A Powerfully Integrated POS: How to Pick the Right One for Your Jewelry & Watch Repair Business?

by Fana Anwar

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know what a POS software is. And you probably also know just how vital having one can be for a repair shop. But with the numerous options available, it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for your store. Even at its most basic, a good POS software should help in processing sales securely and to efficiently administering daily tasks. While considering the best POS system for your jewelry and watch restoration store, you must decide which features are must-haves. But finding out why an aspect is essential for you can be tricky and time-consuming. But fret not! We have put together a list of indispensable characteristics for jewelry and watch repair shop POS software.

User-Friendliness of the POS Software

Restoring jewelry and watches is delicate work. It requires expertise and skill that takes years to hone. With hands made for intricate work, few technicians are inherently tech-savvy. So, you need a POS system that is easy to understand and easier still to use. Your system may have all the latest upgrades. But none of them mean a thing if your employees can’t get it to run properly.

Here’s how you can gauge how good a user experience your POS provides:

Tutorials to Use Your POS Properly

Choose a POS that comes equipped with quickly accessible tutorials. It helps in case your repairers ever need a reminder of how to initiate a process.

Customer Support for POS Understanding

Another huge part of this is a readily available and responsive customer support service. This would cover your understanding of all the facets that cannot be further simplified without losing their effectiveness.

Pay For Ease, Not Further Difficulty

The point of a POS software is to streamline the sales process. So, if it is difficult to navigate, it becomes more of a nuisance than an asset. Because it basically isn’t able to perform even to its basic capabilities. Hence why the first order of business while looking for the right POS system for restoration stores should be elimination based on the difficulty of use. Because you can’t afford a system that drags the process. Especially not when you are running a business with an average of 50 repairs a day!

Repair Tracking in POS Software

Repair tracking is extremely important in the restoration business. Most of the artifacts that a jewelry and watch repair store receive are priceless. Either because of their monetary worth or the sentimental value they carry for the customer. So, you don’t have the liberty to have the artifacts in indefinite custody. Not without a record to remind you it is in your possession. The risk is too high to be taken. With each ticket that you make, the repair is logged into the system. And you can easily view the list of repairs: from the ones that have been completed or are in progress, to the ones not yet started. The easy accessibility of repair tracking in POS software can allow you to determine what is outstanding. You can then organize your schedule accordingly to optimize the repair store’s efficiency.

Condition Checklist in Repair Tickets

Restoration stores usually deal with artifacts that can be categorized as priceless and family heirlooms. So, you can’t take the chance of incurring any liabilities with accusations of ruining more than you fixed. Each time you make a new repair ticket, you need to document the artifact’s condition. List down its state as it arrived at the store. A well-designed watch and jewelry restoration POS software would allow you to include a checklist covering all parts of the item with the ticket. So, you can keep the job limited to the part you were asked to fix.

You may even message to ask the client if they would like further repair in case you find another fault in the artifact. Better yet, you should look for a POS system that allows before and after checklists for repairs. This way, you can catalog what came broken and what was fixed with every ticket you close. This shields you from all liabilities within this department.

POS Integrations Go a Long Way

For technicians who are already not tech-savvy, the processes, such as payment processing, accounting, and SMS and Email notifications for clients, can be an ordeal riddled with headaches, possible errors, and time constraints. Shifting between applications and devices while being crushed under a mountain of notifications to check on multiple platforms can significantly hinder the workflow. This is why you need a POS system that not only has an integration-friendly software but actually boasts a host of powerful integrations for you to choose from. Integrations like Square, PayPal, Xero, QuickBooks, Text Local, and more are what a great POS for watch and jewelry repair store should offer you. So that you can pick the ones that fit you and your clients best. Make Your POS your one-stop platform for all your store’s functionalities and optimize the efficiency by a large margin.

If time is money, you’d be swimming in green soon with the right POS for your artifact repairs.

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