Why Pre-Repair Device Condition Tests are Important for your Cellphone Repair Business?

by RepairDesk
Pre-Repair Device Condition

Repairing a smartphone, MacBook, iPad or any electronic device involves high risks of slipups and can result in legal actions against your technician or cellphone repair shop if anything goes wrong. Taking your customer’s most valuable and personal possession demands a high degree of confirmation and approval before fixing it up.

Let’s first discuss what is actually a pre-repair device condition test and how can you make a checklist?

It is the process of performing a detailed diagnostic examination prior to repair of any device that will find all the issues that must be addressed during the repair process. When everything is analyzed in detail, make a list of the points/components/areas that need to be settled and share a checklist of all the known issues with your client.

Doing a pre-scan prior to repairs lets the technician know which components need to be repaired or replaced based on the customer’s requirements and what were the pre-existing issues that are not mentioned by the customer. Whereas, the post-scan ensures that all damaged parts have been addressed. Doing these two scans not only benefits your customer but also aids your staff members during the claim process. Moving forward, let us tell you why it is important to keep a checklist of pre-repair device condition;

Chance for Upsell

Many retail locations use only two customer touchpoints as an upsell opportunity. Normally, these points are when the customer comes in to drop off their device and then when they return to pick it up. However, observed scenarios exposed that the most successful sales happen if the salesman asks the customer about pre-repair condition of their cellphone. If they run a pre-repair test at the moment, a proper diagnostic report will display every damaged part or issues within the device. In this way, you can offer your customer a better solution or any promotional pack for their device repair.

No Delayed Commitments

When the customer makes contact, he doesn’t want a quote. He wants a commitment.

– Ron Kaufman 

It would be safe to say that keeping promises to customers should underlie everything that a company does and is at the core of customer service excellence. Performing a pre-repair device condition test will save you from bad words. When you diagnose all the device problems on-hand and your tech-staff knows the exact repair time required to fix the broken phone, you’ll be able to make strong and proper commitments with your clients.

Incorporating pre-repair scans into the repair process means that shops can accurately determine which parts need to be used in the repair and hence can deliver the repaired product on time.

Accuracy in Repairs

By determining any pre-existing issues at the beginning, the overall accuracy of repairs is improved and cycle times can be greatly reduced. Performing a pre-diagnostic service will locate and trace all damaged parts before repairs begin. Costly mistakes such as repairing a device incompletely can be avoided.

For your convenience, RepairDesk lets you create a pre-repair device condition checklist, whenever you create a ticket or an invoice. It asks you to intake customer signatures via dedicated Customer facing display to keep a record.

Gives a Chance to Communicate with Customers

The way you talk to customers has a big impression on your brand and nothing delivers customer satisfaction more than a delightful communication. While maintaining a detailed checklist against the customer’s device, you’ve got a good chance to have a healthy conversation with your client. Ask him about his device’s previous repairs, what charges or cost did he pay to fix that issue. You can talk about his device model and from where does he usually buy phones.

You’ve got a golden opportunity to get details about your competitors in the market and try to deliver the excellent customer experience in that little time.

Helps in Keeping Record

Inspection and pre-repair device condition checklists are all about accountability. Passing devices from the pre-repair tests will show a detailed checklist that can be used for comparing the device state before and after the repair. Other than just writing a checklist, you can upload the damaged device’s images into your system and can share them later on, to increase your brand reputation. Keeping the pre-repair photos of the identified issues will also help your technician in the future if any other customer comes up with a similar repair.

Serves in Avoiding Lawsuits

Proper documentation against every pre-repair test prepares you to defend your performance if any customer blames you for the bad fix. A comprehensive checklist can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. As a handy reference for employees at the repair store, it can serve as a reference if you have any disagreement or dispute with the repair.

In the end, we would like to thank Shane Moreland from AVie Pros for sharing his experience and challenges, that helped us out in identifying the real industry problems. So, cutting out short, the pre-repair device condition tests can remove unnecessary delays, improve cycle time and save dollars on legal actions. Try out RepairDesk to make every day’s repair shop operation quicker and easier. Mark the pre-repair device condition checklist in seconds and record customer’s signatures instantly.

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