RepairDesk Year in Review- 2022

by Asad Ahmed

Oh, what a rollercoaster of a year it’s been. 

The year 2022 was full of surprises, a year of triumphs, a year of challenges. Coming out of the wrath of Covid19 and literally coming out of isolation was a breath of fresh air. People all over the world rejoiced at the opportunity of meeting friends, family and peers in person; rounds of cold ones were consumed to celebrate the seeming uptick in economic activity and the possibility of a brighter future. Massive funding rounds for companies leading to global expansions. Things could not have looked better!

Until the real markets adjusted, inflated demand settled, and the after-effects of covid started to show up in the forms of slowing down of global economies, unprecedented rising inflation rates, and a worldwide recession. Resultant of this, massive layoffs, supply fluctuations, and price hikes in fuel and other commodities started to arise, disrupting normalcy.   

The economic slowdown hit many industries hard, and the repair industry was no exception. Times became tough. However, RepairDesk remained committed to its mission of empowering repair businesses worldwide and was able to help its merchants navigate these difficult times.

RepairDesk stood by you! So let’s look at how we grew together in 2022!

A POS Software Par Excellence

Our goal in 2022 was to make you go “wow,” and we did exactly that. We pivoted our focus to our core business so that we could provide a robust and efficient software to suit your workflow needs, no matter who you are, which region you operate in, and which industry vertical you serve.

The RepairDesk merchant base grew by hundreds of new stores, and our customer support became available to you 24 hours a day, six days a week. 

Despite the fact that prices were globally shooting and many of the solution providers had to raise their subscriptions, RepairDesk made sure to provide the best services by constantly working on improving our current products and adding new features to help our clients become more efficient and save time and money. And we did this without adding to your costs. 

A Powerful Repair & Retail Ecosystem

In 2022, we successfully initiated and delivered many projects that collectively will result in one of the strongest and most effective ecosystems for the repair industry. Our goal is to identify every pain point of the repair store owner and provide a solution for it. Our POS got a makeover and a self-intuitive workflow. We went live with 10+ integrations, including woocommerce, Shopify, Xero, QuickBooks, and more. More than 40 companies joined us in partnership programs, including spare parts, accessories and devices suppliers, vendors, resellers, and payment processors.

Some notable projects that we worked on included:

RepairDesk Connect (Beta)

A unified inbox to easily manage all of your emails, texts, and social media messages in one place. Engage with your audience, convert more customers, and provide multi-channel support from within RepairDesk. Currently, in its Beta phase, it has already received amazing feedback from power users. Launching in 2023, you might want to stay tuned!

RepairDesk PhonePro 

Currently only available for our US merchant base, PhonePro enables you to handle all your calls and text messages through a single phone number. In addition, an alert is generated in your POS software when a customer calls, also showing their ticket number to avoid any hassle. 

Read more about PhonePro in detail here.

Along with these applications, RepairDesk worked on many R&D projects which will be developed, tested, and launched in the near future.

A Service to Help you Grow

After spending years understanding the repair industry and its challenges, RepairDesk ventured into putting all that knowledge into application and giving its merchants the opportunity to grow more by acquiring new customers. With RepairDesk Digital, we became a leading digital marketing growth partner specifically designed specifically for computer and cell phone repair shops looking to 5X their growth. 100+ businesses signed up for our website design and development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and paid ad campaign services. The love we got, speaks for itself.

A Move into New Verticals

After becoming the preferred choice of the cell phone repair industry, in 2022, we decided to expand our software and services to new verticals, including generic repair, jewelry repair, watch repair, power tools repair, drone repair, and more respectively.

We are proud to announce that we received a very warm welcome from all these industries, and we aspire to keep learning and coming up with new solutions specifically catering to the workflows of each industry vertical. This doesn’t mean that we in any way will neglect our beloved clients from the cell phone repair industry. We set up systems and processes that will allow us to continue providing excellence to the cellphone vertical while also extending our solution to generic repairs. always be catered to, and we will provide them with the same service as always.

Along with exploring new industries, we also expanded our presence in Turkey and India, and we will continue to create more ground presence through partnerships in other regions as well.

A Trip to your Doorstep

In 2022, we wanted to explore how operations happened on the ground, at your kiosks, in your shops, and across your franchises. We want to know you better hence we traveled the world to see how you do business and deal with your customers. This year we were part of five global trade shows where we got to meet you guys and had some really insightful conversations. 

We were lucky to have attended the following global trade shows

  1. Mobile World Congress Barcelona 
  2. Gadget Repair Expo I – Orlando
  3. All Wireless & Prepaid Expo – Las Vegas
  4. Gadget Repair Expo II – Orlando 
  5. Pakistan Africa Trade Development Conference – South Africa 

Highlights of these events are available on RepairDesk’s YouTube channel.

A Promise to make you go WOW!

RepairDesk is on a mission to work with its merchants and continuously improve upwards and onwards. In 2022, many of you validated our efforts and showered us with praise. You made us a part of the Top Performers list of 2022 on Capterra in the Retail Point of Sale System Software category, with an excellent rating of 4.7 stars (based on 187 reviews).

Similarly, with an exceptional rating of 4.9 (based on 272 reviews) on Trustpilot, you sent us much love, and we are proud to have become the go-to POS software for everyone.

Watch our year in review highlights video here

To conclude, our commitment to you is that we will keep learning, improving, and evolving to serve our prestigious customers with the best possible solutions to their problems. 2022 was just the beginning of our new vision to do more and be more for the repair community all around the world. We have so much in store for 2023. At RepairDesk, it’s all about YOU.

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