How To Triple Your Revenue With Accessory Sale

by Mahnoor Mansur

Most repair shop owners concentrate on repairs as their primary source of income. They barely analyze their cellphone repair store software reports to make forecasts or find potential sources of revenue. But what if I told you that you can triple your revenue with just accessory sales? 

Yes, you heard that right!

Smart devices go hand in hand with their accessories. Because accessories either protect the device or increase its efficiency and utility.

Thus, selling accessories opens a significant opportunity for cell phone repair stores to earn more. Be it earphones, power banks, glass protectors, or smartwatches – cell phone accessories are sure to rake in the big bucks. 

So, if you have not added accessories to your repair shop, it is time that you do. Even if you already sell accessories in your store, but are not earning a significant proportion of revenue from them, rethink your strategy.

Here’s how you can triple your revenue with accessory sales.

TIP # 1: Analyze The Demand 

Knowing that the competition in the accessory market is fierce, you need to analyze the demand for different accessories. So ask yourself:

  • What do I need to purchase?
  • How much do I need to invest?

You can easily answer these questions by pulling out the sales reports from your cellphone repair store software.

If you’re already selling devices, see which ones sell the most and the fastest. If you are looking to invest in accessories, determine the devices that come in for repairs the most, or devices that you sell the most.

The sales report will give you good insights into what has been in demand in the previous quarter. And which accessories you should order for the next one following the same trend.

For instance, if you are repairing a lot of Apple devices, and nobody in the neighborhood is doing that, stock up on Apple accessories. This will automatically help you get more accessory sales. So, try to fill an existing gap in the market.

Once you have the stats on the devices coming in for repairs, you can stock accessories for those. Be sure to stock cell phone cases, screen protectors, and cables in different types and colors. Because customers will always be in need of these accessories.

If you spend a little time analyzing your existing sales, you will be able to make an educated guess about the accessories that should be in demand and be less at risk with your investment.

TIP # 2: Stock Flagship Device Accessories

Apple usually launches three flagship devices every year. At the same time, Samsung is also set to launch three new flagship models in the year 2021. 

The teasers for the new flagship models usually leave cell phone fanatics biting their nails to see the latest improvements. Stocking accessories of these flagship devices can help you get more sales.

For that, you need to have a good carrier relationship that will give customers good credit to trade in for the latest Apple or Samsung cell phone. If you don’t know how to leverage a carrier store, it is quite easy.

For instance, you already know the devices Apple and Samsung are going to launch. So, you can stock the relevant accessories. When a customer trades in for the latest device at the carrier store, they can be directed to your shop for accessories.

Customers are very likely to buy accessories for their new phones. So, building relationships with carrier stores can take you a long way.

TIP # 3: Sell Extras 

Another way to increase revenue is by selling extras. These include car chargers, pop sockets, wireless chargers, etc.  

To attract more attention to these accessories, place them close to the counter. So while paying, the customers can skim through and buy them if they see something they have been thinking about for a few days. This last-minute sale can help you pump up the accessory revenue efficiently.

TIP # 4: Create Bundles For Customers

Bundle offers will enable you to sell more than one accessory at a time. So, add bundle offers that are a good fit for your cell phone repair store. 

For instance, you can have a bundle offer for $45 that includes a charger, a case, and a screen protector. Individually the prices of the products can cost your customer more than $45. But through this bundle, they can save money.

Don’t think of it as cutting your margins. Consider the fact that this way you will be able to generate more revenue than if the customer was buying only one item.

So add bundle offers to your cellphone repair store software. If you have the RepairDesk Payments terminal, you can even display these bundle-offers on it. So, when a customer checks out, they can see what’s on offer and avail it.

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Pro Tip: While marketing your bundles, always use the word “New Promotion” or “New Offer”. Avoid using words like “New Deal” or “Discounted Deal.” Words like “deal” and “discounted” imply that you are discrediting your products and are trying to take out accessories that are not selling well. 

TIP # 5: Display A Neat And Organized Accessory Wall 

Having an accessory wall on display gives room to your customers to look at the options available and pick the one they want.

You can display an accessory wall that gels in well with the size of your cell phone repair store. You can arrange by categories, i.e., by cell phone model or brands, power banks, batteries, cases, screen protectors, pop sockets, cell phone holders, etc.

Having a display wall will save your sales team time as well. Customers can go through the options themselves and only inquire when necessary. More often than not, they don’t need any assistance and you make a sale with minimum effort.

Be sure to organize your accessory wall every day before you open your shop. Because customers tend to move stuff around making it difficult for other customers to look for the accessory they want.

TIP # 6: Actively Track Your Inventory 

All cell phone repair stores need to keep track of their inventory. Thanks to cellphone repair store software, tracking inventory is relatively easy.

So, keep a lookout for the accessories that are selling more. Keep an eye out for the best-selling brands and other features like the color, model, etc.

The right inventory management skills can help you organize all your accessories and make more sales. 

TIP # 7: Offer Special Orders

Another stream of revenue is offering special orders. It enables you to offer rare services that not a lot of repair shops are offering.

For example, a customer comes in and wants a black diamond case for their iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can make a special order for it on your cellphone repair store software and have them collect it or mail it to them once it’s available

You can skip losing customers through special orders for not having that particular accessory they want. Thus, increasing your accessory revenue.

TIP # 8: Have A Proper Sales Strategy 

You will need a proper sales strategy for your accessory sale. It will enable you to build a long-term relationship with the customer. So, begin by identifying the needs of the customers. You can either upsell or cross-sell an accessory.

You can also implement another strategy, i.e. down selling. This sales technique comes in handy when you suggest an alternative to the primary upsell. You can offer a more budget-friendly option if they don’t want to opt for a pricy one.

So the key here is to train the staff to identify whether an upsell, cross-sell, or down-sell will work for the customer standing in front of them.

For instance, a customer comes in with a Samsung Galaxy A51 to get its back replaced. You try to upsell by suggesting a vantage case worth $29.95. The customer refuses. You can then down-sell by offering a gel case for $5 instead. Deliver a sales pitch that will make them want to keep their device safe.

The Bottom Line 

Streamlining your accessory department will require a lot of effort in the beginning. You will have to try out all the streams of revenue. And continue with the ones that suit you well. Because obviously, what works for one cell phone repair shop might not work for another.

Everything depends on the location of the shop, customer base, and demand. The other operations in your store, such as customer services and sales, also play a role in increasing or decreasing your accessory revenue.

So, try to focus more on making your customers happy. A happy customer will always have room to purchase accessories. But if you upset the customer by delaying repairs or damaging the device, they will not want to listen to you at all. Ultimately making you lose a sales opportunity.

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