Increase Your Revenue by Offering Custom PC Building

by Fana Anwar

We could say that gaming has become all the rage recently, but that would be a lie. Gaming has been a popular source of entertainment for people old and young for decades. It has been a massive industry for quite a while and shows no sign of slowing down in its growth. So, the increasing variety of games makes room for a mounting demand for the proper hardware. Between the PlayStation and Xbox wars, a surprising contender rose, the gaming pc, and many people seem to prefer it to others. Custom PC building enters the chat room.

The issue, however, is that pre-built desktop gaming systems are usually too expensive for most people to buy. To top it off, the probability of these pre-built PCs having the exact component an individual needs for their gaming needs is close to zero. However, truly one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Because though this may pose a problem for the buyers, it creates an opportunity for you. The issues with pre-built gaming PCs have opened up a gateway for the business of custom PC building for gaming. And one industry that understands customizations is Repairs. Though there are already enough computer hardware repairs that boost your sales, it is always good to never stop reaching further. You already have the parts and skills; why not bring in the revenue?

Why Choose Custom PC Building for Your Repair Shop

Let’s be honest, this is precisely the kind of revenue-generating add-on that is in a computer repair shop’s ballpark. Your technicians are experts in the inner workings of a computer. They are hard at work behind the repair station shift after shift to translate their skills into a working device for your clients. And with this daily diligence, they expand their expertise little by little. And the fact that you have employed them and have given them control over repair jobs means that you are already aware of their competence and trust their capabilities. So why not let them push the envelope that brings in the cheques by introducing custom PC building to the roster of services you offer.

Not only do your technicians already know how to dismantle and revamp a whole personal computer, but your repair shop would also already have most of the parts in its inventory. Components like RAM, graphics cards, motherboards, processors, power supplies, cases, monitors, and more are generally in a repair store’s catalog. For the rest, you can always order special parts or start keeping them in stock.

Expanding Your Horizons

Not only will this venture help your technicians be more effective in their repairs, but it would also expand your customer base and satisfaction. Although the basic model and function are the same, this launches you into a new market, the sale of customizable goods. But lucky for you, it is not a very demanding industry. There are many reasons you should offer this service. And with a whole trade’s worth of customers now available to you, can you imagine the kind of revenue it would generate? Let’s just say gamers don’t have shy wallets when it comes to getting the perfect medium for their favorite activity. Just GPUs alone can boost the sale price of a customized computer drastically. So, don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity because you’re afraid to take the leap.

Customizations are usually the first order of business for any PC purchaser. So, once you’ve gained a client’s interest, you can start by getting some basic information. Gather data like their budget, requirements, and urgency to fulfill the order to the best of your abilities. You can even make recommendations to increase the quality of the setup with components like CPUs, RAM, GPUs, and more. Then, depending on which way the deal goes, your technician can start assembling the PC. Some individuals even prefer to order parts separately and build their own system instead of ordering pre-built ones. So, if you have the parts in inventory for the builds, you can even start selling those for more revenue. And who knows, if they know how well your repair shop works, they might just be swayed to hand over the entire PC building to you.

But either way, it is good business that should not be turned away.

Revving Up the Revenue

Once you start, you can even charge an extra service fee of up to $100 for every system you build, depending on the modifications requested. The greater the detail, the higher the price you can demand. However, for the sake of your shop’s reputation, we suggest you don’t overcharge in the spur of the moment. The aesthetic alterations to the PC can be another great addition to the revenue stream. If you hire a well-versed artist, people can pay a hefty amount just to make their computers look cool. From RGB lights and decals to cases and structure, you can offer it all or just some of it, and people will flock to your store if your service is up to par. It is just one service that can help triple your income with just a few additions.

The pathways this stream of revenue can take can be countless, but are you ready to make them count? If so, then order your building parts now! Worried about the hassle? Fret not because an excellent point-of-sale software can make it substantially more accessible with just a few clicks.

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