RepairDesk Phone Pro: Making Your Business Communication Effective

by Ali Gohar Khan
cell phone repair shop software

You get a call at your cell phone repair shop.

There’s a customer on the other end inquiring about his repair.

You ask for their ticket number to check the status on the repair. They tell you to hold on, go get their ticket and narrate it to you. You put the number in and search for the ticket. It doesn’t show up.

Oops! You didn’t key in the ticket number right. So, you ask for it again, this time repeating the ticket number before hitting enter and you can feel the customer losing their patience.

Finally! You have the status of the repair right in front of you. Phew! That went on for a while. The repair is in process and shall be done in another day, you inform. And that’s that.

But what if there was a way to provide better customer service, close more sales, and improve the efficiency of customer service operations simultaneously at your repair shop? A phone system that connected to your POS so you didn’t have to waste time, manually keying in the ticket number?

Well, we’ve got news for you!

You can now connect your RepairDesk POS with Phone Pro, a deeply integrated phone system that promises to solve communication issues with your customers.

Why Do You Need A Phone System

The thing is, in this digital era, customer expectations have skyrocketed – a mammoth increase of 54 percent from the last year. Customers look forward to a seamless experience irrespective of the channels used for communication.

According to a report by Microsoft, a whopping 72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service, they expect the agent to “know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insights into their previous engagements.”

This powerful stat should compel you to adopt an omnichannel strategy for communication with your customers. And get this, the best way forward is to integrate your phone system with your existing point of sales software.

Enter RepairDesk Phone Pro! 

It is a perfect phone-CRM combo to reward your customers with what they deserve; excellent customer service!

So, what are the reasons to integrate CRM software with a phone in the first place? And what makes RepairDesk Phone Pro the ideal business communication solution for your cell phone repair business?

Let’s address both the questions side-by-side!

Effective Communication – A Bridge Between Confusion & Clarity

You know that hassle when you have to manage two different phone numbers; one for calls and another one for messages, right?

That’s not going to stay for long!

  • With a single phone number for both calls and text messages, Phone Pro allows you to reduce this struggle and realize cost savings.
  • No need to search for tickets again. View the customer and their ticket information right inside the call notification.
  • Furthermore, with threaded conversations, you save time while answering queries by always having the chat history in view.
  • With RepairDesk Phone Pro, you can get a system-generated number for your cell phone repair shop.
  • RepairDesk Phone Pro port-in service allows you to continue to use your specific phone number by merely transferring to RepairDesk Phone Pro service on the back end. So you continue to receive calls on your desired number.
  • You can route calls through RepairDesk Phone Pro in a much simpler way than you can imagine. You can route your calls to a different number or extension if your number rings after business hours or is busy.

Tap the Efficiency With RD Phone Pro Features

Fact is; once you integrate your IP phone with your repair shop software, you’ll observe that your business is serving more customers in less time with better customer service.

Numerous researches confirm that companies with all-in-one integrated repair CRM increased their customer retention, annual revenue, and decreased cost-per-customer contact.

With RepairDesk Phone Pro, you are blessed with real-time calling data.

But how?

  • Instead of having your cell phone repair shop employees manually type in their notes and record information from every call, such as phone number or time, RD Phone Pro will take care of all the logging.
  • See ticket details and call alerts to serve your customers faster and better
  • You can also access customer information because it’s just one click away. This convenience saves your employees plenty of time; hence they can focus on other essential tasks.
  • There is always a chance of entering customer data incorrectly when done manually, resulting in a poor customer experience.
  • RD Phone Pro also allows you to handle two or more calls simultaneously.

Customer Experience Worth Re(calling)

As a customer, did you ever feel frustrated when asked to provide your information for the hundredth time to customer support?

Yes, we all despise that feeling!

That’s exactly how your customers feel when you’re looking for their data in your system by asking multiple questions regarding their order.

  • With RepairDesk Phone Pro, your customer won’t get this experience at all. Instead, your customer’s information is accessible and at the fingertips of all your employees so they can render a better customer experience.

This feature comes in handy, especially if your cell phone repair business has more than one store and where the customer often has to speak with someone unfamiliar.

  • Ultimately there is higher customer satisfaction when every employee has quick access to relevant information such as the repair status of their device along with previous client interaction.
  • Furthermore, RepairDesk Phone Pro displays the customer’s ticket information.
  • You can either create a new ticket or tell the progress of their existing ticket during the call.
  • Also, you can keep your customers in the loop with on-call quick messages and threaded conversations.
  • RepairDesk Phone Pro lets you set a custom greeting so you can create tailored phone experiences for each of your customers. If you are a multi-store repair business, you can customize IVR options to route your callers to the relevant resource

Wouldn’t that go a long way in building rapport with your customers?

It will!

Let Call Recordings be Your Music

Call recordings can be a powerful tool for your cell phone repair shop to avoid disputes and ensure compliance of your employees with company standards.

This is precisely the kind of feature that RD Phone Pro offers for your customer by default – Automatic call recording! This hallmark not only serves to measure the quality of service provided by your employees, but you can also attach the recorded files to the customer’s contact profile to review later.

To name some more benefits of the call recording feature:

  • Optimize your sales process 
  • Monitor performance of your sales team
  • Monitor customer service quality of customer support team
  • Determine which problem areas are negatively impacting your business
  • Deliver more personalized and relevant experiences
  • Listen to recordings to overcome potential disputes
  • Map your customer’s journey, preferences, and the steps they go through to reach you

It’s an impressive feature that empowers you to deliver better results.

Nourish Your Business with Data

They say, data is the most valuable asset in the world.

This assertion is somewhat true, considering what data can do for your business.

Once you integrate your phone system with RepairDesk, you now have access to more data than before. You can utilize this data intelligently to increase operational efficiency, and improve your company’s business decisions.

With RepairDesk Phone Pro, you can not just investigate your call log history but view the daily number of calls and their recordings.


Integrating your phone system into your CRM is a no-brainer! You boost your customer satisfaction and retention while saving costs simultaneously.

Level up your customer service, employee productivity, and conversion rates with an easy-to-use phone system, fully integrated with RepairDesk that unifies all your cell phone repair shop communication with customers in one place.

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