10 Accessories To Add To Your Repair Shop System In 2021

by Mahnoor Mansur

It’s a typical day at your repair shop. You have your earphones plugged in as you start to repair a device. You run diagnostics through your phone repair shop system and begin repairing the device. Humming along to the music, the day goes by as usual for you.

Now imagine doing that without your earphones. Sounds boring right?

That’s what the world is without accessories. Bland and dry because accessories add a special touch of fun and convenience. And with each passing day, new accessories are coming into the market because of increasing demand.  

All the more reason to stock ample accessories in your inventory.

Why Is It Important To Stock Up The Latest Accessories In Your Inventory?

The cell phone accessories market is expected to reach $284.06 billion by 2026. That’s a huge number, right?

The reality is every time you repair cell phone screens; customers will require tempered glass to prevent the screen from cracking again. While at it, they might want other accessories such as back covers, headphones, etc. Thus, giving you an excellent opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell accessories through your repair shop system. Ultimately it will help you increase your repair shop revenue.

For instance, the average profit of an accessory is $10. Now, if you sell 5-10 accessories per day, your additional annual revenue would sky-rocket.

Besides the income, stocking cell phone accessories available in usa will help you increase the footfall, find loyal customers, and boost your brand awareness.

Pro Tip: Always purchase accessories in bulk to get a decent discount from your parts supplier.  

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10 Top Accessories To Stock Up In Your Repair Shop System

Now that you understand the importance of stocking accessories, let’s find out the 10 top accessories you need to add to your inventory.

1. Tempered Glass

It’s a favorite accessory that almost all repair shops have. So why should you be an exception, right?

The usage of tempered glass has increased because it is heat-treated and can withstand significant pressure. So, it is less likely to break and protects the customer’s device.

Whether it’s an old phone or a new one, all your customers will need protection for their cell phones. This is where the tempered glass comes in. Besides, you can cross-sell a tempered glass right after a customer gets his screen replaced. Encourage them to use it to protect their device from future damage.

2. Full Body Protection System

Provide your customers with extra safety by adding a full-body protection system to your repair shop system. It takes tempered glass to a whole new level. You can offer customized tempered glass along with protective skin to fulfill the requirements of every customer.

You can score a high-profit margin here for doing tedious tasks like cutting and fitting the protection system.

3. Chargers

The chargers that usually come with cell phones are not good enough to last even a year. Even if some last, the usual wear and tear make them challenging to use.

So, it’s wise to stock up chargers because they can help you increase sales, thus boosting your revenue. In addition, since almost all the phones have identical charging ports other than Apple, there is less chance of being outdated.

4. Bluetooth Devices

No doubt, the sale of Bluetooth devices is increasing day by day. In fact, it is expected that the wireless audio device market will be around $134.2 billion by the year 2025. The figure was approximately $57.3 billion last year. So, it’s clear that the jump is huge, and you need to tap into that.

Since features like gesture recognition and hands-free calling are the essential drivers of Bluetooth devices, stock them up accordingly. Your repair shop system inventory should have Bluetooth.

5. Wired Earphones

Though Bluetooth has taken over the wired industry, wired earphones are still far from becoming extinct. Wired headphones allow users to listen to calls or songs without worrying about charging. And that is not the case with Bluetooth earphones because there is a constant need to keep them charged.

Moreover, wired earphones cost less than Bluetooth headsets. So, if a customer comes in and complains about the high price, you can offer them wired earphones instead. The key here is to stock earphones of all qualities to provide variety to the customers.

6. Mobile Holders

Mobile holders are essential to keep cell phones safe. Customers who work a lot or have jobs that can damage the cell phone quickly use mobile holders.

Mobile holders usually come in handy on vehicles because they ensure easy navigation. In addition, they prevent cell phone users from continuously looking down or even falling.

So, stock up multiple types of cell phone holders in your repair shop system, such as magnetic car mounts, car mount kits, and wireless charging gravity mounts. It will help you cater to customers with different needs.

7. Power Banks

The usage of power banks has increased more than ever now because people want solutions for their needs on the go. And a power bank is a quick solution to keep their devices charged 24/7.


Since power banks are portable and compatible, they allow people to use their phones while charging anywhere and at any time. It can charge any gadget, whether Bluetooth devices, cell phones, smartwatches, etc.

Besides, power banks come with multiple charging ports. As a result, customers can charge more than one device at a time. So, make sure you stock this crowd-pleaser in your repair shop system.

8. Phone Cases

It’s an accessory that almost everyone uses. Phone cases help protect cell phones from scratches and sudden falls. And most phones today come with a glass backside, so it’s essential to use a phone case.

Stock different designs of phone cases to cater to the unique needs of various customers and enhance your sales. You can even customize phone cases if a customer demands something special. Either way, it’s a fun way to make money.

9. Airpods And Airpod Case

As you might already be aware, Apple’s the tech giant doesn’t give a headphone port in their devices. So, Apple users don’t have any other option but to use their Bluetooth headphones. That’s where Airpods come into play.

Airpods come with voice-activated Siri, high-quality sound, and improved battery life. In addition, since Apple makes them, you don’t have to worry about chargebacks caused due to low-quality products.

Moreover, stocking Airpod cases in your repair shop system can complement Airpods and enhance its order value. Make sure you stock them in different designs for both women and men.

10. Smartwatch

Smartwatches have become a daily use gadget.

Fun fact: The global smartwatch market is expected to reach a CAGR of 19.6% by 2027.

Its popularity is because it features call acceptance, internet connection, checking caller ID, messaging, fitness monitoring capabilities, and GPS. All these features help increase its sales.

Stocking smartwatches will attract gadget-geeks and will increase the profits margins for you. Make sure to purchase all brands, including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., so that customers get various options to choose from.

Purchasing cell phone accessories at wholesale price and then selling them can boost your profit margins. However, all accessories might not sell the same. So, assess the demand and stock accessories accordingly to avoid loss. So, get on with increasing your revenue today. 

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