Top 5 Holiday Season Fails to Avoid at Your Repair Store

by Fana Anwar

With the holiday season coming to town, the opportunity to make some serious sales at your repair store comes to new life. And with the potential so large, the margin for error grows greater too. It is the most wonderful time to sell goods and services in the year. This means there is no room for uninformed mistakes to swoop in and derail your business’s flight upward. The truth is, Black Friday is the holy grail of repair shops of any kind. Whether the jolly folks are coming in to get their devices fixed to get in touch with their loved ones over the holidays or to buy accessories and more to exchange as gifts with their tech-loving friends, people are looking to spend.

And you just need to make sure they know you’re the best place for their dough. You can pour the milk and bake the cookies, but how do you get the clients to climb down your chimney? Well, by decking your halls with some incredible marketing strategies for your repair store. But before you find out what to do, you must know what not to do. And here are some marketing fails you might want to avoid when the boughs and holly come out:

Not Sleighing Your Socials

The aim is to achieve record sales, but you can’t go around dropping by each house in the middle of the night, now can you? Instead of running around town, you can run campaigns on digital media platforms to promote your tree-topper promotions. More than just that, it would be the main attraction that draws all eyes to your business, raising your brand awareness manyfold. And not to mention, of course, the targeted outcome of increasing sales.

With over 4 billion people worldwide actively using social media platforms, it is inevitable. You are bound to gain traction no matter when you advertise on the socials. But the pull is hiked up significantly around the holidays at repair stores because Santa’s helpers are out on the hunt for gifts and deals like no other. So, you can definitely expect merry returns on investments for any ads you run or posts you make. The best part is that you can use a whole bunch of content formats to get the word out about the ho-ho-holiday promotions! So, unless you plan on putting Mr. Clause out of a job, socials are the way to go for all your Black Friday bundles!

Not Running Flash Sales in the Festivities

We’ve all heard about the repair store Black Friday Flash Sales, and, boy, are we grateful for them. The stories of the rush to grab everything you can, maybe a little overbaked, but they sure are great for business. Picture it like this; sales are mashed potatoes, delicious and enticing all on their own, but add a little time-bound gravy of a flash sale, and you have something magnificent. The urgency that these limited-time discounts inspire in customers can mean booming profits for repair stores. The fear of missing out has never felt this good, trust us. The few days of percentages off till Cyber Monday ensure that more people are prone to visiting the store and buying from you, especially if you further provide them with a time crunch.

The best way to go about it is to scoop up the promise of the gravy and deliver it to the clients yourself via email marketing. It can add a whole lot of zest to your business’s reputation. A mere countdown to the flash sale itself can get individuals at the end of their dining chairs. Build anticipation and watch the returns come crumbling in. Flash sales are the fastest way to have your turkey and eat it too!

Not Considering Coupons, Codes, and Season’s Woes

The holiday season may be fun and games, but sometimes the winter blues can sneak up on you. At times like these, individuals turn to their favorite stores to offer them a distraction from the melancholy. And what works better than some discount codes and coupons to bring back the holiday cheer? The warm and giddy feeling of getting an exclusive deal is strong enough to fight off most people’s winter weariness. And it is a tried and tested way of getting more sales. A coupon here, a code there. Slashing prices in your holiday marketing campaigns without compromising on the quality of your service or product is the quickest way to make even first-timers into loyalists.

One of the best impacts this strategy has is on your online store. Clients can find the items’ subtotal in their carts sometimes daunting. This can make them jump ship and abandon their carts. You can re-spark the joy in them by offering up discounts at checkout. This can obviously lead to increased sales due to fewer deserted carts in your system. You can chase the season’s woes away with loyal customers and checked-out carts!

Not Caroling through Email Campaigns

Launching email campaigns for the days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday is a very smart strategy to get your word out on the street. The excitement it builds can get many clients singing your tunes for you. The hype for all the discounts and deals you might be offering would be generated by your own customers once you get the music to their ears. If you just keep the content engaging yet straightforward, the clients would love to know more about what you’re offering this holiday season.

But, like with any caroling session, getting people to open their doors and hearts for you is the most important part. In an email marketing campaign, the uphill climb is getting a good open rate with a catchy and persuasive subject line to give your content a chance to reel them in. But this war cry is worth every effort because for each dollar you spend on these campaigns, you can get a 300% return on your investment!

Not Bringing in Something New Before the New Year

Half the joy of the holiday season is in the promise of the novelty at the end of it. The year ends with all the possible merriment, and a whole new cycle comes into the calendar. So, why not give them something new to look forward to before the calendar flips? Trust us; a little excitement can go a long way.

Offer up new products, services, and bundles for them to enjoy. Don’t entertain buyback? Or building custom PCs? Well, now is your time to dive into these new revenue streams and make your clients jump for joy. You could even stock up on uniquely colored phones so that people have something funky to gift their loved ones around the holidays. Invest in a solid inventory management system and stay on top of your stock situation to know what and how to replug in your inventory. Maybe even introduce referral plans, especially for the holidays! Don’t wait till the celebrations pass you by. Give your loyalists something to pop their champagne over already!

You’re Good to Grow!

If you’ve got these covered already, then you must be something of a holiday wizard yourself! Jack Frost will have nothing on the storm you’ll take the repair industry with. So, we hope you’re all buckled up and ready to blow your clientele away!

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