Why RepairDesk Phone Pro is the ULTIMATE VoIP for Repair Shops

by Komayal Hassan
RepairDesk Phone Pro Concept Illustration

Let’s start with something obvious – digress, a bit, from tradition.

No business – be it repair-oriented or otherwise – can do without effective communication.

A one- or two-way dialogue stream that enables customer-business connections.

And the more instantly connecting these means of interaction, the better.

On this last, narrow, front, nothing beats the convenience offered by a dedicated phone system. When mediated over the internet, the same facility evolves into VoIP. Or voice-over-internet-protocol, for the appetite of initialism-smiths.

A phone conversation, in the most conservative assessment, provides two benefits. It is:

  • Immediate in expression (in an organic, ‘human’, way)
  • Communicative of nuance (so nothing gets lost in transcription)

New-age correspondence mechanisms like text messaging simply can’t compete. And the voice option is only bested by more multimedia-rich recourses.

At RepairDesk, we understand the primal necessity of a good phone service in repair settings. And so we’ve come up with an all-in-one calling solution to facilitate our users:

RepairDesk Phone Pro – which comes as a neat complement to our industry-acclaimed repair shop software subscription.

Here, I’d like to list all the features that we think make the service the ‘ultimate must-have’ for repair businesses.

So, let’s dive right in.

The ‘Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee

As a sidelong utility, RepairDesk Phone Pro is all geared toward enhancing customer satisfaction. Its purpose is to cater to every anticipated customer query calling stage. And the goal aspired to:

To not leave either the repair business owner or customer in want of more.

Now, I’ve grouped all available Phone Pro features into simple categories (by general function):

1. Communications Centralization

2. Customer/Historical Record Consolidating

3. Prompts Notifying

4. Monitoring/Analytics

5. Custom Features

6. Mobility Enabling

In total, the features (service functionalities) number more than 26. Periodic improvements concerned with upgrading existing features or adding new ones, of course, come as a repeat thing; so stay tuned for all RepairDesk email and social media correspondence.

All-in-One Communications

  • Single Phone Number (for calls & text messages)
  • On-Call Quick Messages
  • Multiple, Simultaneous, Calls Availability (up to 3)
  • Two-Way Messaging (customer-business; vice-versa)
  • Voice Messages (to engage with unattended customers)
  • Call Routing (to different numbers outside working hours)
  • New Leads/Tickets Generation for On-Call Customers
  • Digital Fax (send Fax documents to customers from the POS screen)

RepairDesk Phone Pro’s communications centralization promise is based on single platform localization. This means that the POS user would not require any third-party phone system to connect with customers. 

Feature inclusions such as the on-call messaging and simultaneous calls option convenience customers by not requiring them to resort to additional aids while working with their repair business.

The voice messaging feature, in turn, facilitates what salespeople term the ‘no opportunity missed’ approach.

Customer Record Tracking

  • Threaded Conversations (chat feeds maintained per customer)
  • Integrated Alerts (customer + ticket info. viewable inside call notification)
  • Call Logs (maintained record of every call made, received, or missed)
  • Call Recording (to ensure qualitative oversight/future analyses)
  • Customer Profile + Tickets Linked Calls
  • Create Appointments (for missed calls)

Customer recordings, whether as log files or saved multimedia, are analyses gold! In the least instance, they allow repair businesses to take stock of their existing customers.

Prompts Notifying

  • Email/App Call Notifications (Incoming + Missed Calls)

Phone Pro categorically ensures that users receive call log prompts on their go-to devices. This feature design springs from RepairDesk’s commitment to service every call. Timely prompts, as such, are considered the best way to connect with clients.


  • Real-Time Dashboard (for calls monitoring)

Analytics monitoring comprises the ‘diagnositc reportings’ standard par excellence for any business. Dashboards, in software lingo, make for the interfaces that carry these frameworks. With Phone Pro’s POS-integrated analytics module, keeping track of calls and other affiliate business issues becomes a breeze.

Customer Features

  • Customer Greetings (automated welcome script served to every caller)
  • Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR – for user-decided automated scripts)
  • Customer Feedback Module (served at call termination)
  • Easy Custom Configuration (for quick changes of the above)

Mobility Enablement

  • Mobile/Soft-Phone Companion App (for on-the-go dealings)

Nowadays, it’s not easy for repair business starters to afford the overheads associated with brick and mortar setups. They’d much rather put up with the more economical on-the-go repair shop framework. These arrangements can take the form of either Kiosk-type hut/booth fixtures or truly mobile shops. Their business model is geared toward minimizing operational costs while maximizing revenues (called the ‘midas touch of growth’ by some).

RepairDesk Phone Pro, in addition to its myriad features, is also suited to such commercial repair setups.

Things to Know Before Signing Up (more good stuff 😀)

Subscribing anew or migrating from an existing phone/VoIP service is totally possible – and, in fact, quite easy – with RepairDesk Phone Pro.

You just need to make do with a 1-2 days service onboarding/switching timeframe. 

After that, you’re all set for:

  • Transferring your existing phone number and software customer database to RepairDesk Phone Pro
  • Taking customer calls (within 2-3 hours of onboarding courtesy of the Deployment Specialist)
  • Configuring your automated custom scripts

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The ‘Human’ in Repair is only Ignored to a Business’s Peril

In concluding this account on some of RepairDesk Phone Pro’s most notable features, I’d like to spend a minute commenting on how very important the ‘human subjective presence’ is to a repair business’s market fortunes/acceptability.

Mechanized solutions, like modern in-store marketing and other overtly ‘techy’ shop management recourses, come with a cognitive distancing. A kind of intimidating unfamiliarity that a lot of customers don’t resonate with.

So, the best option here is to prioritize spontaneous brand-customer interactions; using automated solutions only as a failsafe.

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