Top 6 Essential Cellphone Repairs you should be focusing on in 2023

by Asad Ahmed

Do you know that 97% of Americans today own a cell phone? And 85% out of these are smart phones? Yes, That’s how big the cellphone repair industry is today.

If you are looking to open a cellphone repair shop in the US today, this should be a welcoming fact for you, but at the same time you must also know that other people are also realizing the potential this industry has which is why there are thousands of repair service providers in each state.

So what can be done to attract the major share of customers from your competition?

You need to be an expert at providing the most common cellphone repair services to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Let’s look at six most common repairs required:   

Screen Repair

Approximately 50 million phone screens crack each year in the US. These stats show the potential there is for you, as a cellphone repair shop owner. Become a pro at screen repair, improve your repair time and always have ample inventory at hand to entertain any incoming devices.

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Charging Port Repair

We all charge our phones, and let’s face it- most of us would charge our phone by lending a charger from a friend/colleague/ relative etc. hardly caring if it’s original or even compatible with our device. This again means that a high volume of users face problems regarding charging ports and therefore you must be well equipped as a repair store to handle any queries that comes your way.

Battery Replacement

Similarly, bad habits of charging cycles, or a bad charging port can lead to poor battery performance. Always ensure that you perform a quick battery check of all dead devices that come in for charging repairs. If the charging port repair doesn’t breathe new life into them, chances are that they need a battery replacement. To cater to these issues, you’ll need to maintain your inventory with fresh battery stock, so you can move ahead with the replacement.

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Camera Repair

Smartphones today are taking over the camera market for an average user. The popular culture of vlogging and social media  influencers have pushed people to use mobile phone’s camera more than ever as it’s convenient and very easy to use. This makes camera a very popular feature of the phone. A lot of adventurous people would put their phone at risk and damage camera in an attempt to get the “best shot” while others would just drop it to the floor, which is why camera repairs is an area you should be focusing on.

Water Damage Repair

Although not as common as it used to be once, thanks to water resistant IP ratings introduced in cell phones nowadays, but still the damage water can cause for a cellphone is a real problem. There are those unlucky days when your phone accidentally comes in contact with water. It doesn’t happen quite a lot, but when it does it takes everything down. Therefore you’ll need your full skills and a complete toolbox to repair a water damaged device and it’s worth it.

Data Recovery

A common issue of smartphones is damage of user’s data. Most people manage to recover their lost data by themselves through videos and online guides. But others go running to a repair professional like you. So be sure to take such opportunities flaunt your IT skills to these customers.

In conclusion, opening a cellphone repair shop can be a lucrative business in today’s market. However, with the high number of repair service providers in each state, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the competition by being an expert at providing the most common cellphone repair services. By focusing on these six most common repairs, you can attract more customers and grow your business. Additionally, using a POS system like RepairDesk can help you manage your inventory more efficiently and provide better customer service.

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