup.
  • First training call: Covers half of the modules of RepairDesk POS functionalities.
  • Second training call: a walk-around of the remaining modules 
  • Hardware setup and deployment: Our support team helps you with setting up hardware including printers, scanners, and POS terminals. 
  • Software up and running: On the date of deployment, our team renders your RepairDesk service live and ready to use.
  • Dedicated customer success manager: we make sure you have a frictionless experience with RepairDesk by assigning a dedicated success manager.
  • Monthly check-in: Every month, our customer support team gets in touch with you via call or email to check if everything is working well, and resolve any possible concerns.

Setting up your Inventory

At RepairDesk, we strive to make every part of our customer’s journey as smooth as possible. 

Yes, that includes inventory management.

If you need help with importing and exporting products, spare parts, or repair tools in your inventory, our customer support and success team are only a live chat away.

Whether you want to add items to inventory one by one through a manual process or through bulk scanning, RepairDesk has got your back. 

RepairDesk’s efficient POS automatically manages your inventory and displays the required information in your dashboard. However, if you feel any inconsistencies, we offer support to check inventory items every week and compare them with the number given by the software.

Responding to Queries

RepairDesk focuses on providing you with the best response time across many accessible communication channels.

We believe we should be available where you are, and when you need us the most. At RepairDesk, we know how to value our customers and their time. Therefore we design our process around their journeys. 

Our customer service is active 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We take the day off, when you take your day off. 

During this time, our customer support team responds to your queries within 30 seconds through live chat. No more logging complaints and waiting for days for your issues to be heard and fixed. Real people will reach out to you with real solutions.

We are also available to customers who prefer to connect via social media, including Facebook and Whatsapp.

Resolving Software Glitches

Software products and services are sometimes difficult to get around for first-time users. As a repair shop owner, you are not used to all the functionalities offered by RepairDesk’s POS system. Then there are days when the software may not work as seamlessly due to a number of unidentifiable reasons.

In case a customer encounters a bug or software glitch, RepairDesk has built-in functionality that allows the customer to lock the bug immediately from within the POS. This assists the support team in identifying and addressing the problematic part of the software.

An automated system notified the response team that takes immediate action depending on the severity of the bug reported. With the goal of streamlining the customer support process, our team creates and manages tasks through Jira. 

And of course, we never leave a customer unattended. Upon completion of the task, our team updates the customer accordingly.

Catering to Customizations

Not all customers run into software glitches. In fact, some RepairDesk users love to customize the dashboard as per their preferences. 

The goal of a 5-star customer support and success team is to empower the customer and let their voice be heard. We work on this theory and put together a monthly and quarterly roadmap based on customers’ requirements.

This includes a list of improvements as suggested by the customer and finalized by our design and development teams. 

As a plus point, RepairDesk customer success utilizes UserVoice software to help customers get their message through. Here, any customer can put forward their idea to improve RepairDesk, be it design or functionality. 

Since UserVoice connects all our repair shop customers, any idea that gets upwards of 20 votes is taken forward by our team.

A great customer experience has the power to create loyal customers. It often overcomes the abilities of your technicians and hooks up clients for longer periods of time. As you put in the effort to enhance the experience for your customers, they might also be referring your repair shop to their friends. 

At RepairDesk we understand that. As a trusted technology partner, our focus is to take the software worry away from you so you can focus on expanding and growing your business.

We believe in working together – because at RepairDesk, it’s all about you!

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