Why Choose ReVamp Wholesale Vendor Integration for Your Cellphone Repair Shop POS? 

by Mahnoor Mansur

Running a successful repair business requires a lot of time to organize tasks, order inventory, track and keep records. You can easily do this through your cellphone repair shop POS.

However, the most nerve-wracking task is to order your inventory items. If you have more than one store, manually ordering items in bulk, tracking them on sheets, and transferring them can be hectic.

Lucky for you, RepairDesk has integration with ReVamp Wholesale, which has made quite a mark in the supplier market.

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All You Need To Know About ReVamp Wholesale

ReVamp Wholesale is a distributor of pre-owned devices, wireless repair parts, and accessories. It has a massive network and operates hundreds of repair shops in the United States of America.

Our integration with ReVamp Wholesale is smart enough to give you the following benefits:

Importing the ReVamp Catalog

ReVamp Wholesale allows you to import inventory items easily. You don’t have to go through the hectic task of adding the inventory items one by one to the list.

You can simply import the entire ReVamp Wholesale catalog in just three clicks into your cellphone repair shop POS. You even have the option to easily select the SKUs that you want to sync into your point of sale in 2-5 minutes.

The best part of ReVamp Wholesale’s integration with RepairDesk is that you can map products to your inventory in 3 simple steps, i.e., categories mapping, manufacturers mapping, and device mapping. This step only needs to be done once.

It detects the matches in your inventory settings in the repair tracking software and maps them together. If your system can’t find the right match by chance, you even have the option to select the item from the list manually.

In addition to this, you also have an option to add new categories as well. The mapping settings are stored in the system and can be implemented on all future imports.

With ReVamp Wholesale, you don’t have to go through the hassle of spending many hours a day to order the items you need. It makes inventory management easy and straightforward.

Creating Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a security blanket that keeps track of all the things bought from the vendor. Meanwhile, it also enforces payment terms to ensure there are no disputes in the buying process.

ReVamp Wholesale’s integration in your cellphone repair shop POS lets you create and manage purchase orders in a few clicks. While creating a purchase order, you can see the real-time inventory levels of the vendor. So, that you adjust your purchases accordingly. Saving you the inconvenience of wrong orders.

It lets you have a seamless checkout through the ReVamp Wholesale website with a single click. This way, all your purchased items are automatically added to your cart on the ReVamp Wholesale website.

Now it won’t take you time to create and track purchase orders. Thus, improving your efficiency and allowing you to have complete visibility of your operational costs.

Order low stock items

Our integration with ReVamp Wholesale lets you purchase items directly from the low stock report as well. We try to give our best so that our customers can conveniently overcome hurdles that can affect their sales experience.

You can easily select all the items from the low stock report and create a purchase order with a single click. It’s as easy as it sounds though our cellphone repair shop POS.

Why Are Supplier Relationships Important?

Despite knowing that suppliers are essential for their business, many repair shops ignore supplier management. If you are unsure about your relationship with your supplier, then question yourself about the following areas:

Added Value

Are your repair parts and accessories always on time? Are these high-quality goods or not?

In other words, you need to see whether your supplier pays attention to details or not. It is essential for a lot of reasons. It enables you to prevent returns or production standstills. It makes sure that your services are not disturbed, and you have ample stock in your inventory. Thus, helping you ensure customer satisfaction.

Shipment Support

Does your supplier offer support when things take a downhill turn? Do they assist when a damaged part comes in?

The main advantage of this is that it will help you save money. A supplier that does not allow you to fix a damaged or lost item will only make you order more goods. Thus, making you order more items.

How Does Your Cellphone Repair Shop POS Help Boost Supplier Relationships?

Repair shop owners want a collaborative partnership with the supplier rather than a number on the list. It will enable both parties to benefit from it.

So, how can a cellphone repair shop POS help with that?

RepairDesk allows you to add multiple suppliers to your account and helps you streamline communication with them. It enables you to stock items without worrying about going out of stock.

Another thing that can cause tension between a supplier and a repair shop is balancing the ordering process. You would not want to use up warehouse space with slow-moving items. And you also would not want to keep customers waiting because a particular part did not arrive on time.

Here your inventory management skills will come in handy, and a cellphone repair shop POS can help you with that.

RepairDesk can help you generate detailed inventory reports and purchase reports. It can be for all stores. Regularly going through these reports will give you a better idea of how many items need to be purchased and when can you do that?

In addition to this, you can set up stock warnings on different items. So when an item reaches its warning limit, you get a message, and can purchase that item. The less errors you make on orders, the more healthy and positive relationships you will have with your supplier.

The Best Cell Phone Repair Parts Suppliers in the United States will always provide you high-quality parts and accessories. Make sure you pick the best.

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