A Tailored Mail-in Repair Service Management Software for Every Industry!

by Asad Ahmed

Repair increases the useful life of gadgets, accessories, and tech devices that we own. Therefore, repair and maintenance will be a lifelong ongoing process as it saves money on new purchases and also has a positive impact on the environment. 

As long as products exist, mending, patching, servicing, and rebuilding what is broken and damaged will continue to exist. So will repair businesses across all industry verticals.

Traditionally, customers had to bring their products to a physical repair shop to get them fixed. But today is the age of online engagements where most customers are exploring more convenient and contactless ways of getting their needs fulfilled. In fact, according to a survey by Mckinsey, 67% of consumers said their online purchasing increased since the start of the pandemic. This is why businesses are offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers to get their products repaired – through mail-in repair service. Mail-in repair is simply accepting products for repair via mail. Customers who don’t want to visit the store physically can easily send their products in for repair via courier and receive repaired goods in a few days or weeks.

Businesses in every industry vertical must be able to efficiently manage their repair process.

If you’re a Repair business with a major focus on Mail-in Repair Services, or you would like to explore the option of Mail-in repair for your customers, try RepairDesk to automate your Mail-in Repair System. A mail-in repair management software can streamline processes, and provide a centralized system to manage customer information, repair requests, and communication.

There are many industries that can benefit from a Mail-in repair Suite:

Mail in Cell Phones Repair

Millions of people rely on cell phones for their day-to-day communication, entertainment, and work. To give you an idea – 85% of people in the USA use a smartphone today. Cell phones are essential for many people, and when they experience problems, customers need a quick and convenient solution to get them repaired.

By offering mail-in repair services, cell phone repair stores can reach a geographically wider audience and attract more customers than before. Cellphone repair businesses often deal with a high volume of repairs, especially mail-in iPhone repairs, which can be overwhelming without a system in place. With RepairDesk mail-in repair management software repair requests can be automatically received in the POS system. The technicians can get estimates approved and quickly move the device into repair and ship it back with little loss in time. These features can help cell phone repair businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better customer service.

Mail-in Computers Repairs

The computer industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are used by millions of people for work, education, and entertainment. Like any other gadget, computers experience a wide range of problems over time, from hardware failures to software issues. Repairing computers or laptops is a technical and at times, time-consuming process, that can put people in a fix.

By offering mail-in repair services, computer repair businesses can provide an accessible and convenient solution for customers. With RepairDesk’s mail-in repair suite, customers can use RepairDesk forms to generate repair requests, a customized workflow to track repairs, and Shipstation Integration for courier purposes. Having a digitized automated system ensures transparency and customer satisfaction, as the customer is kept informed every step of the way.

Mail-in Watch and Jewelry Repair

repair businesses need to be extra careful while offering their services. Some of the watch jewelry repair services that are consistently in demand include sizing, polishing, battery replacement, restoration, and modification services.

When dealing with Mail-in Watch repair and Mail-in Jewelry repair services, repair businesses can benefit from a digitized system that can label, track and monitor activity on each piece in the queue for repair. Repairdesk mail-in repair management software allows customers to submit repair requests online and attach photos with the request form. During repair, the shop can provide regular updates through the software including when the item is ready for shipment back to the customer.

Mail-in Accessories Repair

Many people own expensive accessories such as shoes, bags, jackets, furniture, sunglasses, and more that are often expensive and can last for many years, but are prone to wear and tear and, with time, require repairing and replacements. Repairing these luxury goods is a specialized service and for that, there are dedicated businesses for Mail-in Leather Bags Repair, Mail-in Shoe Repair, and Mail-in Sunglasses Repair.

Since these are specialized services, the expert repair shop may not be in your vicinity. Therefore for their luxury goods that often have a sentimental value attached to them, people prefer mail-in repair services. Repair shops in this space can use RepairDesk’s mail-in repair suite to receive these requests along with the product through a reliable shipping partner, Shipstation. Track repair status and send automatic notifications to your customers through RepairDesk in-built features.

Interested in setting up an automated Mail-in Repair workflow? Read all about it here.

Mail in Drones Repairs

Another rapidly growing industry becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike is the drone industry, which is part of the greater robotics industry. Drones are used for several purposes, such as taking aerial shots or for search and rescue operations, etc. However, like any technology, they also experience problems and require maintenance and repairs.

Repairing drones is a complex and technical process requiring specialized knowledge and equipment. Your shop can get more drone repair jobs using RepairDesk’s mail-in repair suite. With easy inventory management, low stock reporting and integrated parts ordering, drone repair businesses can deliver repair jobs timely and efficiently.

Mail in Power Tools and Small Electronics Repairs

Power tools, small electronics, and home appliances are used by a lot of people for their everyday errands. These include electric circular saws, jigsaws, drills, hammer drills, home vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, electric stoves, kettles, dishwashers, etc. Home appliances are heavily used at home and power tools are often rented out by home depots. Thus the rough usage of this equipment results in frequent need for maintenance and repair.

Power tools, small electronics, and home appliance repair businesses can benefit from mail-in repair management software. RepairDesk forms give the flexibility for a repair request to be submitted at any time. Digitizing the repair process, sending automatic notifications, and using secure shipping with online payments can provide a better experience for your customers and make your repair business their trusted service provider.

RepairDesk’s Mail-in Repair suite provides a unique solution to Repair Businesses so that they can offer customers a convenient and cost-effective way to get their products repaired. With the increasing reliance on products, companies in various industries, such as computers, drones, cell phones, and leather, can benefit from this service.

By using RepairDesk’s Forms, inventory management, customized workflow, real-time repair status updates widget, shipping integration, and online payment options, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better customer service. In the ever-changing technological landscape, RepairDesk Mail-in Repair Suite is a game-changer for businesses looking to offer an exceptional repair service to their customers.

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