RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart – Picking the Right POS for your Repair Shop

by Talha Afzaal
RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart

Running a repair shop is not a piece of cake!. There are a number of processes and things that a business owner manages. This includes keeping track of inventory and cash flow, managing employees, handling customers in the right way, and much more.

Thus, one looks for the right POS software that can help them organize everything and run operations smoothly. But the question is, among the best available software in the market, how would you know which one to opt for?

In this post, we will let you know about the RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart POS comparison for the success of your business. Also, you will learn the differences in the features and offerings from both point of sale systems. Let us begin.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is perhaps the most crucial aspect of a repair business. And that’s one of the reasons why a repair shop owner looks for reliable software to keep track of inventory.

RepairDesk offers robust inventory management features. This includes ordering special parts, barcode scanning, inventory transfers from one store to another, and low stock reports so that you can timely order parts. This way, you never miss any sales opportunities due to the lack of repair products. 

In comparison, Cell Smart focuses more on managing used items so you can resell easily. It also allows you to add or capture the image of the customer from whom you bought the used item. Moreover,  Cell Smart POS has the option to automatically generate stock orders when a product drops below the preset level. 

Consequently, this can help a business owner to track the clients in case of an issue afterward.

Inventory management feature comparison of RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart


For a repair business owner, it is vital to employ services from different providers. For that reason, a number of POS software offer support for integrated applications.

As far as the matter is concerned, RepairDesk provides a wide range of integration options. This includes SMS, vendor, eCommerce, payments, VOIP, marketing, accounting, and shipping. This way, by having cellphone parts provider integrations in your POS software, you don’t lose any chances to engage with other services, offering the best customer service.

On the other hand, Cell Smart does not offer many options for integrations. Although it offers payment gateways and QuickBooks integrations, the third-party services are limited. Similarly, it does not offer any option for e-commerce platforms either.

Employee Management feature comparison of RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart POS

Employees are no less than an asset for a business owner. Having the right, skilled technicians and staff members who are efficient in repairing tech devices can prove to be highly fruitful for your shop.

But there are times when you are not available at your shop but want to track the performance of your employees at the same time. And when you rely on conventional methods for marking their attendance and output, some of them may doge you.

In this regard, RepairDesk employee management software can really help you organize your staff members. You can track their check-in & check-out time from any location, using any device, to ensure they get paid for what they deserve.

Along with that, you can set employee sales targets, see their performance, and assign a task from one technician to another, depending upon the availability of the time to do the repair job. So it will be easier for you to determine which employees need more training.  

Take a look at our blog on how to build an efficient team for your repair stores to get more insights.

In the same way, Cell Smart offers a number of features to manage your employees. Its commission module sets tiers and has a payout feature, which helps the employees collect commissions. The repair shop owner can process incentives and commissions for their employees (if any). Additionally, employee performance features allow you to track the output of your team members and other users’ performances as well.

Billing and Invoicing

In the world of repairs, no one can deny the importance of timely payment. And this is where repair shop software comes into play. RepairDesk billing & invoicing system allows you to receive payments without much hecticness. You can create invoices within seconds. Also, by using recurring billing, you can save time and automate repeat payments.

You can also take partial payments on repairs to ensure that you never miss any chances of converting a visitor into a client. RepairDesk also allows your customers to pay using third-party billing that works for them.

Cell Smart, on the other hand, offers several features to make payments easier at your shop. You can create professional-looking receipts with a customer’s contact number to encourage customer retention for long-term business growth.

In addition, it lets you receive payments through ePay, QPay, or VidaPay integration, whatever suits them.

Billing & Invoicing feature comparison of RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart


Marketing is something that plays a crucial role in making or breaking your repair shop. Without effective marketing, you will struggle to make an impact on your customers and expand your repair services. Luckily, with the RepairDesk marketing automation tool,  you can update your customers with what services you offer and the accessories you sell at your lab.

Using its email and SMS marketing campaigns, you can ensure repeat business, boosting sales and customer retention. You can also create offer campaigns for clients and send repair status updates automatically through email. Above all, the marketing automation tool helps your repair shop to collect reviews on multiple sites.

In comparison, Cell Smart does not offer a huge range of marketing features but helps you send reminders to your customers for their due payments and send discount coupon campaigns to get repeat business.

Customer Support 

Having robust customer support is vital. It is paramount in ensuring a seamless experience for your users who rely on your software solution. RepairDesk’s prompt and effective customer support team is available 24/6 to get back to their customers. 

Its promise to address issues and complaints within a few seconds provides repair shop owners with peace of mind that if they ever encounter any issue, or need information regarding anything, they don’t have to wait for too long. 

Contrary to this, Cell Smart does not have robust customer support yet. Moreover, repair business owners can find RepairDesk on the largest social media channels, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube, to get better insights and view tutorials, and new launches. 

Final Words

Above, we have discussed the RepairDesk vs. Cell Smart POS comparison for your repair shop. Both types of POS software are good and can prove to be extremely helpful for a repair business in their own way. It all depends on your use and requirements. While RepairDesk focuses more on repair shops and refurbishment models, Cell Smart targets repair and wholesale retailers.

However, RepairDesk offers a number of customization options for your ease. Along with that, its interface is easy to use, does not have any significant glitches, and its commitment to 24/6 customer support makes it the best pick for a repair business.

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