RepairDesk iPad POS Register’s Offline Version – Now Available in BETA!

by RepairDesk
iPad POS Register’s Offline Version

Today it is easier than ever to get access to the Internet through mobile data or Wi-Fi, so you might think applications must be built upon the principle of network connectivity. However, in the situations when the servers are down or if your connection is lost in the middle of the checkout process, you are left wondering whether you’ll have to fill out the entire form again! To save you from the frustration, we’ve worked on our iPad POS Register’s Offline Version and have just launched its Beta version.

Your business is reliable—even if your internet connection isn’t! 

What is an offline version exactly? 

What this essentially means is that it gives a better experience to people using our iPad POS Register, even if they are not connected to the internet. This offline mode works in situations when the internet is not available. This special functionality keeps company able to record stable payments without interruption. The data can easily be captured, and then the system synchronizes itself when it is back online.

If your repair shop POS software only works online, an unreliable internet connection can cause unnecessary holdups. If the system doesn’t save the data needed at a certain step, it can mess up the entire workflow until the internet comes back.

Here’s what you can do with the RepairDesk iPad POS Register’s Offline Version;

  • Access 30 last created repair tickets and invoices.
  • Create unlimited repair tickets, invoices, and customers.
  • Edit repair orders and invoices as required.
  • Search from the list of tickets, invoices and customers anytime.
  • Receive payments via cash.
  • Let customers digitally sign off their work orders.
  • Auto-sync of inventory items when consumed.
  • Update the product’s price, quantity, discount offered, and tax.
  • Scan inventory items via barcode scanner.
  • Use printers to print thermal receipts, invoices, repair tickets, and inventory labels.
  • Offer seamless checkout experience without any delay.
  • Sync useful data between your web app and iPad POS Register app without any loss.

Repair store owners from all over the world can start using the offline version from Feb 15th, 2020. Allowing your team to work with RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register offline version ensures better UX, a leg up on the competition, no loss of data records, and greater customer loyalty.

Download RepairDesk’s iPad app now!

RepairDesk is bringing a lot more features for repair shop owners that will continue to increase productivity and reduce all the hassle you face every day, and the best way to see it all is by signing up for a trial account. If you’ve already created an account and want to try RepairDesk out again, you can click here to restart your trial.

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