How Nano Repairs is winning more customers with RepairDesk Digital Marketing Services

by RepairDesk

The number one method to get people to come to your store is through search engine optimization and online ads. It’s just how the industry works. You may know a bit about both but being technically limited and short staffed on this front, you’re not exactly sure what to do about it.

Nano Repairs LLC was in a similar situation three months ago.

Jase Iker tried using Digital Marketing Services For Repair Shops from a highly recommended freelancer and also worked with a popular advertisement agency in the repair space. After being disappointed with both, RepairDesk Digital Services finally won his heart and his business.

You want to know how, let’s get started.


Across six locations in Newcastle, Oklahoma, Nano Repairs offers the most comprehensive electronic device repair services in the area.

NanoRepairs has a range of repair services that consists of computer repairs, cell phone repairs, tablets repairs, game console repairs, smart watch repairs, or any other electronic device. At their repair stores, damaged device can be fixed to look and function just like a brand-new one with their speedy and affordable services. Whether it is screen replacement, battery repair, data recovery, charging port repair, system upgrade, or any other repair service, Nano Repairs has it covered. They take absolute pride in providing the highest quality service at a fair price to ensure their customers are content.

With the vision to become the number one solution provider in the cell phone repair service industry, Nano Repairs’ quick repair services by professionally trained technicians are what makes them stand out from the competition. 


The post-pandemic world has brought a shift in the way people search for solution providers and how they spend their money. Customers needed solid proof of your service quality, substantiated by a supportive online presence. In fact, your online ads and your business’s search engine ranking have become one of the primary reasons why people pick your repair store. Put simply, how you appear on the interwebs is the reason you get the footfall.

Nano Repairs realized this. 

However, mainly being tech and business operations experts, Jase and his team did not have the skill set for digital marketing. They needed a professional marketing agency for website design and development and optimization of their digital business presence through Website SEO Services. They also needed help in running Google and Facebook Ads for retargeting their services to interested potential customers> Lastly, they were looking for a team to handle Social Media Marketing to enhance the customer engagement experience across all locations and touch points. The tools of Digital branding and marketing needed to be employed to attract the right audience – a highly specialised requirement that can be complimented by market knowledge, only if you’re lucky enough to find a specialist.

Not having the professional training for it, they first went for a freelancer. It did not work out for them. 

They were not looking for cheap fixes. They were looking for a working solution with a quality that translated into tangible results. So next they went for a popular marketing agency in the repair space. After weeks and weeks of time and money investment, things looked bleak even two months later.

Unfortunately, the situation did not change as both – the low-cost freelancer and the expensive digital marketing agency – did not respond to their needs.

Iker shared:

“We were with RepairLift and we couldn’t get our ads running even in two months’ time, even though we had paid $1200 only for the Google and FB ads.” 


Nano Repairs understood that to make it a winning deal for their business, they had to bring in a professional marketing partner who’d help them grow their local business through digital presence while they could focus on the technical and operations side of the business.

Having loved RepairDesk repair shop software, Payments and PhonePro solutions for years, they decided to put their faith in RepairDesk Digital – a one-stop digital marketing service personalized for your business in the repair industry.

With RepairDesk, their Pay Per Clicks ads were running within the first week.

Super satisfied, Iker couldn’t help but point out the value for money Nano Repairs got in their deal with RepairDesk Digital. With RDD services, he was impressed with the responsiveness to iteration requests and the speed of delivery, which resulted in a great website at an amazing price point. The website was designed keeping the repair industry in mind, the content optimized to search engines guidelines and revisions on both design and content catered to promptly as per Nano Repair’s requirements.

However, the best part was having a dedicated account manager, who could help Iker and his team understand the technicalities of digital marketing, making the onboarding and execution so much more collaborative and goal-oriented. The account manager helped with establishing clear and responsive communication. Regular updates and reports on progress were shared. Realignment of strategy and goals helped the teams to track collaborative performance.


While it’s only been a little over 12 weeks since the RepairDesk Digital team took over, results have already begun to show for Nano Repairs:

  • ✅ Nano Repairs website is live and kicking, built by RepairDesk premium Repair Shop Website Development Services at an unbelievable speed, for an incredible price. 
  • ✅ Nano Repairs ads are running at all online channels, and have done really well bringing a noticeable uptick in customer phone calls and website form submissions.
  • ✅ Nano Repairs website is ranking at the top in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), in all the three primary target markets. Thanks to an amazing Off-page and On-Page website SEO.
  • ✅ To help keep a track of the ROI, all the digitally acquired leads are getting streamlined using Zapier and Google Docs. This helps keep track of the user’s journeys from various touch points, and the centralization also increases the operational efficiency.

The best thing is that Iker has reasons to believe that this is just the beginning. Sharing his views on how it has been for Nano Repairs to work with RepairDesk Digital, Iker says: 

“I can say that the RDD (RepairDesk Digital) team listened to our needs to understand what we needed to accomplish and designed their service around that. Based on our trajectory, we will have great results!”

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