How to easily migrate from RepairShopr to RepairDesk

by Asad Ahmed

Shifting to a new POS is an exhausting process. Are you someone who invested in RepairShopr, got used to the software, trained your employees on how to use it, and molded your workflow according to it but recently found out it’s not the right fit for your business?

And now, new challenges await you in case you want to switch, such as the risk of data loss and ambiguity regarding if the latest POS software you’re interested in would work, etc.

We totally get it; we’ve seen many repair store owners who’ve been there! And since we’ve handled this so many times before, we have developed a system that allows you to make that change seamlessly. Be it making sure your data is safely transported in our system or any support you need when starting out new with our software- we have got you covered.

Let’s look in detail at how we make the process of moving to RepairDesk an easy one for you.

Data migration

We know your data is important to you. It takes years of hard work to create a solid customer database, so making sure all the vital information remains secure, and there is minimal data loss is our first priority always.

Here’s what RepairDesk helps you import easily:

1-   Customer Data

All your essential customer data, such as customer names, email contacts, phone numbers, etc., are migratable to RepairDesk. We understand the customer data that you have worked tirelessly on maintaining is important to you, and therefore we ensure customer data is easily importable to our platform.  

2-   Invoices

We understand invoices are an extremely vital form of data you want to keep. It serves as a legally enforceable agreement between a business and its client and also helps companies to track their sales and manage their finances.

This is why we have ensured that when you switch from RepairShopr to our platform, you get to keep all past records of invoices.

3-    Repair Tickets

Your tickets from RepairShopr can easily be transferred to our platform; in fact, even the tickets in progress are transferable, so you don’t lose track of your business at any point in time. How cool is that?

4-    Notes

Along with repair tickets, you also get to import essential notes, which means you don’t lose track of what was required once the migration is all done.

5-    Inventory record

An inventory log helps you determine the number of goods or stocks you have. It’s essential to have this information as it helps with future planning, budgeting, and stock forecasting and enables you to know when to order new stock. Due to this reason, we have made sure your inventory log is easily copied from RepairShopr to our software.

Now that we have determined how easy it is to migrate different data types to RepairDesk, let’s talk about how simply your data can be migrated to our POS.

Migration with customized onboarding

Your data can be easily migrated just through an excel file import. Data such as customer names, emails, and phone numbers can all be easily imported, and along the way, if you ever get stuck, our CSM is always there to help you out.

And not just this, once you have decided to onboard, our representatives provide software training to both owners and team members, and that too according to your time schedule. This lets you get used to our software in your free time without impacting your critical business hours.

Hardware Setup

Here at RepairDesk, it’s all about how we can make the transition most comfortable for you and ensure that we make the process worthwhile every step of the way.

This is why our dedicated team of professionals is always there to help you set up existing hardware and provide recommendations for new hardware over call. It’s worth mentioning that RepairDesk has no specific hardware requirements as it’s compatible with most hardware.

Still interested in knowing the recommended hardware? Read our blog to find out!


Are you used to creating ledgers and maintaining accounts using QuickBooks online or Xero Accounting? Do you have an e-commerce store on Shopify or woocommerce? No worries, RepairDesk has all these and tons of more integrations- ranging from payments, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, widgets, and so much more! We understand that in today’s world, integrations are essential as your business needs services from different service providers to be able to operate and provide value to customers. Hence, we constantly try to onboard all sorts of integrations relevant to our clients.

To conclude, we understand that migrating from one POS to another is daunting and frustrating. We understand the risks and common problems you might face and have tried to provide a problem-free, straightforward solution so you don’t stress out, your data is migrated securely, and you have all the assistance you need when trying to switch.   

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