Best Repair Shop Software Offers for Holiday Season 2022

by Fana Anwar

The holiday season is the time for renewal and improvements. Especially for any retail store or service provider. And isn’t it just great that at a time like this, exciting black friday deals start rolling out left, right, and center? So, if you’re a repair store looking for new and improved operations, you’re in luck! It is the holiday season, and the best repair shop POS software will likely be up for grabs at significant discounts. You can say goodbye to your old register. It is probably more trouble than it is worth. Because let’s be honest, despite how rewarding the effort of getting most of the work done manually may be, nobody has time for that!

The automation and smoothness that a good Point of Sales system can bring to your store are truly unmatchable. And your employee job satisfaction is guaranteed to skyrocket significantly. It is time for an upgrade! Yaay!

But you must be wondering, which POS systems are worth looking up and what are they offering? Well, no need to stress too much. We have compiled a list of the best of the best with their holiday season offers for you right here!

LightSpeed POS

LightSpeed POS claims to be the all-you-can-need commerce platform for all retail outlets throughout the world, including repair stores. Though it is a little more expensive than its competitors, it is incredibly effective and versatile. They even offer a 30-day trial to new users, so don’t worry about investing blindly in a software that might not work for you. You’ll find that Lightspeed aligns its functionalities with your priorities. It easily simplifies your daily tasks and allows you to focus on your store’s customer experience and business growth. From accounting, payments, inventory, advanced insights, loyalty, and customer-facing display, to many integrations, Lightspeed POS gives you a hoard of benefits even with the extra buck it takes.

The best part is, Lightspeed is offering some of its features in a Black Friday deal.

They claim that you can save up to $1000! 

You can even diversify your revenue streams by providing gift cards and delivery services through Lightspeed.

RepairDesk POS

RepairDesk is an all-rounder of a POS. It is a cloud-based software that claims to offer a comprehensive repair store point-of-sale experience. It strives to compress your store’s operations to one platform which streamlines and optimizes the workflow. The end-to-end provisions don’t just end with the ordinary POS’s limitations. RepairDesk seems to be offering a complete growth ecosystem for repair businesses. It offers free trials for all of its numerous applications, so you know every time what works for you. The good thing about RepairDesk is that it offers an efficient and automated environment for your repair store and has 24/6 responsive customer support services for all your concerns and inquiries. 

In addition to being a great inventory management system, the POS software helps you attract customers through:

  • marketing automation tools,
  • online appointment setting,
  • store credits,
  • loyalty programs,
  • gift cards, and
  • efficient communication mediums

And if bringing the customers in wasn’t enough, it even aids you in keeping them hooked by having its own payment system along with multiple payment integration options, self-check-ins, online payments, and a customer-facing display to give your clients complete transparency and prioritize their convenience. And, of course, these come in addition to the generic POS features such as repair ticket management, employee management, inventory management, reporting, special parts ordering, and a host of various integration. However, RepairDesk seems to have more integrations than most on its roster. Not to mention how it keeps adding more applications to its ecosystem to give you the best repair store experience possible.

But we haven’t even told you the best part yet!

RepairDesk Black Friday Deal 2022

RepairDesk is offering what they call the Biggest Black Friday Offer of the year.

And with up to 75% off on their whole repair business growth ecosystem, it might actually be true.

You get more than 50% discount with Annual Professional Plan now at $449 & 
the Annual Enterprise Plan now at $749 

Want to know the cherry on top?

The Black Friday offer by RepairDesk was running till the 30th of November 2022, however, keeping in mind the way the repair community has responded to it, the Offer has been extended to the 5th of December 2022. And if the discount wasn’t all, they’re even giving away free onboarding, website audit and consultation, and social media marketing! Honestly, it all sounds like a dream come true.


RepairQ is the self-proclaimed most reliable POS system on the market. The web-based software claims to have management features designed explicitly for the repair industry. The brand further asserts that its software is built to cater to businesses within the retail, refurbishing, repair, as well as resale industry. Like all the rest, RepairQ also offers a free trial for you to check for yourself if it is the right choice for you. The multi-store management and training provisions are just some of the great features the POS offers. They even have support available on multiple channels, though the responsiveness of the support may be a topic up for debate.

But despite all the pluses that it may offer, we won’t hold our breath for any discounts this holiday season or any Black Friday deals. The business has unfortunately decided against releasing an early present over the sale-filled season this time. And we’re just a little sad about it.


RepairShopr suggests that it is a one-stop repair shop software that allows your business to bring your services to all kinds of repair stores. It is said to be great for whole franchises as well as individually run single repair stores. And if it seems too good to believe, they offer a 30 days trial with which you can check out whether it works for your store. While it can boast about providing a large variety of general POS features, the star of the show is the ticketing system explicitly designed to incorporate mail-in depots.

But regardless of how amazing the POS system may be, unfortunately, we’ve been left empty-handed this holiday season without a discounted price or any Black Friday deal to get us by. But fingers crossed for next year!

Square POS

The beloved payment processor trying to be taken seriously as a POS system, Square, claims to be the perfect solution for all operational problems for small businesses, especially repair stores. Not to mention, the effortless way it aids in-store and online sales is a great asset to have. From advanced staffing and sale to smooth inventory management, the POS may be new, but it is growing fast. You can check out the labor cost calculations, sales history, returns management, and more outstanding features without fully committing by taking advantage of their free trial period. 

But alas! Another has bit the dust by not offering a Black Friday deal to repair stores for the holidays. But is it worth buying at full price or waiting until the following year? That’s for you to decide.

PS: If you’ve made it this far, let us treat you to our absolutely FREE and super gorgeous Holidays RepairShop Marketing Toolkit!

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