Prepare Your Repair Store for Business During Coronavirus

by Nosherwan Khan
Protect your repair shop from coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic sure has lasted a while. With businesses all over the world closed and people confined to their homes, it’s taken its toll on everyone. This past week has seen some countries and US states take a bold leap and open for business again. While the general health advisory of these areas is varied, there’s no denying that it will be a relief to many living there.

As a repair store, you need to be prepared for what happens when you open your doors amid the COVID-19 spread. Fortunately, we have you covered with our blog. You can follow these steps to ensure safe and successful business at your repair store.

Safety from coronavirus comes first

The very first thing you should be doing is making sure your store has the necessary safety protocols in place. Your business is going to be a hotspot for human contact, and it is your job to make sure nobody gets sick. Having a couple of measures in place will make things a lot better for you.

A lot of businesses mandate face masks be worn by customers at the door, and following that trend is a good idea. It’s the safest way to protect yourself and others from infection from the coronavirus (or other diseases, for that matter). Have a sign placed outside that informs people that masks will be required inside. You can also have masks on standby near the entrance, so that those who don’t have them can use them.

Sanitizing hands is another important practice. Make sure your customers have a way to keep their hands clean and germ-free when they enter your store. You’ll also need to sanitize everything they bring in, so be sure to invest in cleaning tools for your business that handles the merchandise. Finally, try to keep distance between your customers and employees by cordoning off the counter, and take electronic payments over cash like how RepairDesk Payments works.

See how other repair stores are fighting with COVID-19. You can follow some of the tips shared by Shehzad Pirani, the founder of iRepairIT Atlanta in the video down below.

Train your employees for coronavirus

Of course, your customers are only one side of the equation. You’re also going to need to have employees deal with the situation, and it’s best if you have them prepared.

For starters, make sure to provide them with all the protective equipment and gear that they need. They will be the ones that man your counters and work on your repairs, and thus most likely to be affected. Having masks, gloves and protective clothing should be a priority, as will having disinfectant and cleaning products.

Remember to have them wipe down every item they receive with rubbing alcohol, generally 70% strong. Set a certain time interval for them to wash their hands as well. A good practice would be to put an audio message on repeat in your store reminding them of the precautions they need to take.

Be sure to take special care of your employees. Catching coronavirus at work is a terrible prospect, and they need to know they are protected against it. Don’t hesitate to give them time off if they ask for it, and look into how you can make it worth their while by adding more to their hourly rate. Try not to cut down on their hours, since they need the money just as much as you do, and it can be a good incentive to have them continue working.

Make sure your supplies are on-hand

A repair shop without supplies would run into plenty of trouble, so make sure that you have everything you need. All the tools and parts that you require need to be on-hand when you consider opening for business. Coronavirus may have slowed down work, but deliveries are still very much alive. Use them to your advantage.

Make sure you do a thorough count of all the tools and parts you have in your inventory. This will give you a good idea of how much you need to replenish your stock. Once you have a solid number, order what you need from your suppliers. Deliveries typically take a short while, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might see delays in your orders. Plan ahead and keep yourself at optimal capacity.

Always remember to treat the tools and products you use while you work. Tools and parts need to be disinfected appropriately, either through rubbing alcohol, disinfectant, or UV treatment. This ensures that the spread of the virus and germs is contained and that everyone is safe. It may take a little longer for things to be done, but the time will be well worth it.

Final words…

Coronavirus is still very much a threat to a lot of people, and until a vaccine is available, we must stay vigilant. Keeping your business running will come with some major changes, but the priority should always be the safety of your customers, employees, and yourself.

RepairDesk wishes you the very best in your fight against COVID-19, and hopes to see your business flourish in the face of this pandemic.

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