Should You Care About Your Cell Phone Repair Store’s Perceived Value?

by Ali Gohar Khan

Did you know, in 2021, the cell phone repair industry generated over 4 billion dollars – that too in the U.S. alone!

Sizeable industry, right?

But then, one might wonder: why do some repair businesses succeed and others stay halfway?

Here’s why…

Even though there are many aspects that make or break a business, your repair store’s image and perceived value are some of the most critical ones!

Fundamentally, the brand image of your company refers to the impression generated in the mind of a customer when he hears or sees something about it.

And when it comes to the perceived value, know that saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” This is what perceived value is – the value that is in the eyes of the customer. In other words, it is how much your customers need or want your product or service. Therefore, customer perceived value is the notion that the success of a product or service is primarily based on whether customers believe it can satisfy their wants and needs or not.

And at the end of the day, as a repair store owner, you would have to market your business to improve your store’s image and perception. You want to convey value to your customers. A good point of sales software can come in really handy to help you build your brand.

But first, let’s see how this perception works.

Perception is Different from Reality – Often!

Here’s a case in point!

Ever come across the term “sensation transference?”

It is the unconscious assessment people make about a product based on how the item looks, not on the actual item itself!

Coca-Cola learned this the hard way! During Coca-Cola’s fundraising effort, customers complained that the soda tasted different when packaged in a white can instead of the usual red one – Yeah, customers can taste color as well 😀

Here’s one more: an attractive person wearing an expensive suit is often perceived as more intelligent, whether true or not.

But where am I getting with this?

This is where; if something as basic as design can affect customers’ perception and image of your product, imagine the incalculable/zillions of ways you can improve your repair business’s perceived value – by tapping the secret life of sensations!

So, what can your repair store’s image and perceived value do for your business?

Let’s explore this…

Repair Store’s Image – How Important Is It?

It is often quoted, “the customer’s perception is your reality.” This means no matter how excellent you think you are at service delivery, the success of your store depends principally upon how good you are in your customers’ minds.

I get it. All customers will not sing your praises but you have to maintain your store image in spite of the difficult customers.

That is why a positive repair store’s image is essential.

Once you start defining your store’s image, you can build brand affinity with your customers. Brand affinity describes consumers who believe a particular brand shares common values with them. Consequently, they stay longer with your business. A study says 89% of shoppers remain loyal to brands that share their values.

Apple fans, for example, explain their affinity to the company the same way. They share the same values as Apple does (“we are all in it together” and “we are creative” for instance) and enjoy the feelings they have when using their products. So, they won’t switch brands just because of a price increase. If your client trusts you and links your repair store to values such as quality, professionalism, and competence, they will even be willing to pay more for your services.

Another benefit is that your repair store will stand out from your competitors. As a result, your clients will trust you and identify with you. It will be easier for them to choose you over your competitors. Ultimately, this boosts your customers’ loyalty – after all, having satisfied and loyal customers are your repair store’s goal, right?!

At the same time, being consistent in the values your store represents will give greater confidence to your customers. You can build your store’s image not only by practicing your values but also by marketing them through a good point of sales software.

All these factors combined eventually shape your customers’ perceived value of your repair business and help create a good perception of your company in public.

How to Create a Positive Store Image?

The importance of your store’s image is increasing as the companies in the repair industry are becoming more competitive. The competitive markets ensure that the perceived values of different repair store’s services also compete with each other, and the gap between them is closing. This makes the role of your image in that case significant.

Your repair store image can help customers more effectively identify your brand and differentiate it from the rest of the companies in the repair industry.

But how do you achieve a positive store image?

Let’s get right into it:

Make Customer Service Your Obsession

Your customers’ interaction with your repair store has the power to form their entire perception of your brand. This means that your business cannot survive without providing a high level of customer service, which results in high customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can use a good point of sales software with a loyalty program, like RepairDesk to keep your customers tied to you.

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Customers now expect a high level of customer experience – quality repairs, communication and commitment. Globally, 54% of all consumers say they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago. No wonder repair store owners are using Repair Shop Software now more than ever.

So, a satisfied customer is likely to come back again to your store and share positive feedback with his friends and family.

Identify Your Company’s Purpose

They say; if you can evoke emotions in your customers, you can drive their behavior. This notion is equally valid for your repair store.

But how?

Your repair store’s core message should focus on your purpose – not the “how” or “what” of your services rather the “why.” When your brand resonates with your customers, it appeals to the part of the brain that’s responsible for action. Yes, it’s all rooted in Biology!

So, engage with your clients, listen to their problems, prioritize quality over price and understand their emotional attachment to their devices.

Hence, conveying a clear and convincing purpose through all your business actions will forge the emotional connection required to persuade your customers to support you and keep coming back for their next repair. 

Walk the Walk

Communication. Honesty. Excellence. They sound pretty good, don’t they?

They might resemble your repair store’s values as well. But what matters most is that your company should align with these values.

Some companies aim to be mission-driven but don’t adhere to the values they claim to be passionate about. And when they don’t, customers can see through their deception and lose trust in their company. It is important to show your customers that you respect them, you care for them and they are wanted.

So before you start boasting about your repair store’s dedication to putting the customer first, make sure you align your actions with these values.

Reflect Your Store’s Image With Social Media

To reflect the most accurate version of your store’s image, you must maintain a solid social media and website presence. Oftentimes, social media is the first opportunity people have to discover your brand. They’ll likely make a snap judgment of your entire image as a result of a few images or videos at the top of your feed.

Make sure your website is updated and you put up posts on social media fairly regularly. Three to five posts a week is a good number to follow.

Always respond to queries on social media in a timely manner – that reflects your business ethics. If you reply at a slow pace, the customer will probably assume that you’re not so serious about doing business and hence, not very reliable.

I understand it isn’t easy to promptly reply all the time when you have a hundred other things to do. What can help is maybe automating a reply that is instantly sent when someone sends a message, something like,

“Hey! Thank you for getting in touch with us. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you need an urgent solution, give us a call at 123 456 789 Mon-Sat 10 am to 7 pm.”

This message sets the right expectations and gives an alternative in case a person is seeking urgent resolution. By the way, an effective point of sales software can send automated messages and alerts for your business as well.

You’d be amazed to learn that 97% of people learn more about a company via the internet. And every additional one-star Yelp rating causes an increase in the business’s revenue as high as 9%.

These stats give you enough impetus to update and polish your repair store’s online image as well and improve your cell phone repair shop visibility.

Final Say

In a nutshell, creating a powerful and positive image of your repair store can’t happen in a vacuum. You’ll need to align all aspects of your company – from marketing to services and operations – under a strong vision and mission statement (an efficient POS system can help you with that). Witness the Incredible Growth Journey with RepairDesk!

Your positive store’s image will ultimately boost the perceived value of your business in your customers’ minds. 

Let me put it this way, take care of the quality, and the reputation will take care of itself!

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