Social Media Marketing Tips for Repair Shops

by RepairDesk
Social Media Marketing Tips for Repair Shops

Social media has become a gigantic part of people’s lives. An average person spends 2 hours and 33 minutes per day on social media. If a retail business manages to attract the attention of a user for even 2 out of these 153 minutes, the job is done. You know why? Because that’s 2 minutes every day. Now the tricky part is that you don’t just want these users to see your content, you need to get them engaged.

Social media marketing is the best way to connect with your existing customers as well as reach out to the newbies and, ultimately, drive more sales.

So, here are a few very specific tips for repair retailers to create engaging content for their social media pages.

iPhone hacks videos for repair shop social media marketingGive value to your audience

We want your viewers to not only like your social media content, but also keep coming back for it. For that, you have to add value to their day. Start by posting informative videos about simple phone and repair hacks. For example, how you can download an xyz app on your cellphone, or how to insert or remove something from your device, or what is the proper way of cleaning your devices to get rid of the coronavirus germs. Then build your way up and take their feedback on what hack videos they want to see on your page and give your audience something to look forward to.

Showcase your repair skills

This one is surely the most constructive social media marketing tip of all. You have to put a show of all your repair skills all over your social media. Share your daily repair services with all the necessary details about them. Post step-wise imagery of every repair to put a professional spin on the posts. Make sure to display a clean environment in the background of those images and impress them even more.

Once a person sees a particular repair on your page and needs a similar one in the future, he will know just the place to get it from – your repair shop!

Post relatable content

You must have heard this common phrase “know your audience”. And that’s exactly what you have to do here. Your target audience is everyone who does need or may need repair service. So, upload fun and engaging videos and images that they can relate to. Like, a video of a person jogging with his cell phone falling down and ends up with a broken screen, or a kid playing and damaging a device.

Video intro templates can be a great way to quickly create these scenarios, letting you focus on crafting the perfect message for your audience

The goal is to get your audience to Share your posts on their accounts and increase the visibility of your page.

Facebook Live Tip for Social Media MarketingConnect with your audience

There are so many options to stay connected with your followers on social media. Stories, streams, live sessions, and what not. Explore all these options to maintain a regular connection with your audience. Do a live event every once in a while and engage your followers with your page. Let’s say sharing a live session of some basic repair or announcing a discount for holiday season. Don’t think big. Think smart!

Provide latest news and updates

Keep an eye on trending news and events happening around you. These days, people don’t turn to TV channels for news and updates, they go to social media. So, you need to provide information and updates about such events on your page.

We have the biggest event of history happening right now – the coronavirus. Keep your social media pages loaded with the latest updates about this pandemic. Share posts about how your repair shop is handling this lockdown, what precautionary measures you are doing for the safety of your employees and customers, what are your new working hours, what repair services you are offering, how your customers can get their devices repaired during the pandemic, etc. Show your customers that you care for their well-being and that you are here for their service.

Go crazy!

Use social media marketing to your repair shop’s benefit. Introduce your business to as many people as possible. Play around with the new features, have fun with the content, connect with your audience, and be engaging. Post quality content and encourage audience feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions more than like, follow, and share, which they will do mechanically. Ace your social media marketing game and get more sales.

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