Goodbye, iPad POS App (+ something exciting is coming)

by Nosherwan Khan

It’s a sad day for us here at RepairDesk as we announce that our native iPad POS App has officially been discontinued. With the new direction in which our company would like to push, having a dedicated iPad app that was being developed and maintained as a completely separate entity from our software just didn’t seem to make sense. Therefore, we’ve decided to retire the app and sunset it for good.

This decision didn’t come lightly, however. We know that many of our customers use the iPad POS App to great effect for their repair business. Some have even come to rely on it. But the truth of the matter is that no matter how hard we try, splitting our attention between two different environments will not work in our favor.

To all those that continue to use the iPad POS App, you can still access your data through the web version of RepairDesk. It’s fully functional & we’ve made some great improvements to it.

Our vision is to provide some sort of long-term solution for our existing customers right now, which is why we’re launching a progressive web app very soon. The beauty of PWA is that it turns the web app into an iPad / Android app and your browser will show you a dialogue to download the app no matter what device you use. While we’re still in the development stages, rest assured that we will continue working to provide a suitable solution for changing needs to our esteemed customers.

So, on a bittersweet note – goodbye, iPad POS App. It was a good ride!

and Hello, Progressive Web App – we can’t wait to meet you!

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