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A cell phone store is not all about having shelves full of different phone brands but to remain live in the competitive market one should have phone accessories as well. Let it be any small shop or an established one, phones are sold less as compared to the sales of phone accessories. While owners stay busy in shopping for phones and accessories of famous brands like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft they lose a big chunk of customers who own phones of other brands. To gain the interest of those customers while not losing the ones you already have here is the list of products you should consider as a must in your shop.

So below, you will learn what are must-have accessories to add to your phone repair lab. Along with that, we will let you know how you can manage all the ongoing processes using repair shop software. Stay with us. 

Phone Cases and Covers 

No matter how high or low the cost of a customer’s phone is they always love to protect it. You can have a variety of phone cases in your shop. From simple ones to ones with rings and then ones with armbands.

Along with that, you can offer customized backcases to your customers. The reason behind that is a number of cell phone users like to have a phone case engraved with their names. Similarly, others like to have covers with different colors such as dark blue, yellow, orange, etc. 

This way, along with repairing devices at your shop, you can boost sales by offering these aftermarket accessories. 

Tempered Glass and Screen Protectors 

Who likes broken screens? No one. You should get screen protectors for every phone brand and phone type for they are low cost but come with great benefits.

For instance, tempered glass and 9D protectors are among some of the best accessories for your phone repair shop. These days, people buy smartphones worth thousands of US $. And if only the screen gets broken, owners have to pay up to $300 or more. Thus, to avoid that damage, owners look for the best suitable protectors for smartphones. 

that is where the tempered glass comes in. Encourage your customers to use these protectors to avoid any screen damage, ensuring the phone remains pristine. This way, not only you can enhance customer retention and build their trust, but also boost sales significantly. 

Along with that, being a repair shop owner, it can be challenging for you to manage and keep an eye on the stock at your shop. Thus, we suggest you use inventory management software at your shop, as it will never let you run out of stock. Using a notification feature, the system can let you know about low stock reports, ensuring you never miss any chances of making sales. 

Fitness Comes First

Fitness coming with ease is always a blessing. Let it be for fitness or for novelty, many people like to have fit bands made by several companies including Xiaomi, Apple, and Samsung. You should have them on your sales desk too. 

In addition, you can have some economical smartwatches as well and not everyone can afford bands made by these giant manufacturers. Some affordable bands can do really well for your business’s sales and attract a lot of customers. 

Music at its Peak

Whether you are sad or happy, music is always a companion. You should have earphones, handfree, headsets, and wireless earbuds of every brand in your shop for your customers. They make up a large part of sales in every shop.

Not only it will help you boost sales, but also help you better interact with the clients. Along with that, you can develop a healthy business relationship with your customers.

Using a cell phone repair shop software, you can send them promotional emails, offer discounts, or ask for reviews. A happy customer is the best marketing for your business. and by offering their desired headphones, you can get them entrusted to your shop. 

Phone Holders

For people who have plenty of work on their desks phone holders are an essential part.  There are many types of phone holders available in the market which are low-cost and good quality. You should have a phone holder corner in your shop for customers who are looking for it.

however, ensure they are of good quality, and the price tag is not so high. only then, you can make visitors purchase those from your shop. 

Portable Batteries 

No one likes their phone running out of battery when they are on a special journey, in the middle of a meeting, or running late for a lecture. Portable batteries are always there in everyone’s bags these days. You should have portable batteries which are simple and which are advanced, both, in your shop.

This is not it, batteries are one of the common accessories that are prone to failure. And without them, a smartphone is of no use. So, try to have batteries for all the trending and latest cell phones. Because most of your target audience would ask you regarding this item.  

Also, go through our article on Transforming Cell Phone Repair Shops with POS Solutions to have a better understanding of how you can revolutionize your business using advanced technology. 

Fidget Spinner

Believe it or not, Fidget Spinners are still in demand. The kids are still looking for them. You should have different fidget spinners like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc. People believe that they can relieve stress with this product. So, if you have it in the stock, you can generate some additional sales. 

Closing Words 

We have made the list for your shopping and don’t forget to get all of those things for your shop. With having all of the above things in your shop one can assure daily sales and that too with a great profit. Additionally, by equipping your shop with POS software, you can surely be on top of your business, manage all the processes, and never run short on your inventory.  

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