Best Business Advertising for Your Repair Store

by Fana Anwar

Being a computer repair business owner, it is obvious that your expertise lies in tech, not advertising. Unfortunately, running a business requires you to be a jack of many trades. So, you need to get a little more comfortable with the process. Especially if you want your business to grow steadily and quicker than now.

Getting a well-rounded marketing strategy that works for your repair store is vital. It can lead to devising a campaign that works perfectly for your store. These approaches can include:

  • Unique logo design
  • Ad services on different platforms
  • Display physical adverts
  • Stay connected with carrier stores
  • Take up email marketing

Unique Logo Design

A unique and memorable logo can be a branding mark for your business. All viewers will instantly associate the image with your brand if it is striking enough. Think about the half-blue and half-red ball, with the curved white line bisecting it. If you ever saw it in person, you would know the exact black soda it represents, wouldn’t you?

A polished and outstanding design for your business’s logo can be the easiest way to stand out against your competition. But a logo can only take you so far; you must offer quality services to back it up. Or it might be memorable, just not in the way you would have hoped.

Get a logo made

Even if you don’t have the means to hire an artist, worry not. There are multiple online software available that offer logo-making services. And if the uncertainty of using an unknown software is too uncomfortable for you, another option exists. RepairDesk Digital offers a logo-designing service to all repair store owners. So, get your unique outlook set up as soon as possible, and never be missed again.

Ad Services on Different Platforms

Digital ads on social media platforms can generate a high influx of traffic for your website and repair store. The trick is that the ads must be captivating, concise, clear, and compelling to lead the right audience to your preferred outcome. Ads can boost your business’s visibility significantly. And there are many strategies and tools that can ensure their effectiveness. You could have the best services and the most significant marketing material.

Still, if you aren’t getting an audience who is genuinely interested in getting repairs, it is all being wasted. This is where social media ads come in. When you have established your social media channels, the next step is to run ads on them. Most social platforms keep insight into their audiences’ interests by tracking their likes, shares, and comments across the app. So, they can ensure that your ads reach the viewers most likely to show an interest in similar things.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Ads on Facebook and Instagram have become fast-growing marketing tools for businesses all over the globe. These platforms are impactful tools for advertising. They are an easy way to promote your business by bringing your posts directly to the target individual’s feed. Not only can you advertise to people based on their interests but also according to their location.

But it is essential to understand that they are merely a podium; what you bring to it to convince the audience to become clients is still your decision. So, choose wisely. Because how you choose to market on them can determine the lead traffic your business, website, or page gets.

Google Ads and Business Profiles

Google is the perfect resource to have on your side when you’re trying to grow your business. It takes into account everyday search data from its users. The globally used search engine allows your listing to be displayed at the top of results for any relevant searches. This nudges any interested individuals to click on the link to your website. Driving up traffic and gaining potential clients in one go. Google also gives you the opportunity to claim your business profile. With that, you can provide accurate information to your target audience. What’s more, you can even respond to reviews or inquiries through it. It could aid you in understanding the customers’ pain points as well.

However, although Google ads are an indispensable asset for your business while it is growing, many have expressed its dwindling usefulness as their store hits a certain cap. So, perhaps if you already have a flourishing repair shop, it may not do much for you.

Retargeting Ads

It is widely acknowledged that redirected customers are likelier to answer your calls to action. This is what retargeting ads can do for you. So, if potential clients visit your site and leave without taking action, they are whom these ads tend to target.

Display Physical Adverts

Although this is the day and age of digital marketing and online adverts, there is still a great market to be accessed via traditional advert displays. Ads on billboards, vinyl-wrapped vans, and flyers can help get the word out about your business while it is just starting. They can also reach an older audience who may not be tech-savvy enough to get a hold of through your digital advertising on social platforms. Find boards that are in clear view and pick buses with routes that go through areas where the highest number of your target audience may see them. Placing multiple flyers in mailboxes throughout these areas is also a promising strategy.

Stay Connected with Carrier Stores

Contacts are vital for any business, especially in a tight-knit community like the repair industry. So as a repairer, it is beneficial for you to enter into an agreement with carrier stores. They would recommend your store to their clients, and you will refer your customers to their shop. This can be taken a step further by announcing an official partnership or offering discounts to the referred clients and each putting up adverts for the other’s shop in their store.

If these channels are too official for you, having great personal friendships with their owners and employees can take you a long way. Referrals based on good faith would make prospective clients trust your services even more.

Take Up Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and direct way to promote your repair shop business. It keeps your customers engaged and loyal with targeted campaigns to provide them with discounts and codes for rewards. You can even keep them updated on your store’s latest news, products, and services. You can even give the highlights of the years or its events. Email marketing is brilliant as the primary strategy but works even better as a companion piece. It supports your other marketing efforts as well.

Customizing the email for your target audience can reel them in quicker and make them stay for longer. With follow-up emails for sales and repairs, you can show gratitude and ask for feedback. It all goes a long way. With all that is often underway at a busy repair shop, email marketing can usually be placed on the back burner. And take it off and doing something with it can feel like a time-consuming ordeal when you have to write up the emails and set up reminders to send them.

But lucky for you, RepairDesk’s POS software integration also has Campaigner. So, you don’t have to worry about the time, the effort, or dealing with yet another software. After the initial setup, email marketing is just a few clicks away for you.

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