How Small Engine Repairs can Drive Business Growth

by Asad Ahmed
Small Engine Reapir

Repairing is a tricky but versatile business.

Machines, Gadgets, Personal Items, and Devices are bought, maintained, broken, and repaired.

Its a never-ending cycle, one that any repair maestro can benefit from.

If you’re a repair business looking for ways to increase your revenue stream, a great option is to diversify your repair portfolio. There is no better way than to start small and go big.

So, today we talk about a revenue stream that often goes unnoticed but has a lot of potential- small engine repairs.

Small Engines, Big Potential!

Don’t get put off by the name. While other repairs you offer are mostly focused on catering to just one industry, small engines are actually used in various industries, allowing you to tap into new markets and open your doors to a pool of new customers.

Small engines include machines that produce less than 25 horsepower. This means that it includes power lawnmowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, edgers, snowblowers, chainsaws, pumps, generators, air compressors, and other useful home tools. Other fun machines can also be categorized as small engines including outboard boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, ultralight aircraft, and other some high-tech toys.

Some industries that commonly use small engines are:

1. Landscaping and Lawn care

Lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and other tools used by professionals in the landscaping business to maintain lawns and gardens.

2. Agriculture and Farming

Farm machinery such tractors, tillers, irrigation pumps, sprayers, and generators.

3. Construction and contracting

Tools including power saws, drills, air compressors, compactors, and concrete mixers.

4. Marine & Boating

A variety of watercraft, such as boats, jet skis, and small marine vessels.

The above-mentioned industries and products clearly show the potential for small engine repairs. In fact, the global small engine repair industry was valued at US $6.9 billion in 2022.

By tapping new industries, you are basically able to cater to a large number of customers than before.

Gain a one-stop Repair Shop Competitive Advantage

It’s likely that most repair businesses in your area would be focusing on a particular industry. Hence, this is your chance to diversify your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage over them. Since small engines are used in home appliances such as lawnmowers etc., you can fix more than one appliance for the same customer becoming a one-stop repair shop for them. This helps you increase your average repair order and gain an edge over your competition.

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Offer Maintenance and Service Contracts

Like any other machinery, appliances and tools that use small engines tend to require service and maintenance.

Many customers value the convenience and peace of mind that a service contract provides because they know that their equipment will be routinely inspected, maintained, and repaired. This, in return, can provide you the opportunity to attain an additional regular stream of income and build long-term relationships with customers.

Increase Customers through Word of Mouth!

By providing regular maintenance and service contracts, you get the opportunity to build a reputation.

If customers who avail these services are satisfied with you, there is a good chance they will refer your Repair Business to other people. Referrals have a higher conversion rate and can help further spread the good word about your business. Chances are that you become a preferred choice for all businesses in the neighborhood. You can get excellent reviews on yellow pages, listing websites and Google My Business list.

If you want to expand more, you can even venture into Mail-in repair services and provide your repair services across state borders. RepairDesk Mail-in Repair Service Management Suite can help you get online orders, set up a ticketing system and track work orders progress while keeping your customers informed in real-time. This, again, can help you land more customers and increase revenue.

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Small Engines and Upselling Opportunities

Everyone likes an upgrade.

If my lawnmower can perform better than before, I’d be interested in hearing how that can happen. Similarly, If I am shown a safety gear that can prove to be a life savior in case I meet an accident while sawing, I’d at least have a look at the price. The same is the case with customers who walk into your store for any repair. By identifying what customers are looking for, you can procure and offer accessories and part upgrades to customers by communicating what advantages they provide and how they can benefit from them.

Some examples of upselling can include:

  • Extended warranty: Customers can purchase extended warranty or maintenance packages for their small engines.
  • Workshops and Guides: Customers can be upsold in-person workshops, online courses, or manuals that can improve their understanding of their engines and enable them to handle simple maintenance tasks on their own.
  • Upsell higher-powered engines: When consumers are looking to buy a tiny engine, you might suggest a model with greater power that provides improved performance and capabilities. Highlight the advantages the customer would experience by choosing the more expensive engine, such as increased horsepower, fuel efficiency, or extra amenities.

Upselling can help you gain customers’ trust as they see you showing interest in making their work life better than before for them and also helps you increase average repair orders (ARO) and gain additional revenue. Win-win!  

Let’s Get Started!

Finally, adding small engine repairs to your portfolio can considerably boost revenue streams and promote business expansion. You may increase your consumer base and meet more demands by focusing on other industries like landscaping, agriculture, and construction.

By offering consumers a one-stop shop, expanding your repair services to encompass small engines gives you a competitive edge. They can trust you to fix not just one appliance but several things powered by little engines, which will increase their comfort and delight.

Small engine maintenance and repair contracts offer a consistent income stream and foster long-lasting client connections. Customers like the assurance that comes with frequent checks, upkeep, and quick repairs when necessary. You have the chance to create favorable word-of-mouth referrals by delivering first-rate customer service and exceeding expectations. Customers happy with your services are more inclined to tell others about them, increasing your customer base and revenue.

You may provide consumers with more value and advantages by taking advantage of upselling chances in small engine maintenance. You can improve the performance and functionality of their equipment by upselling, whether it be through workshops, extended warranties, or upgrades to higher-powered engines. This also raises the average number of repairs required and generates more income.

Aside from broadening your range of services, including small engine repairs in your portfolio also enables you to enter new markets, offer thorough customer solutions, and establish your reputation as a dependable and trustworthy service provider. Accept the potential of modest engine repairs to open up new revenue opportunities for your business.

To manage and grow your Small Engine Repair Shop, to track and deliver the inflow of orders, and to upsell all safety accessories and complimentary products, incorporate a Modern POS and Repair Shop Management Software in your business operations. Save time and serve your customers better.

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