How to Seamlessly Switch from Lightspeed to RepairDesk

by Ammad Mubashir
How to Seamlessly Switch from Lightspeed to RepairDesk

If you’re a repair business and have been using Lightspeed for a while, chances are that it has started to feel generic or just not what you really want. On top of that, you are not getting consistent customer support, and your enterprise-level operations are not being streamlined. 

We totally understand. While Lightspeed has got you covered with process optimization and helped you automate operations, the journey has been tedious.

You’re hesitant to make the shift because of all the ticketing, invoices, and customer data that is hosted in your Lightspeed account, as well as the time and training required to get your employees onboarded again. It’s quite normal for service businesses to switch POS software in order to find the right solution that helps them grow. 

RepairDesk makes the process seamless and is here to take you much further.

Switching from Lightspeed to RepairDesk will not require any extra effort. For instance, you might be asking:

  • How do I set up RepairDesk POS?
  • Will I be able to import my customer information?
  • How will I manage inventory with RepairDesk?
  • Will I be able to get the right payment integrations?
  • Will I have to provide additional training to my repair shop employees?

We’re here to ensure that your transition to RepairDesk is frictionless and get everything you need right from the start. One of the perks of cloud-based POS software for repair shops is that it can automatically access data from remote servers, meaning you don’t have to worry about that part.

Here, we break down the different areas you might need help with:

Sign up and Run RepairDesk

Setting up RepairDesk on your business system is super easy. Once you show your interest, our Product specialist will reach out to you and set up a discovery call to find out your pain points and customize the trial account to serve your specific workflow needs. We will walk you through the different features and give you access credentials so you can freely try out the powerful functionality and usability suite of RepairDesk.

During your free trial, you can access functionalities like ticketing, invoicing, and inventory management to begin streamlining your repair shop operations. 

Once you sign-up with RepairDesk, a dedicated trainer and customer success manager is assigned to you. Their job is to provide you with end-to-end onboarding and enablement experience and answer any questions that you may have.

Get Assistance in Data Migration

This is the biggest hesitation when repair shop owners are thinking of switching the POS system. The good news is that our experienced product enablers have worked with many businesses that have made the Lightspeed to RepairDesk move, making the process structured and flawless for you.

Whether you are a single store, an enterprise, or have multiple franchises, RepairDesk is the solution to improve overall efficiency. Although importing your data is as easy as sending over an Excel file, our dedicated CSM can assist you also. RepairDesk is able to import your customer data (name, email, phone number), sales records, repair tickets with notes, and inventory catalog. 

Depending on the volume of data, we can set it all up for you in less than 72 hours per store. This means that you can easily resume work from where you left it.

Customize RepairDesk for Your Repair Shop

Not only is RepairDesk designed specifically for the operations and requirements of repair shops, but also caters to the individual needs of customers. We offer a highly flexible solution that puts you in the driver’s seat.

No matter which or how many industry verticals you serve, you can use RepairDesk to set up a workflow that is best for your shop. You can manage stock levels, align ticketing and invoicing, integrate payment methods, and keep track of orders all in one place. Monitor the finances of your repair business while ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the service. Our invoicing and billing software allows you to send invoices directly to your customers, without having to print them individually. Plus keep your customers updated with sms and an integrated messaging platform.

RepairDesk provides hundreds of integrations, hardware enablement support and multilingual versions for both repair and retail.

Manage Inventory 

By now you have probably started loving RepairDesk’s intuitive modern interface and management dashboard that displays all the information you need in one place.

You can stop worrying about stock-outs and take full control of your inventory. RepairDesk assists you with the ordering of spare parts and keeping stock levels steady at all times.

RepairDesk notifies you whenever a spare part reaches its reorder point, so you do not have to keep a customer waiting. As a result, you can prevent inventory leakage and issues like administrative errors and vendor fraud.

You can also utilize our bulk scan feature to verify whether your actual stock level is aligned with the number shown by the system.

Get Personalized Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, you might have a lot of questions about switching to RepairDesk. 

And we encourage you to ask away.

One of the decisive factors for customers switching from Lightspeed to RepairDesk is customer support. Not only do we offer round the clock support through phone, Whatsapp, web chat, and email, but are ready to go above and beyond to resolve your queries.

RepairDesk’s customer support and success is available 24/6 and responds to your requests within 30 seconds. 

Instant support will come in handy especially at the start of your RepairDesk journey, as you can get dedicated support while you get a hands-on experience of RepairDesk.

Get Help with Staff Training

Running your repair business successfully requires you to keep your staff motivated and updated with the latest market trends. More importantly, they need to be trained on how to fully benefit from the POS software they are using.

Skipping staff training often leads to problems like delays and miscommunication among employees, which ultimately results in delayed repairs – something you really need to avoid.

RepairDesk offers a dedicated customer support and success specialist to assist your employees with product demos and walkthroughs. Once your employees are comfortable using the system, your business as a whole can extract the maximum benefits of RepairDesk.

RepairDesk enables growth in an ecosystem that is constantly evolving. We will make the transition from Lightspeed and other generic POS software extremely seamless for you. Let’s get you started!

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