The 8 Best Micro-Soldering Experts for B2B Cell Phone Repair in the US

by Komayal Hassan
8 Best Micro-Soldering Experts in America

Sometimes in life, our cell phones require a more probing kind of repair. You know… of the type where the motherboard, the basic processing powerhouse of the phone, gets damaged and requires a careful fixer-up.

Remember that time you read up the story of the clueless bank executive who spilled water on his iPhone, and in his search for an inexpensive cure, decided to dunk it in a glass full of rice! 🤦‍♂️

Yeah – not something we’d recommend.

Micro-Soldering: The Specialist’s Skill

Now, on a micro-level, these kinds of tales can result in valve shortages, wire snaps, or some full-on hardware damage – all of which normally require Level 3 micro-soldering to get a mobile device back in working order.

Micro-soldering, however, isn’t your run-of-the-mill skill that every cell phone repair shop owner is an expert in. For one thing, it’s expensive. Both to learn and to implement. Not to mention that it is time-consuming and requires a certain amount of patience. And let’s face it, no one wants to chase the prospect of messing up their hard-earned iPhone 12 or Samsung Note 20, anymore than it already is!

So when challenged with such a situation, your best bet is to reach out to a pro. Someone who’s worked in the field for a while, comes backed up by rave customer reviews (hello Yelp!), and who can source the parts that are wanted without causing you much running-around hassle.

For B2B cell phone repair shops, getting the repair work right on the first attempt, and in a timely manner, becomes even more important. Their associated businesses count on them for this vigilance – because their own customers are on the line. Dedicated repair shop software, as we’ve discussed in several other blogs, only gets you so far if you don’t have the right expertise in place.

So in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best micro-soldering experts working in B2B cellphone repair in the US at the moment. Our aim here is to help you minimize the time put in researching the field and to get straight to the calling part!

Then without any further ado…

[Please Note: This list is not given in any order of preference]

1.    Jesse Cruz – VCC Board Repairs

Specializing in iPhone and iPad repairs (including the concerns of data recovery and B2B servicing), VCC Board Repairs, a Las Vegas-based residential, mail-in-repair, business launched in 2020, is hailed by many as their go-to for cell phone soldering fixes. Its main tour de force is Jesse Cruz, a micro-soldering veteran who’s been offering device rehabilitation services since 2017.

Confident of its professionalism and work ethic, the company regularly posts videos of client repair gigs on its official Facebook and YouTube pages. Additionally, VCC Board Repairs provides expert micro-soldering teaching courses to savvy up-and-comers looking to enter the field.

2.    Dusten Mahathy – Geekmatics

Another micro-soldering company with a committed B2B and direct customer fan following, Geekmatics, a Florida-based fixer-up business with an impressive repairs portfolio, offers it all. From difficult micro-soldering fixes on iPhones, iPads, Samsung smartphones to putting non-warranty patches on watches and PCs, the company’s got you covered.

What’s most impressive about the venture, however, is its commitment to providing good customer service. On this front, their dedicated repair services options, geared for client convenience, include remote service, ship-in, and home/B2B delivery offers that are hard to beat in the area.

Client repair shop owners are offered a further benefit: discounted rates on bulk consultations! 🙌

3.    Louis Rossmann – Rossmann Repair Group

Louis Rossmann, the owner of NYC-based Rossman Repair Group, is considered something of a prodigy in the field. The repair shop, while boldly centered on conducting incisive micro-soldering fixes, is also a wiz when it comes to data recovery. Whether it’s your iPad, iPhone, or Macbook hard drive that requires a lost-information-recall – or even a broken screen fix – Rossmann should be your Empire City staple.

As part of their services portfolio, they also offer liquid spill repairs and sell hard-to-find device parts and repair tools.

4.    Jessa Jones – iPad Rehab

iPad Rehab, a local business powerhouse founded by stay-at-home-mom Jessa Jones (a self-taught micro-solderer and board repair tech with a Ph.D.) located in Honeoye Falls, NY, provides four primary services. Data recovery, mail-in-board repair, local repair, and group training. The company, staying true to its founding commitment of empowering the local guy, offers a kind of mom-and-pop shop type of feel coupled with some serious professionalism.

As a testament to their amazing repair and data recovery skill, the business’s website features a neat customer testimonial posted by a satisfied client hailing all the way from England (certainly worth reading).

5.    Basha – YBD/iPhones and Macbook Repair

Located in South Pasadena-CA, if it’s board swaps, data recovery, iPhone repairs, and Macbook fixes that you’re after, you can’t do better than YBD. Maintained by Basha, the business owner, on Facebook, the startup prides itself on salvaging badly damaged boards and chips, taking to the full arsenal of micro-soldering tools to conduct quick repairs.

The company regularly posts pictures of its latest client repairs, and judging from these it’s pretty clear you’ll want to get in touch if it’s a professional B2B fixer-up arrangement you’re after.

6.    Akram Fahmy

A Bayonne, New Jersey resident hailing from Egypt, Fahmy is generally considered a micro-soldering professional by those in the know in the local space. He largely operates his business from his Facebook page on a client-call basis.

The pictures posted on the company account on a regular, weekly schedule showcase successful data recovery and iPhone repair gigs. So if you’re in search of a decent B2B cellphone repair prospect with negotiable job rates, consider giving him a ring.

7.    Chris AD – ELECTROProz

With Samsung’s constant ascent in the U.S smartphone sphere, it’s a no-brainer that Americans of all stripes nowadays require dedicated third-party cellphone repair outlets catering to the brand. Company repairs generally cost an arm and a leg; often the price of a new phone purchase. So for most people, the young business around the corner with a known history of professional work presents by far the most affordable solution.

ELECTROProz by Chris AD, locally regarded as the ‘Samsung King’, perfectly fits this description. What’s more, the daily slew of repair gig photos posted on the company’s Facebook page – the main channel of customer contact and outreach – provides a good indication of the type of fixer-up work they’re good at.

8. Shane Lacks & Andrew Kimberlin – Computer Cave

Started in 2018 by co-workers Shane Lacks and Andrew Kimberlin in Richmond-VA (where the company holds a popular retail store), Computer Cave was envisioned as the answer to the noticeable lack of actual device repair work in the local space. And since the company’s founding, it has practically lived up to the said expectation; prioritizing concrete fixes over the easier (and more commonly done) commission of parts replacement.

On a running basis, the repair firm handles local B2B and a nationwide influx of mail-in-repair orders for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android phones, and popular game consoles.

Although Computer Cave does provision quality service and fast turnaround times, it also lends a great deal of focus on ensuring communicative responsiveness (believing this to be the key to taking a company repairs contract to the ‘next level’).

One last thing: Before you go on to pick one of the B2B cell phone repair pros listed here for your micro-soldering work, we’d strongly recommend you to check up on their customer reviews on Facebook, Google Business, and Reddit; among those posted on other platforms.

You want to be sure that you get the best fix for your buck – specifically for the device type you want checked.

We wish you a good repair! 😊

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