iPad Release v5.0: Close Sales Now with the Offline Mode!

by RepairDesk
iPad Release Notes v5.0 OFFLINE MODE

Team RepairDesk is always working to make the in-app experience better for their customers. With a list of improvements, our iPad POS Register app has recently been updated with a new Offline Mode!

Offline Mode

With this new addition to our iPad POS app, our users will be able to process customers and issue tickets without the use of an internet connection.

What You Can Do:

  • Access 30 last created repair tickets and invoices.
  • Create unlimited repair tickets, invoices, and customers.
  • Edit repair orders (whose invoices are not created at the moment)
  • Edit unpaid or partially paid invoices.
  • Search from the list of tickets, invoices, and customers anytime.
  • Receive payments via cash.
  • Let customers digitally sign off their work orders.
  • Auto-sync of inventory items when consumed.
  • Update the product’s price, quantity, discount offered, and tax.
  • Scan inventory items via a barcode scanner.
  • Use printers to print thermal receipts, invoices, repair tickets, and inventory labels.
  • Offer seamless checkout experience without any delay.
  • Sync useful data between your web app and iPad POS Register app without any loss.

Here’s how to use RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register App in the Offline Mode.

Enterprise Version 

Syncing the web app with our iPad POS Register app, we’ve implemented the Enterprise Version modules in the iPad app too. Here’s how you can use our iPad app to offer Loyalty, Gift Cards, and Store Credits.


If you have upgraded your plan to the Enterprise Version, you can start a custom Loyalty Program at your repair store. It will allow your customers to earn and redeem loyalty points on invoices created via the iPad POS Register app. Here’s How to Offer Loyalty through iPad App. Learn more about How to Use RepairDesk Loyalty Program.

Gift Cards

RepairDesk now offers you the ability to sell Gift Cards via the iPad app. Use our app to let your customers redeem and refund their Gift Cards. With this Gift Card module, you can retain your existing customers by securing the future purchases. Learn more on How RepairDesk’s Gift Card Module Works, and How to Redeem Purchased Gift Cards via iPad POS Register App.

Store Credits

With the Store Credits module in the Enterprise Plan, you can offer credits to customers instead of processing a cashback refund for any item. From our iPad POS Register app, you can easily issue and redeem store credits anytime. Here’s the link to our knowledge-base article on How to Use Store Credits in RepairDesk.

RepairDesk Payments

We are glad to announce that the RepairDesk Payments integration is now available for our iPad app as well. Just set up the RepairDesk Payments terminal and start receiving payments. Here’s How to Setup RepairDesk Payments via iPad App

Print Barcode Label for Inventory 

From our iPad POS Register, now you can easily print inventory barcode labels that have been configured and set from your web account. While adding an item to the cart via the POS screen, all you need to do is click on the item, and you will get a pop-up. Tap the button ‘Print Barcode Label,’ and it will be printed from the Brother Label Printer. 

Enjoy using the world’s 1st iPad POS solution for cell phone repair business.

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