Top Parts Suppliers in USA For Computer Repair Shop Software – 2021

by Mahnoor Mansur

Finding the best parts for your computer repair shop software, when repairing a computer, that will test your endurance and patience. The reason being, there are multiple options to pick from, and new suppliers keep emerging with eye-catching offers.

In fact, the act of repairing a computer itself may be easier than picking a supplier. You can face disruption in getting quality repair parts, dealing with suppliers, and handling inventory. In addition, choosing the ideal processor, graphics card, RAM, and even motherboard while staying on budget is not a walk in the park.

So, it is essential to make the most impact with your computer repair services by providing high-quality repairs. And for that, we are here to help you pick the right supplier – perhaps even help you get a fantastic deal.

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So here is a compiled list of the best computer repair parts suppliers in the USA who are known for their impeccable quality parts.

1. ReplaceBase

ReplaceBase, founded in 2009, is one of the market leaders in B2B and consumer parts fulfillment. Since its inception, the supplier has rapidly taken one of the top spots in the supplier industry. It keeps on innovating and bringing new ideas and products to meet the needs of computer repair shops.

They focus on product range, sustainability, and high-quality spare parts along with QC processes. They also have a focused and dedicated trade and customer service team on hand. The team assists and manages everything including system integration in computer repair shop software, project rollout, sourcing, retail display installation, etc.

2. OutletPC

OutletPC is one of the oldest suppliers in the computer repair parts industry in the USA. They have been giving distribution services since 2001. OutletPC specializes in computer/laptop repair parts, resale of computer hardware, and wholesale PC parts distribution all across the USA.

Another quality that has helped them make a mark in the industry is their shipping facilities and customer service. So, you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting late deliveries. For that, they have an on-spot delivery option. This facility is available in the following areas:

  • Southern Nevada
  • Las Vegas
  • Boulder City
  • Henderson

You can either integrate the supplier to your computer repair shop software or directly collect your order from OutletPC’s warehouse. It’s an excellent option for all your computer repair needs.

3. Micro Center

Micro Center, operating since the 1900s, is another leading computer and electronic repair parts supplier in the USA. It operates in over 25 large stores and is known by small and large-scale computer repair shops.

Micro center is known to offer the lowest prices on CPUs for many years and is perfect for repair shops that are into custom PC building. With a vast catalog of more than 30,000 items, they give  market competitive prices on all of their products. So it seems like a supplier that will help you operate efficiently through your computer repair shop software, right?

So head on over to their website and check out all that they have to offer.

4. NewEgg

NewEgg is an online retail platform in North America with a worldwide reach in the Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. The supplier is tech-focused and provides millions of registered users a vast selection of the latest consumer electronics, smart home, entertainment, and gaming products.

They give their own repair parts, products, and tools while allowing other local distributors to display their product catalog on their platform. It is constantly ranked as one of the leading online shopping websites, and the brand regularly earns top-notch customer service ratings. So if your computer repair point of sale requires a wide-ranging product catalog, then this might be it for you.

Pro-tip: Check out reviews carefully before buying from any third-party seller on NewEgg’s website.

5. TigerDirect

Another famous name in the best computer repair parts supplier list is TigerDirect. Operating in the USA, the supplier is mainly known for having an exceptional shipping policy. Computer repair shops can get free shipping on orders which are over $100. The supplier has been in business since the ’80s and has attained a prominent position in the market since then.

Here is what customers have to say about them.

Final Word

It is important to note that disruption in the supply chain is usually not part of supplier performance metrics. However, when an issue arises, both you and your supplier will suffer. So, make smart decisions at the right time. Pick a supplier with a vast product catalog that can easily be integrated into your computer repair shop software.

In addition to this, telling customers that you can’t do a computer repair because the parts are not available is not a professional way to work. So, make sure that you are always stocked.

If you are a computer repair shop that also does cell phone repair, pick the best cell phone repair parts supplier to avoid late deliveries and get the best prices.

Before you jump into purchasing parts for computer repairs, note that the holiday season is the best time to stock your inventory. Why? Because suppliers are usually offering huge discounts around this time. So, it’s best to stock as many items as you can at discounted prices. And with these discounted prices, you can offer enticing deals to meet your sales target.

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