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iPad Offline Mode

Innovating on its existing software to provide convenience to customers is what RepairDesk is good at. We’ve recently been working on some great new additions to our repair shop POS software that will help repair store owners immensely, and we’re proud to announce another game-changing feature being added to one of our existing products. Our iPad POS Register app has recently been updated with a new Offline Mode!

Previously in beta testing, the iPad POS Offline Mode is now available to all RepairDesk users. This new addition is a much-requested offline feature to our iPad POS app, allowing users to process customers and issue tickets without the use of an internet connection.

What does iPad POS Offline Mode do?

In its simplest terms, the new iPad POS Offline Mode allows you to create tickets and collect payment using the iPad POS Register app without the use of an internet connection. The POS feature will allow you to process customers by manually turning off internet connectivity in times when you aren’t able to get a stable connection. This makes it a great feature for field service repairs, where technicians usually have to visit their customers and perform repairs on-site.

The iPad POS Offline Mode keeps the essentials running for you, allowing you to create tickets and record payments through your iPad. All records are kept natively on the device when in offline mode, and when you turn it off, it synchronizes all data with your RepairDesk account immediately. With this workflow, your tickets and invoices are always up to date on your system, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For a deep list of features that RepairDesk users can find in the offline mode, we’ve got one right below.

  • Access 30 last created repair tickets and invoices.
  • Create unlimited repair tickets, invoices, and customers.
  • Edit repair orders (whose invoices are not created at the moment)
  • Edit unpaid or partially paid invoices.
  • Search from the list of tickets, invoices, and customers anytime.
  • Receive payments via cash.
  • Let customers digitally sign off their work orders.
  • Auto-sync of inventory items when consumed.
  • Update the product’s price, quantity, discount offered, and tax.
  • Scan inventory items via a barcode scanner.
  • Use printers to print thermal receipts, invoices, repair tickets, and inventory labels.
  • Offer seamless checkout experience without any delay.
  • Sync useful data between your web app and iPad POS Register app without any loss.

Here’s how to use RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register App in the Offline Mode.

Create repair tickets and invoices

As mentioned earlier, the new offline mode is capable of producing repair tickets and invoices. Using the offline mode, technicians and other users can create repair tickets as usual, and collect payments for invoices. There isn’t a limit to how many tickets you can create in offline mode, however, you’ll be able to view the last 30 tickets and invoices created by the system once you go into offline mode. Also, payments will need to be collected in cash only, since any payment integrations would require an internet connection.

Search and edit repair orders and invoices as required

Just as you can create repair tickets and invoices, you can also edit them while in offline mode. Search for a ticket or invoice using the POS software, open it up and edit the information as you need. When you’re done, your local storage disk will have the ticket saved. It will be uploaded to the cloud as soon as a stable internet connection is found. This makes it a lot easier to manage your ticketing and invoicing while you’re on the go.

Collect signatures from customers on their work orders

When creating a new ticket or completing a repair job, you can collect the signatures of your customers just as you would have if the iPad was online. Taking signatures is an important part of the repair process since getting authorization from your customers for the repairs and your terms and conditions helps a lot. The signatures are applied to the tickets directly and are also automatically synced with your account when you go back online.

Update prices and taxes in offline mode

You can also manually update a product’s price, quantity, the discount offered on it, and the applicable tax while in offline mode. All changes made will show on the invoice created and the app will automatically update your account once you’re online again. This makes it easier to process orders out in the field without relying on a computer system or an internet connection to change your pricing. Simple and easy!

Print thermal receipts, invoices, repair tickets and inventory labels

We know you’d like to give your customers a complete checkout experience, whether they’re in your store or at home. Now, you can print their thermal receipts, invoices and repair tickets easily even when you’re offline on your iPad. Simply connect to a compatible printer from your device and send the command. You should be able to print what you need for your customer and make a great sale. You can also schedule prints for inventory labels to stick to your inventory items. It is a great way of keeping track of your stock while you’re on the move. Learn more on how you can manage your inventory better with our recommended practices.

Offer a seamless checkout experience in the iPad POS offline mode

The best part about the offline mode is that your customers won’t have to wait to resolve connectivity issues. Whether you’re online or not, your repair shop POS will keep on running as usual. This not only makes it feasible to run in the shop but outside it as well. Send your technician to a customer’s location, and give them the same seamless checkout experience that you would if they had visited your store. The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app is easy to use and intuitive.

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The new Offline Mode for the iPad POS Register app is a great new addition to the RepairDesk software suite. It gives you all the great features of your iPad’s POS with very few compromises. Also, it helps you deliver the same great checkout experience to your customers regardless of your internet connection. The iPad POS Offline Mode is available for all RepairDesk customers. If you’ve got an iPad running in your store, we highly recommend you give it a try.

Also, if you haven’t checked RepairDesk out already, give us a shot and sign up for a free 14-day trial, or if you’d like to check us out again, consider restarting your trial today.

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