7 Computer Hardware Repairs to Increase Your Revenue

by Komayal Hassan
Computer Hardware Repair - Image Relief

Let’s start with a vantage shift.

Ride along your customers’ drift!

Your laptop screen is broken – and you go in for repairs. The techs at the shop tell you they don’t offer any computer hardware mend. Their primary concern: the soft, untouchable stuff within.

Now treated to such a rebuke, will you ever walk into that business again?

Change gear.

You are in the computer repair business, but your growth has stagnated. The reason: your best, most pained, works are all about parts replacements. Or micro-solders. Or putting shot wires and valves back together. That’s it.

No clever software tricks to fix a gadget as is. Technology that solves the problem from the inside. Not requiring of the aggressive ‘nuts and bolts’ tears. The opening of equipment for all to bare. 😱

Delivering What a Repair Customer Wants… (a total no-brainer!)

The learned customer, who knows that there are such utilities around, will expect this. They’ll want you to deliver on a package-complete.

Cajoling – maybe even forcing – you towards becoming more customer-centric. Receptive to the full slate of your clients’ needs.

A strategy orientation that you seriously need to get with; if you aren’t already on the treadmill.

So as a mend tech, if you’re only doing software, you’re computer repair services portfolio needs to add a solid hardware servicing option to the menu. Vice versa for the opposite scenario.

In this piece, we’re primarily concerned with the former case. Providing our insiders’ scoop on the hardware repair services you should’ve started offering yesterday!

Plus, we’ll be throwing in hints on how you can maximize ROI and lead conversions with the help of a good point of sale software. So not much digressing 😉.

1. Battery Replacement

No matter how well a customer should treat their[kh2]  laptop battery, it will die eventually. As the thing ages, it gradually loses its ability to charge to full (original) capacity. Meaning that after a season of use, the owner will be looking to change it.

So, laptop battery replacement service is something that should form an essential part of your repair card.

Sourcing these pesky device engines, however, is a pain sometimes. Don’t even ask how difficult it sometimes gets to procure a popular brand’s notebook batteries. Or one for a seasonal or exotic laptop variety.

To lessen the heart and mind-ache here, it really helps to have a decent computer repair shop software in place. These nifty utilities enable one-click inventory ordering from the right vendors (your tried-and-trusted go-to’s). They also allow you to track the quantities left in your store vault, as well as those currently available at the vendor’s. So, you never have to go without.

RepairDesk, in particular, is pretty good at facilitating procurements in this way. What’s more, it comes with a neat Special Part Order feature. A godsend when you have a walk-in requesting a very exclusive type of battery replacement – or just about any other parts hardware there is!

A repair shop’s success on this front rests a lot on keeping good, fluid relations with suppliers. Any blockages in flow, and you can imagine the angry customer calls – both voiced and physical – that would lie in wait.

Not something you want to open up store to in the wee hours of the A.M.

2. Screen Repair

Everyone knows that screens are among the most common types of computer hardware parts prone to easy breakage. An everyday occurrence that translates into LOADS of repair business for any tech outfit willing to take the bait.

But when you’re going through the motions, expect to see a lot of amateur, self-taught, screen techs come your way. Folks who try to mend their shattered glass and LCD themselves; absorbing every free text and video tutorial available on the internet – hoping to avoid the shop’s haste.

Most, however, remain unable to follow through on expectation. So, you see them walking the same route as everyone else to the repair pros in the field.

Dedicated screen repair service, then, is a surefire way to up your revenue game. Best not to ignore it.

3. Touchpad Repair

Touchpads are integral to our everyday laptop use. And when they stop working, it can be both challenging and frustrating trying to get a machine to do anything worthwhile. Forget any office occupation.

An occurrence that – at least in some parts of the world with heavy tech use – is as usual as the rising of the sun. Courtesy of all the physical hardships forced upon everyone’s favorite gizmo. The constant hitting, falling, and spilling suffered by a laptop in its typical lifecycle; often regardless of how cautiously the user should attempt to keep it.

While hosting touchpad repair services is again a sales no-brainer, these gigs also provide a very good opportunity to upsell. Especially to clients who are regulars with this complaint.

For these constant pointer users, owning a wireless mouse (complete with its cushy pad), is essential. Non-negotiable for gamers; many of whom would have a freak attack should their handy clicker go out of whack!

So definitely stock up on these.

4. Port Repair 

Another great way to increase your revenue stream.

Computers generally always come with two types of ports: USB and VGA. Each requires slightly different repair and installation equipment/techniques (made even more exclusive in the case of Macs). 

So, if you aren’t already adept at the tinkering game (using the service to your cash advantage), we’d recommend you to settle down and learn.

The profits to be had are definitely attractive here. But be wary of inflicting more damage than there already is.

5. Keyboard Repair

For a computer tech, maintaining a thriving keyboard repair service is a good step towards ensuring steady income. Everyone screws up their trusty keys at some point; if not through falls than with crisps and biscuit flakes (but continue munching over your machine, by all means).

Sometimes, even the fluffy pet is to blame; who likes to poke in the crevices with a claw twist.

Now, in our continuing age of the pandemic, good keyboard maintenance has become an even more pressing concern.

Record numbers of workers, following government isolation cues, are choosing to work from home. Add to this list an even greater swath of chronic ‘stay-at-homers’; who rely on computers for their entertainment needs.

Considering this picture, there’s no shortage of keyboard repair work to be had.

You can choose to service both individual clients and business (B2B) contracts. Before you step in the ring, though, recognize the important difference between a laptop and desktop PC keyboard repair.

Since the former’s alphanumeric firer (nerdy whistle) is built into the system hardware, repair presents the only option for recovery.

Desktop systems are easier. They can work with both repair and replacement – and usually the latter (bless the device manufacturers that keep keyboard prices at the minimum).

So, upsell away!

6. Heat Repair

Signals to a very common issue experienced by many PC/laptop users.

Excessive heat buildups, caused by intense motherboard/other circuits’ processing routines (and damaging to the same), lead to internal ventilation disruptions. Sometimes, when severe enough, these can even wreak havoc on fan units. A recipe for disaster that requires urgent repair.

So, to remedy the mess, be ready with replacement fans and other (external) cooling aids to appease the frantic in-comer.

Rake in more of the $$ for all these shot systems are worth, man!

7. Computer Clean-Up/’Service’

A full system clean-up is another important service you need to offer to your customers. Many shops, to keep the leads pouring, tend to schedule these on a regular basis. The said treatment removes any dust or other-material particles that tend to build up; impairing your machine’s function.

So, when you’re offering, advise your customers on how they can extend the lifespan of their systems with a thorough, physical clean-up.

And Finally…Marketing all the Good Stuff

Once you’ve got all these repair services down, it’s time to market them.

To do so, feel free to go all out (but hold back some – no crazy business; I understand the temptation) with the outreach platforms at your disposal.

I’m talking official websites, a very engaging social media presence, and SEO for the relatively inexpensive promotions. Paid ads on Google and Facebook if you can afford to splurge. Even a decent computer repair shop software – armed with SMS throws – can do the informing trick!

Just get your promotions out there – your target audience buzzing!

And, as always…let us know in the comments about your take on all this.

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