Repair Business Guidelines During the Holiday Season 2022

by Fana Anwar

The holiday cheer has become even more important than ever in a year that is suffering the aftermath of supply chain problems, pandemic, and inflation. That is probably why about half of shoppers still disregard the financial crisis to spend a considerable amount on gifts for the holiday season. But on the other hand, many repair store owners seem to have suggested that their intentions of making extra sales have been deterred by the looming inflation. But that just won’t do! Not participating in the holiday season rush is like giving away your golden goose right as it is about to lay some golden eggs.

With the onset of BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) marketing campaigns all around us, repair businesses must start getting creative and stay ahead of the curve in making this holiday season a jolly one for their accounts. We’ve already shared sales-boosting tips for the holiday season, and here – in this piece – we now share with you the guidelines on what to do to ensure that your business is sale-season ready:

Straighten Up Your Repair Shop Vendor Management

All businesses rely on vendors to meet their customers’ demands. So, that is definitely a relationship you must keep in high regard. However, the supply chain issues don’t stop for the holiday season. So, the vendors you may be in contact with would also have other relationships to manage. They’ll have orders and deadlines to meet for other stores, too, and staying a priority for them requires proactively engaging with them. For that, you would need to employ a vendor-integrated POS system to maintain the workflow and not overload your employees. With a good repair shop POS system, you can manage deadlines and set arrival timings for your orders. That would be a godsend when it comes to ensuring that your repair store is well-stocked for the holidays.

Avoid Any Possible Staff Shortage

Among the numerous nationwide shortages, another is a scarcity of staffing opportunities. Talented repair techs are already difficult to find, and with the growing industry-wide staffing shortage, the hunt seems even more trying. And with the legendary holiday rush on the horizon, a sparsely staffed repair store just won’t do. So, instead of relying on emergency staff hirings for the holidays, make good use of your repair store employee management systems, and maximize your staff beforehand. It pays to be prepared for the frenzy of customers who would be coming in for last-minute purchases and repairs. The extra staffing would allow you to make quicker sales and perform faster checkouts. That too, without compromising on the quality of the customer experience by valuing their time and keeping the interactions personalized. The quick service would keep clients from leaving your shop in favor of another and bring in more business.

Offer Discounts & Flexible Payments

Considering the previously mentioned financial crisis looming as a dark could over the world, even the customers who are willing to spend a significant amount over the holidays would rather choose the stores that alleviate some of the pressure that a lightening wallet would put on them. That is why offering deals, discounts, and flash sales at your repair store is imperative. You’ll make up for what you slash in prices multiple times over in sales. The best part is that implementing these discounts at your repair shop POS is no difficult task. With just the clicks of a few buttons and a well-designed eCommerce integration, you can offer deals in-store and online to your clients.

Another good strategy for boosting your sales this holiday season would be to offer them multiple payment options. No matter how many discounts you offer, if they can pay from their preferred method at checkout, you’ll be left with fewer sales at your store and more abandoned carts on your website. A quick and easy way to ensure that this is not a problem you have to face is to get a POS system that supports various payment integrations. This will allow you to accept payment in multiple formats and not turn any customers away.

Plan in Advance: Stay Ahead of Competition

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure your repair shop doesn’t cave under the holiday rush. Do your research by noting the best-selling products and services from last year or through competitor analysis. You can even use the daily reports on your POS to figure out which products are doing well with your customers. This will help you plan out your inventory orders in advance and place them through your repair shop POS’s vendor integrations. You won’t have to worry about not having a well-stocked repair store. What’s more, this can even aid in your marketing campaign for the holidays. You’ll know what to promote on your social media and what deals to push out. By analyzing your repair history, you can manage the staff shifts according to the rush periods you are likely to experience.

Another great way to plan ahead and reap the rewards is by offering frequent customer loyalty rewards. Offering rewards or points for loyalty or at a certain amount spent incentivizes the clients to spend their money more easily. If you have a good enough POS system, chances are it allows you to register customer loyalty points.

Optimize Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

Cutting costs in any capacity is always a good incentive for your clients. Even while buying online to save time and cash on the trip to the store, many individuals are deterred by the shipping costs they discover at checkout. So, offering speedy yet reduced or free shipping could be a game changer for your repair store over the holidays this year.

But there is more to convenience than just cutting costs. Allow your clients to give in to their indecisiveness while buying presents by introducing gift cards at your repair store. Customized holiday gift cards that your customers can give to their loved ones is a low-cost yet revenue-driving strategy. Offer gift cards at flexible prices so that they don’t have to feel like they’ll go broke with just a few purchases while still ensuring that they invest at your store. These are the most convenient presents to buy last minute for those who may have been too busy to shop beforehand or if anything specific has gone out of stock.

The Holidays are for Caring

Inflation can drive many customers to competitor stores to save a few bucks. It is vital to be compassionate to your client’s concerns at times like these. Ensure that you understand your client’s needs well and are willing to accommodate them accordingly. A little care can go a long way, especially during the holiday season. So, before you chase the latest trends, make sure you know what your clients want this holiday season.

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